War Thunder Best Moments 59

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Source: War Thunder – Best moments

War thunder memes and funny moments. Also, Opera GX is awesome. Download it here: https://mtchm.de/7y14s

A funny the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips.

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX


0:00 JustinPlays @JustinPlaysTV
0:17 Jaguara333
0:31 JustinPlays
0:44 Botimegaming @botimegaming
1:16 Our Sponsor – OperaGX
2:36 Theshiznos
2:49 Botimegaming
3:12 TheOne_Neo
3:40 KennedTTV
3:51 English_badger
4:06 ReaperOperator
4:20 THERUSSIANBADGER @TheRussianBadger
4:47 TheEuropeanCanadian
5:04 TheNordern @Nordern
5:25 Fredopia
5:32 TheTankTeacher
5:45 Botimegaming
5:57 JeanClodVanShot @JeanClodVanShot
6:25 TheNordern
6:38 CH3NO2flanc
6:50 TheTankTeacher
7:04 TheJanski1
7:26 m6hh
7:51 JeanClodVanShot
8:19 Jaguara333
8:35 JustinPlays
8:44 Jaguara333
9:05 Tyrant84
9:24 JeanClodVanShot
10:31 TobyisBackTTV
10:44 JustinPlays
10:53 TheEuropeanCanadian
10:58 WarThunder
11:31 GIB_o7
11:39 WarThunder
11:52 Copsi
12:04 privatepain1234
12:20 Fanatical_Freeman
12:34 JeanClodVanShot
12:52 WarThunder
13:12 JustinPlays
13:39 Theshiznos
14:11 JeanClodVanShot
14:21 Thanks For Watching!


  1. Hearing bo swear is scary

  2. 13:20 literally every time I try to kill an Su-25. 80% of the time when I hit them with a missile all I get is a crit.

  3. 5:22: feeding ducks while laughing in Francois while waiting for the boys

  4. are the videos only form twich or we can submit hours two

  5. Sorry about my mic quality in those clips, obs does not like me for some reason. It’s fixed though.
    Also another great episode from this channel! Keep it up!

  6. 11:54 that MIG-21 got what he deserved, trying to kill someone that can’t defend themselves is such a scumbag move.

  7. shooting planes with tanks used to be special now we all do them and it’s still special lol swear you hit a plane in any tank and you instinctively put down your remote stand up and scream in excitement lol i did it twice with the german 88 flak truck in the same match and nearly lost my voice the next day from how loud i was yelling xD

  8. Badger is probably dead for just saying shit about “hehe leaking” stuff about nuclear submarine – cia dont give a flying fuck about it was a joke or not probably

  9. Steffen Mikkelsen

    why are they no longer numbered?, like it was not needed, but I do kinda miss it. *shrug*

  10. Palm trees not real trees confirmed

  11. Another amazing video, as always!


  12. 5:40 That plane is supposed to do that, not a glitch.

  13. ew cringe bush sweaters

  14. War Thunder - Best moments

    Get all the <3

  15. Thanks to all of the streamers, editors, clippers and the space aliens from duedock-776 who contact me and force me to say thank you for every upload…as should you alllllllllllllll

  16. OMG only donate cheaters and fly lamers vs ground =__=

  17. what were those laughs at 5:21 tho lmao

  18. 2:51
    LITERALLY world of tanks

  19. Seeing TheRussianBadger on this was very confusing, which also means that war thunder might be the subject for his next video

  20. I’m so glad my clip was featured.. but god damn my audio made me cringe so badly.. I’m still just an amateur with so much to learn about streaming. Also a little sad you cut the audio of my sqaudmatrle noticing the a10s airbrakes

  21. Justice for the Freeman, may he add another boosh to the tank.

  22. 0:24 is bs cause my puma can’t pen a t34 at any angle neither on its side or back with its shells

  23. I remember when I shot a atgm with my Main cannon

  24. Glad to have my three seconds of fame! 5:22

  25. Bro bo swearing is the best. It’s so funny watching the most PG YouTuber on YouTube swear like that haha.

  26. Álec Fellipe Santana

    (Moment 40 PRIVATEPAIN 1234). That’s what I call RUSSIAN KAMIKASE kkkkk…

  27. Where is the girls ? girl’s play WT to )

  28. Kristiyan Stankov

    These videos are the best like watch them

  29. 7:54 how do you get the green cross for the rocket?

  30. Thanks for having me @ 7:26 agane 😉

  31. Bro massive WWWWWWWW!!!!! This means thue Russian Badger is working on another war thunder video. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  32. whos this disgusting fagot in the WT dev stream?

  33. Yea boi

  34. 13:39 – 14:11 Skill issue mate

  35. 9:10 nice quattro abramsso

  36. He’s so hilarious I love his videos

  37. Bruh how does he kamikaze a armored spaa
    But i can’t kamikaze a opentop 2mm armor russian milk truck with a goddam bomber

  38. Those tanks surrounding the L3 are protecting it like it’s there baby.

  39. I just realized I’ve never watched Bo outside of Youtube videos. Didn’t realize he cusses on stream might have to go their more often lol

  40. Here I am using a StuH 42 G as a SPAA

  41. Bro same i feel like bo is the best war thunder youtuber

  42. 6:39 WHAT????

  43. It is very common in his twitch streams, especially going up against the T-72 Turms lol

  44. 4:30 BIG L!!!

  45. Gaijin has soooo good servers!!! Im sitting in midle of game and im starting to teleport and chat is spamin “wtf lag” “call gaijin”
    But i got 3 kills while teleporting and i captured one zone lol

  46. On that montage of main gun plane kills, a couple days ago, with terminator like reflexes, spanked a french f-100 (no idea why he was doing cas with that thing) out of the air in 3rd person with my AGS

  47. hot flamin chips supreme

    Hi before i dle let’s thank to our sponsor raid shadow legends

  48. Bo says that

  49. Same it doesn’t sit right

  50. 11:13 That’s a guy? I thought he was a woman.

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