War Thunder BEST PREMIUM Tank for USA

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. My favourite on wot b

  2. When will we see the italian P26/40?

  3. 6:57 Poor guy, crashed on purpose just to be noticed by baron and Baron
    didn’t even knew that a plane crashed infront of him xD

  4. love any tank on the stuart chassis! how many times has this been up for
    grabs? like once lol i want it so bad

  5. Melghnar - Todo sobre War Thunder

    Pretty Little Hellcat…

    For me, the Best premium vehicle for EEUU is the T29. The only problem is
    when the game launch you vs IS3, Jagdtigers, T-54s…

  6. “I drank a Red Bull cuz I was editing vehicles…ha, I mean videos”
    I guess you didn’t drink enough Red Bull then :P

  7. baron. can you teach me aout he caernavron? I don know how o use it
    affectively with just he stock round. it often doesnt hit with in long and
    medium rangest.

  8. Dominykas Gedvilas

    Baron, could I play War Thunder with you?

  9. richie thach (TitanicMan2)


  10. Sir Stefan Channel!

    “best premium tank for USA” but it only gives you a max research bonus up
    to rank III doesn’t it?

  11. How could you get this tank and the vk something tank cause I want them but
    idk how to get it

  12. 3:45 “This tank is fast” welp kiss world of tanks M8A1 goodbye

  13. That chat after 12:00 though. thirst is real

  14. Abd Al Raheem Al Taweel

    KV 2 siz 6 best rank 3 premium tank

  15. what happend to crossout?

  16. TheRobloxCorpVidios.

    The HellKitten, the Hellcats baby sister. xD

  17. T-20 for harambe pls he would be proud

  18. Omfg when u were turning the whole turret to kill the bt5 I was screaming

  19. Where is this tank at I looked in the tree but I didn’t see it?

  20. AMERICA FUCK YEAH! Donald Trump got elected and nuked everything to shit!

  21. 5:32 hey dont be delirious thats h20’s job

  22. Panzer III M plz with APCR…

  23. Be a plane in a tank battle or be one of the first level planes you can get
    like the LaGG 3-8

  24. Christopher Vanoster

    Plz baron a panzer lll with the long 50mm or a Sherman with the 76mm

  25. Is there any way to ask gaijin for this beauty or am I just screwed?

  26. now all i want is for them to add back the option to use all six decoration
    slots for a single bush style

  27. Baron man, just let him go… you’ve done your part, your duty as a gamer.
    (referring to kill number 7 vid 1)

  28. when are they gonna add the Scott. iv been waiting. :(

  29. did you see in the chat!!! “OMG BARON!!!! IM SO WET RIGHT NOW!!!” i saw
    that and laughed soo hard!!!

  30. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck her right in the pussy

  31. w8 a minute, its say’s that is was publised august 4 2016???? its only

  32. how about you go play the su-85 rank 3 Russian tank destroyer. Do it for
    the motherland

  33. strv 81

  34. Cute little tank that looks like a blast! I have to say I get a little
    excited when I see M8 because I keep hoping they will bring in the M8

  35. first time seeing this tank exist in 300hrs of playing

  36. this baby hellcat is my first ever video to watch

  37. the m8a1 is back! been begging for this tank on request days for. . .years

  38. Yeah… Most of this video was spawn camping. Wth baron?

  39. I have never seen this tank in game, cool to know surprises still happen.

  40. play hellcat

  41. your wrong(in my opinion) the calliope is the most power american firepowrr

  42. Some people aimed for like 2+ seconds and still didn’t hit. God damn.

  43. i got it, it is freakin awesome

  44. DDG biggest fan always


  45. How about a German SPAA with a 88mm gun with proximity fuses on the AA

  46. you probably one hit it with he

  47. I kill the crew in this tqnk using mg xD

  48. Ah Baron, still trying to play the gentlemanly way and not spawn camp…get
    with the times…

  49. please more of that fast paced gameplay : ) I enjoyed it

  50. how to buy it ….where is it ?

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