War Thunder Bomber Hero Survival – Flak vs Bomber Formation!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Custom – Baron, Phly, Sherman and Argyle try to shoot down hundreds of enemy bombers to determine who can survive longest and be the BOMBER HERO!

Thanks for watching!


  1. assigning sectors of fire?

  2. How do you get the flakpanzer

  3. Baron you are suppose to aim at the white dot itself not infront of it XD great video but the aim kills me!

    • +George Allensen Hmm…for me personal works “in front of” better….the “arcade circle” indicate the middle of the target…in front of and a short burst while leading the assumed flightpass, regardless of the “arcade circle”. This circle display only the “what is now – situation” but give you an super- accurate clue about the deflection and the speed of the airtarget. You can see this clearly if an airtarget is diving on you…aiming at the circle will mostly overshoot an diving aircraft…aim a little bit lower (in front of) and presumably your opponent will fly directly through your burst (and hopefully he has no rockets)…I remember my first stumbling steps to take out airplanes with my “brandnew” FlaKpz 1…”What the?…is my UI broken?…I aim directly on the dot…papapapap…the gunner is dead!!”…^^
      Barons major fault at this video was to ignor the “dropcross” – so he undershoot…but anyway this was for years….^^

  4. LegendPlay Games , Vlogs

    Will there be soldiers in the future?

  5. how do you do the all round view?


  7. i really must say.. you cant aim.. there is a little X.. with this thing you have to aim.. and not with the cicle..

  8. why do u c pilots in aircraft but no drivers in vehicles??

  9. LOL a p-26 (doesn’t stand a chance)

  10. Nicholas Stojanovic

    flaks are the best

  11. He has no crew. Strangeness.

  12. This video along with many of ur others made my day,thanks baron

  13. “how am I missing?” maybe cuz your youre not aiming where the circle is. its there for a reason

  14. that circle could be Landing point Rain from star wars the clone wars

  15. Are these custom games?

  16. One when I was on that server b25 tried to bomb me whilst it was flying low above the ground but they ended up turning into a huge ball of fire

  17. When you shooting don’t look at the circle look at the cross your bullets drop

  18. that tb3 wasent good you were trying to lead a plane that wasent moving

  19. Mattybrap Vidoes

    what is your tag name i want to join u

  20. Akrinist Designs ಠ ̯ ಠ

    How do you make these custom games??? And how do you get custom NPC’s?

  21. funkierfawn budgie

    I don’t get it lol. I play like 24/7 and never see you online lol

  22. Dominic Heikkinen

    what is the game mode

  23. Epic Flak Battles of History! Who won? You decide!

  24. I hate rammer a…

  25. i wish we could play togather :O

  26. Baron, you might not wanna aim for the lead indicator for the planes, they are not that accurate, not even when the bombers are coming at you.
    You might instead want to aim between the lead indicator and the plane, that’s how I got over 75 airplane kills on my T-34 1942.


  28. How do you get in a battle while having tanks and planes to use in the same preset.

  29. Why do you lead the lead indicator?

    • +Izual0Zephyr Because they’re not 100% accurate, plus the plane’s are moving targets.

    • +ecks dee
      I know the planes are moving, that’s why you aim at the lead indicator. And if you mean they can turn away from your shots, then overshooting won’t help.

  30. when watching this all i can think of is that mech battle from the matrix reloaded XD

  31. do more please

  32. very satisfying to watch

  33. why does my screen not shake like that when i fire the 3.7 cm ;(

  34. Should of done this with the Russian First AA Tank, pissing Tracers into the sky

  35. Why arent they trying to kill you? They’re just flying around

  36. Bravo Company General Nelson

    What battle type is this

  37. The Blasphemous Gospel

    If AA are this op their is no need for air superiority

  38. how do you get in lobby’s with both ground and air? is it availible for console?

  39. What’s the name of this game mode I’ve been trying to find the gamemode that allows you to also spawn in as a plane

  40. Cloгох Блять

    The 8.8cm FlaK is being added in 1.63, can’t wait!

  41. how do i play this feature

  42. in the game

  43. hey baron I Learned a lot of tactics on war thunder 😉

  44. Ur supposed to shoot at the white circle

  45. Edward Altamirano

    I just unlocked the B25 and the whole game changed. Everyone is more retarded in the chats and there are much higher tier planes

  46. M3lee please please

  47. I hate those Lineage 2 Revolution ads

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