War Thunder Best Moments 50

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Source: War Thunder – Best moments

The ending will scramble your eggs. War thunder memes and funny moments. A funny compilation of the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips.

Music by Kevin MacLeod at: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX


0:00 Copsi
0:33 Tyrant84
0:48 TheLordPatrickSun
1:07 War Thunder Best Moments
1:12 JustinPlays
1:29 NitroxTV_
1:58 Docrocketwoody
2:35 TheEuropeanCanadian
2:55 JusinPlays
3:19 Whos_Whats
3:34 NitroxTV_3
3:41 Virginal_Flowers
4:00 dino_rexie
4:12 JeanClodVanShot
5:03 Im2Fat2Play
5:09 REXOThehusky
5:38 kop1fr
5:41 TheOne_Neo
6:10 DriftyWingss
6:32 toschy
6:48 dino_rexie
7:07 SnooperBoop
7:47 Unky_Sine
7:56 ImAnAussie_
8:17 DaisytheDragoness
8:46 Phamyns
9:04 dino_rexie
9:38 Ezekiel_XVIII
9:48 ivsenikizaniatbi
10:03 DriftyWingss
10:23 DriftyWingss
10:46 xana_666
10:51 TheRedAvenger13
11:07 Thanks for Watching


  1. I have been awaiting this moment.
    Finally it is here.
    Keep it up! Love every video

  2. YES!

  3. 2:56 not surpris is french tank thx gaijin

  4. Lol Poggers, I made it into the Thumbnail!!!! Thanks guys!

  5. Holy shitballs! Thanks so much for choosing my little triple in the harrier!

    • War Thunder - Best moments

      It’s a pleasure dude! We removed your stream overlays as you might have noticed btw. It made the footage look a lot more cinematic. If you consider ditching all overlays, it might improve stream appeal a little. 😛 Thank you for submitting <3

  6. still don’t know why I didn’t die for that

  7. 4:40 guy doesnt understand overpen, thats why he was barely doing anything to the Helo.

  8. ANormalYouTubeUsername

    1:43 how dare he shoot down a nuke

  9. yes finally another vid and its a banger 😀

  10. Always a highlight to my day getting these videos

  11. Quite the L I took in the lightning that day


    Thx for featuring so many of my awesome/funny moments all the hearts!

  13. Muñoz Castillo Alejandro

    7:07 Best of the best

  14. Thanks all for your content in this compilation! Those rendering moments seem fun lol

  15. why do people shoot down nukes? I usually escort them and fly loops around them. really mean to shoot them down


  17. Song in the first clip is Red Flag by Billy Talent if anyone was curious

  18. complains about helicopter not going down uses sabot which over pens cos its designed to take out MBTs when hes got heat

  19. What in the goddamn is that 109 at 1:30 ? As a Urkainian I am offended and confused.

  20. that guy in the aquarium is like ” Good Soup”

  21. Love the video!

  22. War Thunder - Best moments

    That is epic to hear. 😛

  23. Gay furries play bmp 2m

  24. Took Dino rexie 30 days to get from 15 to 16 subs lol

    • War Thunder - Best moments

      Hahaha! Nice xD We are including him with a delay, so I really hope the vids have had some positive impact on his stream. 🙂

  25. The nuke and the heli situation not to mention the losing so even tho you get two kills is exactly why people have been deleting the game in droves greedy btches are getting what they deserve. To feel the pain n suffering their players did have fun when noone plays yoyr trash game

  26. 9:02 Oh hello yeah.

  27. Thats smell bad… 7:35

  28. there is always that one guy who when you are just about to get a kill shot on an enemy, just rams you for absolutely no reason

  29. Some condoliances to thoose that had to suffer though!

  30. Haha amazing. Lots of laughs in this one! Needed this! 😀

  31. That was a nize compilation but had a battle in tuger2 (P) and with no aim not knowing were am shooting destroyed a M 51

  32. 10:30 going straight to the backrooms would be fun as an april fools event….

  33. and yet again i find my self in a best of twitch video without being a streamer

  34. Could you have a more annoying intro??

  35. Ask for sauce as a woman yells at the end of the clip.

  36. 1:50 Another reason to hate the French.

  37. Glad to see so many sim streams like Krab, Aussie, and Doc

  38. Of course the furry plays bmp

  39. Those are fun jumping off cliffs

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