War Thunder Best Moments 43

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Source: War Thunder – Best moments

A funny compilation of the best War Thunder moments from March 2022 – Episode 43. To celebrate NordVPN’s 10th birthday go to https://nordvpn.com/wtbestmoments to get the two year plan with an exclusive deal PLUS one month free AND a bonus gift. It’s risk free with NordVPN’s 30 day money back guarantee!

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Artist: http://incompetech.com/

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  1. War Thunder - Best moments

    A special thanks to our sponsor! To celebrate NordVPN’s 10th birthday go to https://nordvpn.com/wtbestmoments to get the two year plan with an exclusive deal PLUS one month free AND a bonus gift. It’s risk free with NordVPN’s 30 day money back guarantee!

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    handFam4 – Submitted via discord

    • 6:12 hello i just started the game and i have a question..How was he able to shoot when his gunner died?

  2. Getting killed and then being penalised with a friendly kill because your out of control plane crashed into a friendly is the most Gaijined moment I’ve ever seen

    • The other day I was shot down by a “friendly” behind me trying to KS from me. Somehow, after being SHOT DOWN by a teammate BEHIND me, I got charged for friendly fire. Gaijin, please!?

    • If I remember correctly Phlydaily had a game where he dropped a bomb killing an enemy tank said tanks gun fired killing his team mate and Phlydaily was penalized for team killing even though his team mate was killed by the enemy tank he bombed and not the bomb itself.

    • @T. Selim Ergün As far as I know there are some very few tanks in the game where the commander can also operate the gun, maybe that is one of them.

    • About a month ago i got TK’d by friendly artillery…… the game made me pay for the TK’s tank……

      game is so inconsistent with literally everything.

  3. oh wow, i did not expect my idiotic chat message about having 36 orphan ukranian children in my basement would appear on War Thunder Best Moments 3:01

  4. Bruh that last clip was such bs. His plane was burnt down yet he still gets penalized

  5. Rhodesia Offical

    3:11 I had that experience IRL and it was fucking surreal. I was chilling on the side of a hill away from the city, had little picnic setup for myself. I was talking to an old friend trough the phone for few hours at that point and we both were fairly intoxicated. During a sentence suddenly a fucking Blackhawk appeared, zipped right next to me and immidiately dipped down to follow the terrain.

    Man it was real close, im very sure i could have had a handshake with the door gunner. After the Blachawk dipped i was just looking from above astonished from what i saw.

    Damn it was a thing of life time. I went to same spot everyweek for few months, those flights were fairly usuall for that time period and i would regulary wave my hands to the pilot.

  6. 3:16
    viet-nam japan édition

  7. when the ads are actually entertaining

  8. Jojo reference


  10. 15:20 This man’s head is wayy too big for his body

  11. Finally!!

  12. Daniel Ryan Valdez

    Oh, the ad sketch was wonderful, man!

  13. 11:34 me:)

  14. do you remember?

  15. I killed wingalinfDragon 🙂 he killed my friend 9 times lol

  16. this was AMAZING!

  17. Is nobody’s going to talk about how that BMP-3 survived those bombs?

  18. This stupid game never gonna fix

  19. 6:14 yo wtf was that? how did he fire without a gunner? hackz?

  20. 6:12 How was he able to shoot when his gunner died?

  21. 10:08 Subaru Ch. :Đ???

  22. Can you include more epic gamer moves and kills or deaths and less glitchy moments

  23. that l3/33

  24. Winchester Chua 🎗️

    What version of You Spin Me Right Round is that?

  25. All I could think on some of these was get gajined

  26. 13:46 stark bácsit láthatjátok.

  27. Long live Ukraine!

  28. Getting a like just for the sponsor advert lol

  29. 3:11 Mom look, im on TV

  30. 11:15 *squealing intensifys*

  31. Stark Panzer is a Hungarian yutuber!

  32. 4:02 Surprise MF!!

  33. 2:50 me playing air rb with the f5 and losing all my speed trying to dodge, I fucking hate air

  34. NordVPN for when you want a distrustful company to handle your security 🙂

  35. How that guy shooted without gunner????? 🤔

  36. “This premium vehicle. It will have. A gun!” hahahahahaah that cracke me up good! XD Also nice spin me round compilation in the beginning. Good clips, good editing! Again kudos for the Nord VPN ad. 😉 The StarkPanzer one, holy shit.. Favorite editing was the “We’re still flying half a ship” XD

  37. 13:42 Stark Bácsi 😀

  38. @Stark Panzer

  39. “who can relate to have 36 orphan ukrainian children in his basement” ~my friend kosta

  40. More evidence as to why flying is broken in this game. The maneuvers that these guys are doing because of mouse aim mode is egregious and unreal. Thank god i deleted it and am sticking with dcs.

  41. soviet game, you play in soviet game… pls…

  42. Bongsule Raffaellu

    03:18  this fucking m0ron why bring here m22 in 8.0

  43. Man if that isnt war thunder in a nutshell. “Todays gunna be fun!–” *immediately gets rekt*

  44. Санёк Горностай

    Editing is shit. Mostly because of stupid inserting memes that doesn’t have sense in current moment. Like `Helicopter-helicopter` at 4:50. In next time please insert appropriate memes to current moment on screen. AND most of moment good by itself so no editing needed.

  45. What’s the music right at the end?

  46. @4:09 “Helicopter OP” xD

  47. El ultimo dolio en el bolsillo XD

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