War Thunder Best of 2022

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Source: War Thunder – Best moments

The Best War Thunder clips that 2022 had to offer. | Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: https://clik.cc/GHTXL ❄️ Celebrate Christmas with RAID and get your gifts at https://12daysofraid.plarium.com/

Music by Kevin MacLeod at: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/
Мusic by Alan Aztec at: @AlanAztec

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX



  1. War Thunder - Best moments

    Have a GRAND 2023 guys!

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: https://clik.cc/GHTXL
    ❄Celebrate Christmas with RAID and get a special starter pack at: https://12daysofraid.plarium.com

  2. Happy New Years everyone!

  3. 11:00 Guy says he doesn’t want politics because “people will literally kill each other over politics” and then goes on a politics filled rant. SMH

  4. Happy new year hope the next year the Clips will be as good as this year or even better 😀

  5. 3:07 Music name?

  6. HAPPY NEW YEARS FROM A NATION HIDDEN IN THE SEAS🦀🦀! Another amazing year crushing it to 50k subs! time to hit that 100k sub goal for 2023 lets get it! :O

  7. Guten Rutsch!!! Happy New year from Germany!

  8. 0:19, that heli pilot was probably wondering what a locust was doing at top tier and that’s why he crashed

  9. 30:33 Average Pt-76-57 player

  10. 48:40 What song is being played here?

  11. С новым годом ребята! Спасибо за интересные видео!!! Всего хорошего в новом году!!!

  12. Happy New Year guys! Thank you for bringing us all so many smiles this year! Next year will be even better! ❤❤❤

  13. Happy New Year guys and cheers to 2023! ❤❤

  14. Happy new year, thanks for sharing all these amazing memories and a big thank you to all these incredible content creators! ❤

  15. Hope you have a fantastic ’23 too. Thank you for all the content in ’22! 🙂

  16. Yarrrrrr, the best wishes pirate is here!!!!! Thanks to everyone for all of their work over the last year!

  17. I love how best of twitch is basically exactly like thunder show, half of the stuff is literally just your average match, and the other half is shit so amazing you nearly throw your phone across the room

    • War Thunder - Best moments

      Hahaha! I love this. And I have to agree. xD We aim to only leave the extraordinary, but it’s sometimes hard to distance ourselves from the selections.

  18. 29:30 it looks like Cementoss from My Hero Academia

  19. Thank you, those videos are legendary

  20. 53:29 one of favorite moment of the year.

  21. Happy new year you lot! Wish you all the best from here in the north!

  22. happy new year

  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR can’t wait for more halarous clips

  24. Gaming_Wolf_Zockt

    nice währe schon wenn z.b auch Deutsche Clips mal gezeigt werden beste war mit den Soldaten im Pantzer haben sicherlich Rock gehört

  25. Happy New Year from Japan!🎍🌅🎌

  26. Happy new year 🎉🎉🎉 someone buy my acc in 2023!!!

  27. Good stuff as always everyone. Let’s get 2023 started

  28. Happy new year brain. I’ve been subbed to you before CringeTube demonetized you. Your doing a legend’s work spreading smiles and joy amongst your community. Keep it up 🧠💪🏻

  29. Happy new year 🎉

  30. 30:53 who is that?

  31. bruh 1 hour of 144p videos

  32. i sat here and watch for 1 hour cause im bored and happy new year

  33. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Swedish boi: i dont want politics here.
    Same Swedish Boi not even 10 second later: *Angry American-centered Political rage*
    yep, that’s a swede alright! xD

  34. Happy new year W war thunder

  35. 13:18 fuck that t34

  36. Hey i got a clip for you if you want i was in the Late 298D and crashed into a Do17 upside down but killed it

  37. Hey!? Where is subtitles

  38. 51:07 that cat will never look at him the same way again

  39. Whats that song called in 10:15

  40. sexy

    Happy new year guys !

  41. With how horrid 2022 was, this made it a tad bit better for me, thanks!

  42. BAKKABOY !!! ” back a boy ” From back boy “”
    Its this youtubers bitch guy who fuck with others guys !?!
    ( And he love so much )


  44. Happy new years! Hope gajin fixes its game this year XD

  45. Hahaha imagine if Gaijin actually put some time and effort into fixing the broken battle ranking system and bugs instead of crappy premiums no one wants, and stupid events no one plays XD

  46. brooo i cant believe you did this for us, you dont even know how thankful i am for this video it truly has the most memorable clips of the year hahah

  47. how is the song named at 41:10 and going?

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