War Thunder – BM-13N “Katyusha Assault!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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I have been looking for any excuse to play this the past couple of weeks and gave me one! It’s time to use one of the more difficult and maybe more satisfying vehicles in the game!

Music: Russain Dance – Joey Pecoraro

All In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)


  1. What would you like to see us play next!?

  2. ” 3 inches holy”

  3. REPENT JESUS IS COMING SOON! ESCAPE THE WRATH THAT IS COMING! Seek the Lord while he may be found!!! Call on him while he is near! Let the wicked forsake their thoughts and the unrighteous their path let them turn to him and he will have compassion for he will abundantly pardon


  5. that bit with the warhawk shows EXACTLY why russia is broken

  6. Bo i’ve got this tank, haven’t played it since i got it >5 years ago. Gonna drive it again cause of this haha

  7. Any landing you can walk away from is acceptable.

  8. I appreciate you guys giving me some great laughs

  9. so Bo’s teammates are running a train on the princess in the busted ass falling apart castle?

  10. TheMightyWookie351c

    Jim! You are hilarious!! 16:36 is like a Dear Hustler letter lol 😂

  11. TheMightyWookie351c

    19:50 Bo’s version of Top Gun air brake maneuver. Double kill and survives!

  12. Kamikaze truk

  13. SvenandBex Ericksen

    Is it wrong that I want to hear the rest of Jim’s story?

  14. Best vid in a long time! I would like to see some ARMA3 more….

  15. Glad to hear sturmling back

  16. That was a hilarous video!!

  17. he really hit the Russian bias!

  18. Bernardo Maffessoni

    19:49 nice hitbox

  19. Hoooraayy! Sturms is back!!

  20. 18:13 ….. If Snowrunner had a tank, ladies and gentlemen

  21. I like paradys bro

    Katusha aimbot ??

  22. Princess Jim rules earth and sky.

  23. The princess in the castle!! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. The only tank have ever crushed was an R3 on cargo port, he was abusing my tracks while I was dismantling an M6 and I got my tracks back and just backed up for a bit and smashed him into a little gate.

  25. comrade bo will never surrender, always obey high command, and make those milk delivery’s on time

  26. Welcome to one of the most interesting (and pointless and useless) vehicles in game, the famous Katyusha that curled Nazi soldiers’ blood.

  27. You know, you could technically just learn where to shoot to hit enemy spawn from your spawn and just take out the entire enemy team in the first few seconds

  28. I’m realy waiting on a Theater act or at least an audio book from you guys…. Your shenanigans are just epic xD

  29. Stick, Jim, and Sturms are treasures

  30. How funny, 3 days ago I too decided to take out my Katyusha. Decided to actually be an arty piece and rain rockets into enemy spawn. Killed one, tracked two, scared everyone in that spawn

  31. Question would accept people on low levels like a level 13 that wants to play the tbd-1 with famous people

  32. Aluminium Mechanics

    Russia won the World War 2 just by building their tanks in quantity over quality overrunning the Germans and giving the Germans their first taste of defeat.
    Komrade, yu hav ze tru soll of ze Russians. ONVARD!

  33. how make a prestet

  34. How can i get katyusha??

  35. zero the destroyer of worlds

    Don’t worry Citizens the Soviet army is here to help (while blowing up a building full of orphans

  36. any way we could still get the bm 13?

  37. “Are the teammates real?”

    “. . . I think?”

    _WarThunder in a nutshell folks._

  38. So I have come to the realization that the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat and the Fiddle” is actually about how Neko Girls are made.

  39. yall should all play small tanks see how it goes down

  40. The rocket walk in onto that M22 from C… chef’s kiss.


  42. Can we get some bo fan art with the 3 inch gun carrier??? 😂

  43. Is there anything Bo can’t fix with rockets??🤣🤣🤣

  44. It would be cool if they actually arced and you could sit in the back and shoot rockets into the battle

  45. 13:05-14:30 is the adventure of princess Jim and Bo the knight in a rusting Russian rocket truck.

  46. How do you see them through trees, you descendant of Hyuga clan!

  47. I like how they talk very chill but in their voice it also sounds like they are angry xD

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