War Thunder Best Moments 29

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Source: War Thunder – Twitch

War thunder and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best War Thunder and Twitch clips.

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX



  1. 10:19 it’s the anti dolittle raid. b25s landing on a carrier instead of taking off from it

    • WingalingDragon

      Don’t worry, we took off from it too!

      This was the tail end of a bit of practice for the upcoming Doolittle raid. We have a method of loading a CV full of B25s for a departure. This is one of our departures: https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintCutePuddingStoneLightning-AbQqQgao0wWGbCfJ

      The mission is being polished up now and should be scheduled for a full scale run soon.

      Once we got airborne, we were just dicking around, practicing tight formation turns, and somebody wanted to see how a formation landing would go.

    • The Doomuch raid

    • How do you think the B25’s got on the carrier in the first place?

    • @Daniel Ross in the real raid, they were loaded onto the deck by crane while the ship was in port. In our upcoming event, we have built a ramp from a a floating airfield in order to load them up easily.

  2. R3 went to Hell , but the devil didnt wanted him there so he sended to Heaven, God didnt want R3 in heaven so it sended back to earth . only Italians like the R3

  3. What is the link to the rock lobster metal song!

  4. 1:40 I did that with a Brummbär against a ZiS that knocked out my engine.

  5. 5:03 you got a link to that cover of Rock Lobster you used? It sounds really good!

  6. Тимур Шокутов


  7. Great episode

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Great Silver star you have there next to your name. 😀 We will add new emojis next week, btw. What do you think about the badge? Too simplistic? Should we try replacing that as well?

    • @War Thunder – Best of Twitch i like it but I’m open to others

  8. I never miss an episode!

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Sorry for not posting as frequently the previous month. We’re aiming to do these as often as possible and we’re back at it. 🙂

    • @War Thunder – Best of Twitch Sometimes we just do what we can. ❤️

  9. Man , you and dollar are the only fun WT cc,s left

  10. Today i deinstalled war Thunder 👍

  11. 6:15 who says the game isnt balancend

  12. 0:32 Is that guy using the XM1 Chrysler on PC? How is that possible?

  13. Ethan Fennessey

    1:34 this … this is why I hate overpressure

    • The Dutchinator

      why? An barely armoured, open topped tank gets its crew knocked out by multiple kg of explosives is going off just a few meters next/above to it? Seems realistic to me

    • Ethan Fennessey

      @The Dutchinator I don’t care if it’s realistic the problem is that it’s not conductive to good gameplay that asu 57 had him dead to rights and all he has to do to kill it is send an HE shell 20 feet away to kill it

    • Stfu its a realistic game. Go play world of tanks if ur salty.

    • @RED THREAD I play it because its realistic the problem is that the DEVs are putting realism over GAMEPLAY the maps are awful because they put realism over GAMEPLAY shit like overpressure and volumetric shells get added because they put realism over GAMEPLAY

  14. ToteTorres need more atention hes a Very Nice pilot and a cool guy

    • Agreed! He is getting there though. Channel has come up a lot and his numbers are growing very steadily. That is the best way to grow, very natural, very sustainable. Everytime I see him, he is adding a bit more to his average. Love seeing him get the well deserved credit. Can’t wait to see where he is sitting a year from now.

  15. Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb in the first clip…

  16. Oh putain encore une bonne vidéo pour bien rigoler sur warth xD

  17. Il a French please stop persecute

  18. 9:50 Happens sometimes with technical difficulties or bad internet connection. Nothing to special tbh.

  19. Арнольд Александров

    Есть русские, а то мне страшно.

  20. Poor Mike 🤣🤣

  21. Preston Ver Hoef

    What is worse: accidently dropping your bomb/s or forgetting to open your bomb bay doors on a near perfect run?

  22. People who laugh hysterically or scream are just cringe.

  23. hmm yes, now with extra memes

  24. Oxy just nagito komaeda but with black hair

  25. Great video!

  26. Eyh thanks ! Always great episodes bro !

  27. BrayOfTheDonkey

    4:41 Gaijin’s Rock Lobster!!!

  28. FlammeOrphee 676

    Parler bien des français 🤣🤣

  29. You may see glitches but I see r3s getting punished for their sins

  30. I might be stupid but what was all the “bias confirmed” stuff when they got a kill?

  31. Awesome video as always guys and thank you for the feature again ❤️❤️❤️

    PS stop putting that red filter on my face 👀😂

  32. Cet avion à 7:54 min n’a jamais existé, désolé 😅.

  33. 5:00 tell me the music please:(((((

  34. The best part is the rock lobster 👌

  35. 8:26 why did you use the 2 characters on the front, I watched that anime just I forgot forgot the name

  36. 8:00 Guess what is french and coming for you

  37. José Emilio Rangel Trejo

    WarThunder moments, would you like to include this WarThunder meme, i think its pretty good https://youtu.be/fofythLXMvU

  38. who did the rock lobster remix?

  39. whats the song at 2:29 ?

  40. 4:11 So that movie wasn’t me just having a feverdream.

  41. does anybody have a link to hanger at 6:38…


  43. Was that Michael Jackson in the first one

  44. 6:26
    I literally play with this bug all the time lol
    I glitched the game through this and entered a ground rb with all plane vehicles 😂

  45. that song where can i find it? i know its rock lobster but i cant find the same version any chance u post it somewhere?

  46. What’s the song at 5:20 please ?

  47. Aristotle's Pupil

    How to get ‘bias confirmed’ ‘kill stolen’ ? Funny stuff!

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Didn’t know so asked some of the streamers. It’s a txt file in the game directory that you can edit. Uncle Google should be able to help. 🙂

    • Aristotle's Pupil

      @War Thunder – Best of Twitch thanx! Should work!

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