War Thunder Best Moments 60

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Source: War Thunder – Best moments

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A funny compilation of the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips.

by Kevin MacLeod at: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX


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  1. remember everyone, thejanski1 is a RAT!

  2. This WT grind has maneuver killed my sanity

  3. overkill ? NAHHH well planned missile launches !

  4. Alexander Hanspprerrs

    Why is it a girl whit man voice playing in this clip?

  5. Hey I saw my name

  6. Like T-rex in Jurassic Park

  7. LOL first one video

  8. 4:35 average Italian

  9. Thumbs down for raid ad while leaving YouTube ads enabled.

    • you know that making a living costs, right ?

    • War Thunder - Best moments

      Yep, fair point. Disabled midrow ads. If you see any during the video, that’s on YouTube. When we were demonetized they were still running ads on these vids, so you never know.

    • @Senpai_Silent no whats that? Using other people’s content to make videos with as many ads as possible to capitalize on other people’s work/content?

  10. 4:19 why did he kill him????

  11. 4:31 not a man

  12. 1:02 “the german players, their vision is based on movement, we will try that” perfect exemple

  13. That turret wanted to be the first turret to the moon

  14. Having eyes is pay to win

  15. 5:40-5:45

  16. The janski dude seems toxic as hell

    • Agree. Absolute trash grade content and the inclusion reflects poorly on the channel.

    • War Thunder - Best moments

      Janski has gotten very close to the team lately. He’s a great kid, but including so much of him is a bias that I’m not happy with either. Nonetheless, the video was funny, and I personally love controversial humor. Janski’s clips fit that, so I decided to allow the episodes as it is. Your feedback has been noted though. 🙂

      – FreetheBrain

      Also, not as a streamer, but rather as an interviewer, you might see some really cool shorts content from Janski real soon. 🙂


  18. War Thunder - Best moments

    If you sent it recently, we probably haven’t watched it yet. 🙂

  19. @War Thunder – Best moments I put it in the discord over 3 weeks ago

  20. @War Thunder – Best moments if you want, I can put it up again

  21. War Thunder - Best moments

    Sure, feel free to post it again. 🙂 3 weeks likely means we haven’t watched it though.

  22. North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation

    4:28 Anyone who does that should burn in th deepest level of hell.

  23. 1:45 Justin shoots down a plane with the main gun wile keeping a straight face… Can you tell that he has done that a few to many times or what????
    16:15 JeanClodVanShot…. “EPIC” take down

  24. 4:28 He’s the type of player who makes the game not fun

  25. GREAT VIDEO!! :3 <3

  26. No jeanclodvanshot don’t tell me what do you, you’re not my dad

  27. Jean is the best streamer XD

  28. It was refreshing seeing BoTimeGaming highlighted here. And of course the enemy would want to merge his tank with theirs.
    I also enjoy hearing him swear. Thanks to YouTubes ‘rules’ man can’t swear on his YT videos.

  29. 4:21 no respect to this guy

  30. Bonjour watchers of videos

    11:18 I love this guys energy

  31. Looks like it’s napalm time

  32. 05:35
    so ill kill this mf with this mf

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