War Thunder – Boris The Blade

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Source: The Jingles

In which Creedude29 dresses up as a German and forevermore earns himself the title of Boris the Blade, which will make no sense whatsoever unless you’ve seen “Snatch”.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Sиеаку fакiиg Яussiап!

  2. You’re not early, you’re just on time!

  3. Time to reset the War Thunder video clock, come back in 6 months folks!

  4. He should’ve put a red star on the back of his turret because the only people that should be behind you are friendly (if an enemy is behind you, you’re already dead)

  5. I am simple man. I see Jingles’ war thunder video, I click play, I like.

  6. THIS EARLY fair play jingles

  7. That sneaky fuckin Russian. Haha

  8. Nice warthunder vid m8! cant wait to see the next one in 2 months!

  9. Giv me the ston

  10. You should really up your recording bit rate to at least 25-35Mbps. Your video has so many artifacts, even at 1080p.

  11. I bet the T-44 might have been a little embarrassed when he got the message “Friendly Ground Unit Destroyed”

  12. Boris the Blade? As in Boris the Bullet-Dodger?

    Why do they call him the Bullet-Dodger?

    ‘Cause he dodges bullets, Avi.

  13. That T-44 player is so upset right now, that team kill cost him real digital silver lions.

  14. Dunno why but.. watching this makes me feel very bad and awkward… I mean catching people without a chance of fighting is just very disgusting…

  15. what poor graphics… 🙁

  16. Oh boy how I love that movie!

  17. UnlimitedSpadeWorks

    Since this is a simulator battle, is it safe to assume his account was banned for violating Article 23 of the Convention respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land (Hague Convention of 1907)? I mean, what he’s doing is actually a war crime…


  19. Play Warframe plz

  20. so he cheats to win cause he has no skill ?

  21. He’s Uzbekistanian

  22. The Russians were so good at being sneaky, that the Germans tried to copy the tactic by turning their Panthers into Wolverines. That didn’t end well.

  23. You must ask though, why didn’t the T44 realize that the Captured Panther was *facing the wrong way to be an enemy*
    There was no reason for a German tank to be facing that direction in that position. He was in a position where he was clearly engaging other German tanks, not a position where he could engage the Allied tanks.

    The T44’s situational awareness was poor, and the results are understandable, but he should have held fire until he could confirm the status of the random facing-the-wrong-direction Panther in front of him.

    • EminemLovesCupcakes

      It’s a common mistake jingles make a lot too : don’t overestimate the skill of players. most players are average, and most average players are shit.

    • Ah yes, too true… but anybody can develop even the most rudimentary critical thinking skills. That T44 was probably already on a hair-trigger, having moved into a more central position of the map and expecting to find enemy Panthers, not allies.

      Doesn’t excuse their lack of situational awareness.

  24. noobinator Simelane

    Can we have a new war thunder intro

  25. I think all this salt in these mines is getting to me! Did he upload a War Thunder video?

  26. Thanks for an awesome WT vid Jingles keep it up!

  27. why does it look like the armor is made out of weld?

  28. That was hillarious! The not-so-surprise ending left me laughing.
    If you can’t take a joke…

  29. cheeki breeki cyka blyat…

  30. “Zis is ze spy”

  31. I would do that in a fuckin’ heartbeat just for the lols…

  32. Starcitizen related –
    I dont whant to be pesimistic but i am afraid we can kiss that game goodbye .


  33. So enjoyable

  34. He really did get his money’s worth out of driving out the Panther like that, because if you get teamkilled you don’t have to pay the repair cost!

  35. Boris the blade? You mean Boris the sneaky fuckin’ Russian.

  36. isn’t this a war crime?

  37. Maskirovka at its finest

  38. Warthunder sucks

  39. The Russian Panther should be removed from the game or made so that you can identify it as Russian. The captured Russian tanks have the German cupola on them so why not do something similar to the Russian Panther?

  40. How do you make it look germany? Did he cover up the red stars?

  41. Can you put a soviet star on the rear of the turret on one of those things? If so . . . Tonight for me will be fun . . . “Time to fool ze Germans!”

  42. Does he dodge bullets as well, ‘avi?

  43. I guess Boris’ enemies know how the Americans felt when they encountered the Panthers disguised as M10s.

  44. dragonkingofthestars

    I’d have been hammering my chat at the start of the game to let my teammates know who I was. No promise it would work, but could only help.

  45. That, is some beautiful typography.

  46. The captured tanks has made sim battle a pain in the ass. every one just shoots each other as soon as they spot them no mather what type of tank it is. It was bad before with trolls and shit but now its even worse as you aktuly might shoot at a pz III when on the german team with the only resone beaing that the tank is suspicisly close to the enemy lines.

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