War Thunder Bias in a Nutshell

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Source: Squire

We’ve noticed has a bias problem, with everyone.

0:00 Bias In a Nutshell
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7:00 Tea Time With Squire

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  1. We’ve been playing War Thunder again recently and reckon there might be just a little bit of bias at play, so wanted to make this video in case others hadn’t spotted it yet! We also thought instead of making a separate video, we’d add a few channel updates onto this one. We’d also like to thank a LOT of people (See below in order of appearance) for their time and voices, as per usual:

    Our resident channel American: TheIntrepidVA – https://intrepidanimations.artstation.com/
    Our Kazakhstani friend who’s luckily fluent in Russian: Dizelkraftwerke
    Our talented German voice actor: ToshiroVA – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1s_wkCB4q4LL-Qq1JIyo-g
    Me, obviously.
    Our French friend who’s a good sport: P4TC4B.exe
    A man who speaks some Japanese, probably quite well: Lamhirh
    Our new Chinese friend: melomi
    Our Danish friend who hates Sweden: Laurits
    Our Aussie mate and fellow Youtuber: Rimmy – https://www.youtube.com/c/RimmyDownunderGaming
    Our Israeli chum: Avarik – https://www.youtube.com/user/SS2Maximilian

    Also, we’d also like to thank Warpath for sponsoring this video – if you enjoy commanding an army with realistic military strategy as well as gripping first person sniper combat download Warpath today at the link below!
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    • Ahh yes, the truest bias: Money! They who pay to win shall have some perception of advantage!

    • use bunker branding for your merch. trust me

    • Brainy Skeleton of doom

      Do you need authentic Made in Italy©️ Italian voices? Because I may know a guy or two

    • What’s up with all this ground pounding tanker bias? I would like to see some boats.
      Here’s a free idea “if U-571 was a British film.”
      I’ll even write the script for you
      Squire: Gosh, this just feels right somehow
      Bill: aye sir, it does.
      Squire: like a historical wrong has been righted.
      *both face camera*

    • I must say there is no Japan bias cause they rarely get kills

  2. the Italian bias is a good playerbase

  3. Kyle the Protogen

    Gaijin: If everything is biased, nothing is biased.
    Me: hmmmmm
    Also me: I don’t think I’m doing this right…

  4. 7:30
    You had a child?
    Thats sad 😔
    Sorry to hear that

  5. American Bias is the most funny thing i’ve heard in a while

  6. Funny enough though, this is a massive problem in Chinese developed war games. The Chinese military can normally take the whole server single handed.

  7. Russian bias is the big issue because whiny ,racist Americans dominate the internet.Always hard done by and screaming ” it’s not fair ” like Alanis Morissette’s love child ! Americans also wont play any other nation due to their worrying Nationalism.

  8. why o why didnt the britts use fillerrrrrrr?

  9. 0:36 technically it’s Hungarian

  10. 0:40 being American does not imply you play the American tech tree

  11. I was kind of hoping for the italians to run in with a fiat car that is totally under-BR’d still with stabilized AA/Anti-infantry gun and take out all barrels. Ah well.

  12. Darned human bias

  13. God I missed y’all congratulations on the kid

  14. God i wonder how british tanks would fair against well.. Everything

  15. Low tier is just max tier but everything is bad, it’s normally a one shot kill or French stupid medium tank that should be a heavy BECAUSE ALMOST NOTHING CAN PENETRATE IT, until you get killed

  16. 3:13 Is that the Japanese theme from Classic IL2 flight sim I hear?

  17. maybe try higher tier

  18. Premium vehicle bias

  19. as a t72 player i can confirm there is NO russian bias… explosively so.

  20. crusherplays_6711

    japanese are biased in not alot but probably naval and air, not land

  21. I’ll be honest, the only reason why Soviet and German vehicles are so good is because the players just suck using them and they constantly go down in BR. Every BR change log that happened before this year was constantly 9/10 Soviet vehicles going down and 7/10 germans going down while every other nation was going up. And for some reason the m48 for Germany is .3 lower than the US while also being faster and having the same ammunition. Makes no sense

  22. Nicee Greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸

  23. Bro italian bias is different, the planes can literally drift in midair with little speed loss and oh boi the m13/41s are god tier tanks

  24. Anything Squire haha

  25. komandir Aystreem

    If you want you can make a video about world of tanks but Blitz vs wartunder

  26. World Of Tanks Blitz jadg. panzer IV user here, DID YOU SAY 105MM??

  27. war thunder isnt russian its Hungarian by the way

  28. USA bias for planes. Russian bias for tanks

  29. Gaijin is hungarian

  30. Imperor Fohn Tachanka


    Где я мог это слышать…

  31. Meh.
    But lets be honest: When I shoot a Russian tank in its barrel, it does nothing. When they shoot a German barrel, its gone. Every, single, time.

  32. USA: “How about Israeli bias?!”
    Germany: “Don’t look at me!!”

    Great script XD

  33. This pretty much sums it up, people want to automatic do well in their favorite nation to use and if they don’t they claim bias.

  34. TBH the Sherman is ridiculously easy to kill, just aim at its side right after the soldiered armor plate and you’ve got a hit right in the ammunition case.

  35. I don’t remember Australia being their own separate faction… 🤔

  36. Second channel 💙🤠💙🤠💙

  37. 😅🤣😂👍

  38. ShotGunner (Ducky D00M)

    You should make another WT vs. WoT but this time KV2 and how busted the power of one shell is and how realistically slow it reloads and how in WoT it reloads fast but also how the bullet is worse than KV1S

  39. The American in this video was absolutely mind numbingly braindead and unbearably horribly hard to listen to spouting nonsense; so very accurate just like the real thing. Well done!

  40. why phong khong t 34 a chinese tank

  41. I LOVE the second history Chanel idea!

  42. The guy with the glasses had a kids? That’s biologically impossible. Only women can have kids.

  43. He’s cloning Bill!

  44. Thomas Angelo Carthan Asunto

    Idiotic players complaining Gaijin about “Overpowered” Nations’ bias on War Thunder, in a nutshell.

  45. something to put on pizza

    as someone who means everyone this is great Extremely funny

  46. Tbh i was expecting CAS at the end because CAS bias always wins hehe.

  47. Squire Sebastian Senitor

  48. Why do i feel attacked when he say about potato computer? Like we South Americans suffer without a server

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