War Thunder Best Moments of 2021

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Source: War Thunder – moments

A funny compilation of the War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips from the whole of 2021. We promise to be back in 2022 with even crazier edits. 🙂

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

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  1. War Thunder - Best moments

    Warm Thanks to FreeGE for allowing us to make videos again.
    Free Eagles for War Thunder — https://lks.me/g/BestMoments
    Enter our code and get Eagles immediately: nrrar

    Hello guys, we sifted through more than 7 hours of edits and came up with a video uniting the best clips that we have featured in 2021. You can expect us to start uploading again soon. We hope you enjoy this selection. 🙂

  2. Thank you

  3. SixtyShark5560 Gomez


  4. The bias is terminal ………

  5. ✪𝐒𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐳✪

    Awesome video!

  6. Love the channel man thanks for this vid. I shall now watch it and comment again

  7. Thank you for the feature as always guys, Amazing job on this monolithic video! <3

  8. This is basically one hour of “GAIJIN!: *insert random thing that happen cause the game its broken*” compilation. And I love it! ♥

  9. Very glad for this video and all your curation over the year. You’re editing skills have improved markedly and I am glad to see you’re still making this content. I don’t care what youtube says, curation is content. You’re providing a service that I enjoy. I couldn’t possibly scour the depths of Twitch to find all these fun moments, but you bring them to me in a nice tidy video that I can consume at my leisure.

    How can a museum charge for us to see art that the museum did not paint? Because they provide the service of gathering and contextualizing it for the masses to view in a convenient manner. If not for museums, those pieces would be gathering dust in some rich person’s home. You’re the museum of Twitch clips, and I visit often.


  10. Goddamn its as if Jeans clips are 20 years old. Jesus when did I see see them last?

  11. 10:09 what song

  12. Hello, it is

    Thank you for all the clips you included of me 🙂
    Don’t forget to farm more clips next year for some more twitchhighlights, we need your support (:

  13. One hour? Wtf XD

  14. Thank you guys for what you do! We’re gonna work even harder this year so you can make us all laugh even more!

  15. Does anybody know the twitch name of that girl at 10:29 ?

  16. 2:21 spaced armor =

  17. 54:58 Music from anime Overlord

  18. Bro i love your videos they are soo funny keep the work going love

  19. Good job

  20. 12:00 Зачем вообще в этой игре шасси? без них проще садиться))

  21. Josema Gómez del Campo

    Can you mention me on your next video, I just subscribed:)

  22. Tiger says no * flys away *

  23. What is that music at 20:38

  24. 50:42 You know Escape From Tarkov, now get ready to know “Escape From This Sabot Shell Biatch”, the hot new game coming out spring 2022.

  25. Wut, old clips?

    • War Thunder - Best moments

      It’s the best clips of 2021. There will soon be new episodes. 🙂

    • @War Thunder – Best moments aaah, my bad 😀 im so sorry. as always, I was waiting for a new video, but I didn’t notice a different video title

  26. 10:25 “I don’t really like cauliflower”
    2 teamates : and we took that personally”

  27. the GE APP is bullshit ///

  28. pay to win und ein dreckiges Cheaterspiel > unfair und unrealistisch. Man ist nur Kanonenfutter für die Bezahler. Nicht empfehlenswert 👎
    pay to win and a dirty cheater game> unfair and unrealistic. You’re just cannon fodder for the payers. Not recommended 👎
    П. н. Х. Gaijin

  29. 26:16 what is that song with peter griffin and the lobster?

  30. Alejandro Pradare

    11:10 would someone believe me that I was also listening that mozart song

  31. How the fuck did he get a 5 min nuke ticket 😶

  32. @ 6:37 Stealth Fighter

  33. so great that you include Fanatical_Freemen… makes me appreciate all the other quality content more 😀

  34. This was a very entertaining compilation with a lot of good editing and laughter to be had! <3

  35. Free ge is the biggest scam

  36. who is mattwd i swear his voice is familiar but i cant place where i heard it

  37. Even the AI hate women.

  38. 13:10 why was there a Russian voice when he got rushed by alot of german tanks and a german plane?

  39. Resume of the video : GAIJIN, WHY…

  40. Nix Ryu The Sergal

    For people having trouble floating above the runway because of to much speed, as soon as your main gear touches down raise your flaps, it will put your plane in a stall which will stop you from flying back into the air.

  41. another cheater scm pos bstrd: “AlcoliWord” level 47 radar and aimbot cheater!!! sht pos bstrd gamekilling scm

  42. The first half of the video is good, the second one is pretty meh tbh

  43. The snail giveth and the snail taketh away

  44. Anyone remember the songs name at 2:00

  45. fucking Ka52 nerf PLS

  46. 11:40 Bro started speaking enchantment table

  47. what is the name of the song at 26:25

  48. Bruh I personally know scopsins, I mod a channel with him, we don’t get along the best though

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