War Thunder Best Moments – 58

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Source: War Thunder – Best moments

A funny compilation of the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips. Golden Eagles for War Thunder — https://lks.me/g/BestMoments

War thunder memes and funny moments.

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0:00 WingalingDragon
0:27 Thenewb22
1:20 kop1fr
1:42 Get Golden Eagles
2:27 JustinPlays
3:07 Fanatical_Freeman
3:17 JeanClodVanShot
3:28 WarThunder_ru
3:46 JustinPlays
4:05 Theshiznos
4:20 WingalingDragon
4:37 Daniel_Russev
5:16 Theshiznos
5:40 GIB_o7
6:23 dino_rexie
6:39 NitroxTV_
6:51 dino_rexie
7:12 Theshiznos
7:32 WarThunder
7:50 Jaguara333
8:19 JeanClodVanShot
8:33 WarThunder
8:46 JustinPlays
9:11 WingalingDragon
9:34 Daniel_Russev
9:59 Thenewb22
10:23 Trenlass
10:41 Jaguara333
11:01 TheTankTeacher
11:37 JustinPlays
12:34 Jaguara333
12:48 Dita2233
13:09 WingalingDragon
13:22 dino_rexie
13:37 JustinPlays
13:54 Jaguara333
14:21 WarThunder
14:42 JeanClodVanShot
14:59 TheEuropeanCanadian
15:24 Thanks for Watching!


  1. J7W1 is the prettiest plane

  2. Paul van den Berg

    2:40 Justin clip is a repost xD already seen that in one of these

  3. The F4U7 Corsair

  4. I _almost_ agree with JeanClod. IMO the sexiest aircraft in WT is the I-153P Chaika with the 20mm cannons. That little SOB can absolutely punish even jets, and – being a biplane – it’s nimble enough to dodge some missiles.

  5. a6m2 zero.
    still love that plane

  6. The second clip is why you shouldn’t be allowed to purchase a high tier premium if you haven’t at least got to that premium tanks BR in the tech tree.

    • are you saying there arent legit high tier payers that dont know what theyre doing? dont make people grind for 3 years of shit they dont want just to have the option to buy a tank. thats even worse than their model now

  7. ThunderBox: Gaming and Cinematics

    sexiest aircraft is the F-111

    IF GAIJIN WOULD ADD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 11:37 song pls

  9. Hah, brilliant comp as usual. Well done 😀

    Jean is still by far my favorite!

    As for the J out.. Solid yikes…

  10. Ka-50sexiest aircraft))

  11. Mig 29!

  12. sexiest aircraft? F16 BABY

  13. KMS Bismarck Drache191200

    4:14 imagine being such a loser to destroy a tank only to then j out at pretty much the beginning of a game only so the other team can’t get the kill

    That is Fucking low, lower then being a CAS Player that goes ONLY for CAS in GRB

    • There is nothing wrong with that. If you are playing to win you don’t want the other team to have a ton of SP and by J’ing out he doesn’t give him SP.
      I’m also a CAS main in tank RB 🙂

    • KMS Bismarck Drache191200

      @Tpwaterfall No, if you are ACTUALLY playing to win, you don’t play like a sob and actually try to drive away and take a chance to take out the enemy again, if you immediately just destroy yourself, that is just a childish behavior

    • @KMS Bismarck Drache191200 Shiz was 100% dead from that AA. If he started to drive away he would have gotten shot in the back and died. He knew he was going to be killed so there was no reason to let that guy get a free kill on and and get SP. It’s the same reason why if I’m on fire in a plane I will ask my squadmates to shoot me down that way the person that set me on fire will only get SP for a kill assist and not SP from a kill.

  14. F-15 sexiest, su-25 brutal

  15. Sexiest aircraft is, by far, the Bf 109

  16. So Jaguara333 can’t play without bushes because he’s a big noob

  17. Russian Bias is real.

  18. The f 14 is the sexiest aircraft in war Thunder (at least untill they add the f 35)

  19. In my opinion so it the sexiest aircraft the Spitfire F mk IX

  20. JustinPlays is without a doubt one of the biggest hipocrites and trash content creators out there.

  21. 11:49 Stalinium

  22. 4:10 thats just being salty. and youre a bad person for doing it

  23. 4:15 nahhh thats toxic broo you douchebag for that

  24. phantom and mig21 are the sexiest

  25. Sexiest aircraft is definitely the A-4.

  26. Kop1fr was the best

  27. I’ve always wondered: why are sparks and/ or fire erupting from the spot a tank round hit or penetrated? Is it to simulate a round that’s spinning inside the hole? Or the molten slag from the warhead? Or is it there because it’s aesthetically pleasing?

    • i think they added it bcs looks neat
      but i m also pretty sure many shells left this kind of effect irl too

  28. The sexiest aircraft in my opinion is the J7W1 Shinden, just something about pusher props in general along with how angry it looks. idk I just love it and good plane to fly nonetheless

  29. Sexiest for me is thunder chief, love that speedy idiot.

  30. hey I have a question are you Alaskan or live there?

  31. or was the first person

  32. It’s the Sea Vixen

  33. J-22A

  34. DunkelSchattenLP

    only the sexiest plane on war thunder its the BF 109. honey i love you

  35. they are wrong the sexiest aircraft in warthnder is the phantom

  36. 15:24 that’s 100% Spitfire Mk24 with the custom Streamlined camo from War Thunder Live

  37. Dude at 4:12 is definitely not cool… J out for people to not get your kill is coward

  38. Sexiest aircraft has to be the mirage 2000 , thicc behind and slim on the front but Can cary two badonkers to satisfy any of your desire

  39. Me 262 is my favorite

  40. yag 2 kabb

  41. Sexiest aircraft in WT in my opinion is probably the Focke Wulf 190.

  42. Is there any way to get it on Apple devices or Windows?

  43. Valentin Lemaire

    15:24 For me, that’ll be Ki-61s. All variants; idk why, but I have a thing for that aircraft.

  44. The wildcat is the sexiest plane in WT

  45. Geraud Vigouroux

    The sexiest aircraft of the game is the crash aircraft : I CAN’T SUPPORT ANYMORE THIS MOSQUITO WICH ARE BOMBING ME EVERY TIME !!!!! HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Jaguara psalm totally killed me. xD In the name of Nigel!

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