War Thunder BEST T-34, Stalin’s T-34-100

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Zuerst

  2. Lucas Aguilar P.


  3. Like for Baron °-°

  4. T-34 stronk

  5. M4 105!! For the love of all things high explosive!

  6. anthony “Herobrine” handoyo

    Welcome to below 301 club. u are a loyal subscriber.

  7. Winter camo so sexy ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  8. Herbivore The Carnivore

    4 views, 7 likes and 10 comments.

  9. Christopher Dempster

    I want to see the super perishing being used. The might m26e1 and destroy
    all before you. Play in realistic mode as well cheers baron keep it up

  10. Oh phly, when will you learn your teammates’ names.

  11. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    y u no 60 fps :(

  12. Tiger 2 h because when you have no balls and like to one shot everything.

  13. a dislike for evry single video i hear fag daily on

    • Your jealous you don’t have a successful YouTube account doing some thing
      you love with you friends phlydaily is the best combination with baron so
      shut up

    • +d00kiebird cant you just enjoy the memes and juvenile blather I know
      that’s why I subbed to baron and phly’s channels

    • +George State I liked ur comment

    • +George State
      I completely agree. Baron loses his focus on maintaining quality on every
      video that Phly appears in.
      There’s no vehicle introduction or thoughtful interesting narration, and
      all professionalism and maturity goes out the window. The discussion turns
      into memes and juvenile blather.

    • +Electricreach guess how many fucks i give :)/.. .I.

    It became one of my favorites.

  15. The problem with Greece is the corruption and that the loans they took had
    an astronomical instrest rate. The normal people are working harder than in
    most places in Europe, but it doesn’t help. Central-European countries need
    to put their banks in order, except that thanks capitalism, you can’t
    really fucking do that. That then leads to, for example every German paying
    over 1000€ to their own banks. This is why debt-based economies are shitty
    for most people.

    Oh and the compulsory
    greece bay denbts bls :DDDDDDDDD

    • +DarkshadowXD63 Nobody gives a shit about lives, everyone just cares about
      money. You have to be pretty dumb to not realize this. People are people.

    • There is already war going on and nobody is talking about Ukraine they are
      in a civil war and when every time I see news about Europe Greece is always
      the talk

    • +Tyler Brooke-Thomas Do they still get as much tourism as before the
      depression. I thought I heard online, that people have been avoiding Greece
      just because of the crisis.

    • Tyler Brooke-Thomas

      The situation is actually really overhyped by the media. Only mainland
      Greece is affected really, but all the islands get so much tourism that it
      really doesn’t matter

  16. So why do you take less shells than you can hold ?

  17. T95 next plz

  18. Finnally!!!

  19. 32* Comments 132 Likes 3 Dislikes and 1,072 Views…
    Wait… “3”….. Omagad.

  20. Yay you finally played realistic, please play more realistic 

  21. you dont have to buy camo, you can unlock them with kills

  22. SU-100Y THE BOX TANK

  23. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    I pmsl when Phly killed you. lol
    “Found you Butt licker!”

  24. George state why do u hate phly sounds like if ur jealous

  25. 18:35 biggest bullsh*t shot ever, Baron xD

  26. “I wish I was white” – Baron 2015


    sdfkksadadzzz 140

  28. Do the lagg 3 34 next!

  29. Tiger 1H plez

  30. SU-100Y! Naval gun action!

  31. Duke of derp- m4 105

    • I’m not liking the 105 so much. It’s 28 mm of penatration is just too low
      even for a derp gun. I know you’re supposed to shoot under the tank but
      that is quite hard to do since p iv f2s are always shooting my gunner.
      Shermans just don’t have enough armour to have sufficient derp guns

  32. I love slick bee at the beginning haha

  33. AD 2 gameplay!!!

  34. Im getting kinda sick of finland. Not that I dont like how it looks or how
    its layout is, ts just my team on both sides refuse to push the objective.
    Everyone sits on the hills camping in their spawn to get some free exp
    shots while I push ahead by myself to cap. We need to limit those ridge
    camping spots

    • +Kim Janek or ill get a map like Huurtgen Forest and spawn south bcause no
      one caps the south point, and spend the whole game driving to flank the
      enemies, but the game ends.

    • +Kim Janek plus there’s still an objective in RB that people refuse to push
      on finland. I was playing in my IS-2, slowly making my way up the west side
      of Finland to cap, while my whole team camped the ridge and back of west. I
      was swarmed by Tiger H1’s and we lost the game

    • +Kim Janek RB just has no entertainment value for me. I like the more fast
      paced action of AB, not getting killed in RB and not being able to respawn
      because I didnt accumulate enough points

    • +DefNature maybe play RB?

