War Thunder Boot Camp: Radar Systems

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Since the “Locked On” update that came in the spring of 2019, War Thunder has been regularly receiving vehicles equipped with radar systems. Various types of radar help control your vehicles, detect targets at longer distances and in poor weather conditions. Today, radar systems can be found on planes, helicopters, vehicles, and even naval vessels. But what are those types of radar, and how are they different?



  1. How funny that you mentioned the ships at the very end, while they were the first to get their own radar.

    • יעקב כהן

      @That one RAOT guy You can check, the radar was very large so they could only put it on ships, in the middle of World War II.

    • That one RAOT guy

      Well chronologically yes, kinda, because the first radars were ground based and stationary. But in game ships equipped with radars came pretty late compared to aircrafts and anti aircraft vehicles

    • יעקב כהן

      @That one RAOT guy ok. but I watch this videos also for the information in them and the history, and in that WAR THUNDER excels. So I think you need to pay attention to these little things and mention the ships first, also because in ships the role of radar is much more important.

    • יעקב כהן

      @That one RAOT guy ???

  2. Keep up the videos and keep helping make the game fun.

    I have started a channel now and plan on uploading more videos I have the first Schuele for 7/6/22.

    This is the game in the video.

  3. Me only plays ww2 vehicles :

  4. theScottishKoala

    Why nothing on TWS radar systems? Probably the most complex to understand and the newest functionality to radar in game, why omit them from this video?

  5. why must I have a bad sister😥

    Fix the puma

  6. Anakin Skyobiliviator

    I know the goal is to emulate real-life features where you can but to me, this is just overwhelming. Also what about Naval radar?

  7. I still have no idea how to use the radar on the A2D-1

  8. I dont think im getting any beyond visual range kills with my f6f5n hellcat

  9. Very informative.
    Btw, “Kai” as in F-4EJ Kai is not an acronym. It’s a word. It’s simply pronounced like “eye” but with a K in front of it.

  10. ok great, so whats the deal with the Mirage F1C’s MTI mode maintaining lock on a on comming aircraft and the 530F’s just refusing to track and diverting when chaff is launched but the MTI maintains lock on the aircraft. is this just broken or what

    • That one RAOT guy

      I’m not gonna get too deep into how SARH missiles work, because it’s a very complex argument, but just know that they kinda have to get their lock too (wich is why sometimes a SARH missile will track despite the loss of lock from the launcher if it’s in the final stage of guidance), and the radar waves reflected by an aircraft going away from you and the missile aren’t strong and precise.

    • @That one RAOT guy I know how it works, problem is its insanely inconstant for no apparent reason. You could repeat the scenario 6 times and get a different result each time. Ive nearly spaded the F1C at this point and that missile is so wonky compared to others using the same system. Other times when it seems it should lose track it tracks like a dream. It makes zero sense, specially since a 530F fired within 9km should be considered a no escape zone specially on a solid tone lock

    • That one RAOT guy

      @Merajito This is the kind of stuff that can change so quickly
      environement, temperature, windspeeds, movement, distance, stuff getting in the way are all factors that can change radically how stuff goes

  11. Jules Lemuel Katada

    Wow this info is soo valuable!

  12. Now, if only rangefinder radars actually did anything…

  13. Manuel Jardim Fernandes

    Hey I’d like to know why in the world does the game not support Mac, I love this game but can’t play it.

  14. I was hoping to hear about tws but it never came up.

  15. Oh my! How do i unlock all these settings for my FuG-202?!

    (not serious)

  16. Wojak Entertainment 🇺🇲

    Tim’s variety, cough cough

  17. All of this and I still wont see this and shot and aim at everything that moves

  18. Either way it is too complicated and hurts the gameplay

  19. Sure….in a few YEARS when i will have managed to WORK myself out of the WWII era vehicles…..this might become usefull. It’s such a shame that they built on this into the game and we can’t enjoy it. Intead we’re forced to grind and grind these useless WWII vehicles. A large percentage of the playerbase will probably never have the chance to enjoy these.

  20. Sidelobes and CW seekers were very important, but there was no commentary in the game. Good video!

  21. Tims Variety made an evan better video a few werks ago

  22. Tims Variety would like a word

  23. At long last!

  24. I really need this video


  25. Cornelius Forfot

    I want a swedish aircraft j39 in the game Please

  26. Abdullah Al Muhaimin

    when i use AA, i miss a lot of bullets. can anyone help me about that?

  27. What about the LAV-AD radar? 😮

  28. question tho, whats the radar being used on the german mig 19

  29. Dominik Jackowski

    Q:will there be Polish tanks?

  30. Warthunder supports DPR and LPR with funding.

  31. Tims Variety (YouTube channel) posted a video on Radar a few weeks ago. War Thunder ripped the content from his video.

  32. Okay, but if the name of the plane and player and the distance is shown in red on the screen, what do I need the radar for on these if the plane doesn’t have a radar guided missile?

  33. I mean Tim has progressed so much that the official war thunder youtube channel copies his content!
    But this is pretty cheap

  34. Is there any point of using a radar in the arcade battles?

  35. Thanks for not showing anything for the f14

  36. Adding this to watch later when I get to a jet with radar in 18 years

  37. As a german pilot, what is beyond visual range?

  38. I don’t play high tiers because I don’t know how to use radar or missiles.

  39. This is nice and all, but in my game I don’t have any of these radars, I only have big green square shaped radar screens, which is annoying because it blocks view, and also useless. So I stopped using radars completely. Also I don’t understand radar lock or tracking.

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