War Thunder Best Moments 48

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Source: Thunder – moments

A funny compilation of the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips from June 2022. Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: https://clik.cc/CpyV6 and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days 💥

War thunder memes and funny moments.

Songs used:
Alan Aztec – Disco Panzer (feat.
Music by Kevin MacLeod at: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX


0:00 GIB_o7
0:36 Toasterfluid
0:54 itsyoboi420
1:05 TheTankTeacher
1:30 Today's sponsor
3:32 NitroxTV_
3:45 Kowalowe26
5:38 nricolas360
6:17 Theshiznos
6:31 JustinPlays
6:51 DriftyWingss
7:18 GIB_o7
9:43 Sine Nomine WT
10:42 TheTankTeacher
10:56 Theshiznos
11:28 JeanClodVanShot
11:46 Theshiznos
12:06 Sine Nomine WT
12:41 VALIDUZz
14:06 JeanClodVanShot
14:29 TheNordern
14:45 darkan777
15:09 JeanClodVanShot
16:29 GiblitzGamerz
17:09 WingalingDragon
17:33 Thanks Watching


  1. VALIDUZz has clearly never actually played Helis. They are absolute pain most of the time and no one can ever change my mind.

    • Ruby I agree with validuzz about helicopters being op . But I also think that he should have been using a dedicated spaa to shoot down helicopters .

    • Anton L. Ejergård

      @Joe Stueckrath You don’t even know half of it man, this shit happens all the time, when ever he is in an aa no helis and when he isn’t they come like flies. As you can see can very clearly hit them with non aa vehicles and you’d think they would die from that.

  2. Brummbar best AA

  3. War Thunder - Best moments

    Hello there Mr Proxy Round!

  4. After seeing those helicopter clips and even having a experience with it myself I think I can clearly say…….helicopter bias

    • Dont use armor penetrating rounds against unarmored targets (helicopters)

    • @Tired Boiyo ohh yeah, sorry that im using a ATGMs and air-to-air(sidam25 Mistral/ surface-to-air missiles to kill helicopters that most of the times doesn’t die in one hit so then fly to me without a tail and kill me. Ohh yeah. That’s my fault right

  5. @War Thunder – Best moments no, here you say “General Proxynobi!” LUL

  6. War Thunder - Best moments
  7. Tbh. APDSFS shouldn’t do much damage to a helicopter in real either.

  8. no armour best armour i guess in helis reality its an absolute

  9. Fantabulash!

  10. I love your content but on the video of the death of 2and900 I was in a match on word of warships with my tier 5 bayern and won the match with three kills, I was shocked at the coincidence of the battle.

  11. That song from 10 min is the outro for Brandon Herrera, and it was actually made specifically for him

  12. All those helicopter clips just show that you shouldn’t only shoot helicopters with APFSDS

  13. so this is a admission you know how Clichy and crappy your game can be?

  14. 8:54 thats why i allways take HE or Heat with me great for light vehicle and great to smake helis out of exitense if the somewhat close and standing still

  15. Ngl, hearing the AK50 song while I’m on a Brandon Herrera binge was a very pleasant surprise 😀

  16. wh0dunnit gaming

    Thanks to the streamers for giving their playtime and footage, thanks to the editing staff as usual. We need the laughs in these hard times

  17. im proud to say I was there at 14:10 when that happened you can even see my chat

  18. Fataythewholesome

    I see my toaster boi got some attention, well done honestly toaster 😀

  19. No Helis are not OP, just try to “lock on” one off that bullshit thinks with a antiair missile. you can get it on 2.5 km more not. so far away from reality. all just to safe this game destroyers.

  20. War Thunder - Best moments

    Reach out to the_Brain on our discord server and we can go over them and discuss why they weren’t picked. 🙂

  21. Those heli clips perfectly describe why heli users deserve to have their human rights revoked

  22. Sabot is the worst shell for heli

  23. i think this video is a bit over-edited compared to other ones

  24. Well APFSDS does really do nothing against Helis, guess you gotta take some HEAT-FS at least… It’s weird that they survive multiple hits though.

  25. war Thunder = cheat dump + casino scam!!!

  26. “how” says the person shooting metal rods at an extremally thin walled scout-heli just…. yeet an explosive rock at it, that tends to work better

  27. Not a Zombie... Not at all!

    Everytime i see a heli i change to heat, i’m not dealing with gaijin bull crap, if you don’t wanna carry heat in your ammo load that’s a you problem.

  28. Such astonishing content! Keep it up man :)) (Thank you so much for featuring me it really means a lot)

  29. Nooo the tutel

  30. 8:01 This is why I have heat loaded, to deal with pesky tanks and helicopters

  31. those heli clips were mildly infuriating cause he was basically just using apfsds and expecting apfsds to just one shot a heli

  32. those heli clips are honestly really infuriating its just that one dude constantly complaining about helis. Then when he was in the heli he survived missiles that hit him poorly and such just killed his gunner both times. Its almost like helicopters are designed to be survivable and hes getting upset that the helicopters were designed wel

  33. LOL the helicopters are more tankier that the actual tanks :))) GJ gaijin

  34. Attack Helicopter

    Anyone know the song in the sine nomine section


  36. Crazy Scorpion88

    6:20 Bruh haven’t heard that song in a hot minute

  37. My dog stepped on a bee
    I subscribed to thee

  38. LOL I fucking lost it when you drew that snail hahahahaha

  39. The Dutchinator

    >see helicopter, the machine that is 90% empty space and has no armour
    >fire APFDS dart at it, which is like 30mm thick at least and does no spalling on paper thin armour
    >be confused as to why helicopter doesnt magically explode
    >refuse to load the fucking HIGH EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS ON HIS HOTBAR
    >continue complaining.

    I agree that helicopters are much more durable than they should be, but come on man

  40. Johnny tare rio

    7:52 Amazing what happens when you use a long-rod penetrator against a target with close to no armour to create spalling. I will agree that the Ka-50 clips is pretty stupid because of the amount of machine guns he put into it as well as the APFSDS rounds, but the clips where he uses only his cannon with APFSDS is kinda something you’d expect.

  41. Yh maby use heat on the helis, them darts dont do much but make a small hole in the heli

  42. those helicopters are rly crazy. We can now see in real life for example Ka-52 and how they are vulnerable to be demaged.

  43. So twitch has made all russians resposible for what their government does.

  44. Aztec: AK50… the music is on point.

  45. Yup…. the tortoise clip pretty much sums up everything British…. their tank shells can’t even do shit to planes… yet alone tanks….

  46. That first pilot had to have watched Maverick right before this.

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