  35. Play the T-60 good 1.0 “Tank” love him :)

  36. I would like to see you play the kv 2 I just love the little cutei

  37. Find you but licker xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  38. SU-100Y!!

  39. Błażej Zagierski

    professional at arcade that must be so proud

  40. “Found you, butt-licke – OH SHIT!!” Best part of the video when Phly killed
    you Baron

  41. SMK attempt 12

  42. Why is realistic so popular? Is it more of a challenge?

    • many thnx

    • Bagel - WarThunder Ace/Live Person

      +Cpt. Shmitt I reccomend you do – RB is superior in many ways, you will get
      things happen to you in RB that you would NEVER get in AB.

      Remember, you will get frustrated, break things and so on; but we all do

      Good luck in RB!

    • Good thing Im still a noob. as soon as I get a Panzer IV im switching over
      to Realistic

    • Bagel - WarThunder Ace/Live Person


      AB is considered for noobs, due to the little amount of skill it takes.

  43. Tiger II P

  44. Well greece is just without money thats all like puerto rico

    • +jothegreek Well, also the Greek culture generally results in people not
      caring too much about paying taxes.

      And their jobs have them working less hours, and usually people want to
      retire early in Greece.

      Compare that to who can bail them out, Germany, where you’re taught to pay
      your taxes on time, every time, work late, and retire late.

  45. Baron you should have slickbee being the t-34-100 and you being the KV-2
    then philidaily is going to be Su-100y

  46. Found you buttlicker!
    OH SHIT.

  47. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    idk why phly is mad because all the tiger IIs are sniping, i mean try
    rushing with a 70tone tank…… not a good idea

    • Иосиф Steelin

      +DrunkMuffinHD The 88 mm Tiger I’s gun was built when the tank project
      didn’t even exist, it was an AA gun. Also, when the Tiger came out it’s
      frontal armor was extremely good against almost all tank guns in the world.

    • Exactly. The tiger’s gun was built for long range operations, since most
      tanks can penetrate 100mm of flat armour up close.

  48. Baron my tank boner is on point, also SU 100 plz

  49. you and phly daily are probably the funniest and the best tankers ever

  50. 18:29 Damn, talk about a lucky shot. That round went right through the
    driver’s periscope!

  51. For the next one: The Tiger II P (you fill in the rest), Porsche power!

  52. some times i dont know why but it seems like you guys ignore slickbee a

  53. Raremuffin webster

    These guys suck balls t-34 guys can literally kill anything it seems like

  54. Captured kv1 would be great

  55. can you be on at 3:00 or more on war thunder i really want to play with you

  56. Play the Sturmtiger

  57. A Typical Youtuber

    Those chicken fat fingers are why I don’t play arcade, lol

  58. +BaronVonGamez
    I dont know when you played this but at least in lower tiers where I
    currently am, all tank camouflages can be earned by destroying fixed number
    of tanks over any number of games.

  59. T-34-100 may have bigger gun but 1 less crewman remove the Machine Gunner
    on the hull to help fit the bigger turret and gun T-34-85 have 5 crewman
    and the T-34-100 has 4 crewman want more dmg to kill but payment is 1 less
    crew so they can kill you easier fair trade.

  60. T-44 Or bears

  61. Field Marshall Rommel

    If you are having bad time you need KV2 in your life 

  62. phly play realistic

  63. Phly is such a sore looser. He needs to learn how to loose…

  64. Found you butt-licker


  66. Javier Vargas (CalcosPR)

    Baron, How do you guys chat?

  67. Javier Vargas (CalcosPR)

    Hey, why don’t you guys do a dual facecam series on Battlefield 4?

  68. I feel bad for slick, he always seems to get ignored :O

  69. Dammit, Phly!

    He’s like the Billy of your group.

  70. 0:57 They’re never gonna see me
    1:05 They saw me
    1:09 I died

  71. I’m sure you’ve been asked this before Baron, but why no 60fps videos?

  72. Is there going to be more call to arms coming?

  73. ANY T34 is best…..op…..

  74. bernardobiritiki

    Play the box tank(aka tha land gremyashchy)next
    Or you can spen a nice relaxing life ling vacations on Siberia
    Its your choice Baron

  75. What is the best website to get skins? 


  77. tomarow

  78. Love your videos. Stop being a shitty pilot. :)

  79. How high are you guys?

  80. kv-2 vs su100y

  81. +BaronVonGamez go tank AB and just use the T34 1940, 1941 and 1942. You
    will sealclub so hard

  82. That teamkill was hilarious!

  83. hi, I’m trying to start my channel based off of war thunder an i need to
    get a press account for what i want to do is possible, if anyone can help
    me thank you very much.

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