War Thunder // “Bots sir! Thousands of ’em!”

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Okay, okay, so I know it’s a complete misquote to begin with, but given the nature of War Thunder’s new PVE mode, it still seems terribly appropriate.



  1. Ahhh…some rambling jedi…

  2. How do you know you didn’t hit your head if you hit your head ?? :v

  3. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    The AI air spawns are actually random, those players were just paying enough attention to spot them as soon as they spawned.

  4. You can disable the tinnitus sound in the sound options

  5. Up to which battlerating can you play without having a premium account/prem tanks?

  6. And you’re burnin’ ’em down….

    Thumbs up for the Starship Troopers reference. Well done!

  7. General Saufenberg

    gaijin wants to lure armored warefare pve players to their game.

  8. I think a lot of players have found themselves returning or trying out War Thunder. Since that last fiasco on principle I have stopped playing World of Tanks, and I certainly will never buy a premium again.

    In the face of stopping, I tried War Thunder again and have to say I am quite enjoying it.

  9. They made an option in the settings which disables bushes and grass when looking through the scope or binocular.

  10. The whole ”Your premium time has expired thing” is a long going bug, which Gaijin seems to have just kept there.

  11. I think the ingame missions are a better example as to what their ai should be able to do. I quite enjoyed doing them 🙂

  12. At least you did better than me. Me and my tigers and jets couldn’t stop the enemy that long.

  13. I play quite a bit of WT but for Ground Forces it has to be RB. Arcade in tanks is just plain bad. I have tried the PvE but wasn’t much fun.

    As for the sounds yeah they aren’t that great. When your tank gets hit it can sound like someone threw a steel dust bin down a flight of stairs, but the game does look great though on high settings, and I love the way tank models take damage. Interestingly the new Armored Warfare sounds are amazing, shame the rest of the update looks like a child made it with a crayon.

  14. 2 thing I hate about the PvE in war Thunder: you get almost no reward for playing it, and there seems to be a bug in the game where you don’t get any audio feedback when you get hit by AI. you just kind of suddenly get damaged but you can’t tell how or where from

  15. copyright strike for hax
    and some sluurs

  16. WT matchmaking for PvP is on the highest BR in you lineup (+/-1), so keeping it tight and even is much preferred. I would assume that this applies to PvE too, but I’m just assuming.

  17. Jedi the changes to visibility in RB and SB don’t change tank render ranges since tanks are always rendered. Whilst ultra-low settings do now get bushes rendered, it’s just a 2D sprite, and the combined effect of low and flat textures, 2D bushes, less/no particle and light effects, etc., definitely do still serve to make lower graphics settings a significant advantage. IIRC by tinkering with graphics you can get all dust effect removed, the new smoke rounds/grenades produce a laughable 2D sprite, so the issue really isn’t just one of bushes on/off, but how graphics can be tweaked to combine in several ways to make tanks much more visible vs the high and max settings.

  18. A tankette isn’t a female tank .. it’s a baby tank

  19. For a long time I wanted pve in wot. They even mentioned as part of historical battles that never became a thing. And now warthunder has done it. Ok. Thanks PHJ and greets from Lithuania

  20. At least for me War Thunder was always less grindy. I could reach tanks and especially planes that i wanted a lot faster than in WoT. Only the upgrade process of the top end planes and tanks at 8.0 and 9.0 is definitly too harsh regarding RP requirements.

  21. littleJoePatton

    smoke shells also are fun to use to cover allies

  22. Just cant do tanks in Warthunder, getting one shot all the time is no fun

  23. Ive not played War Thunder tanks in about 18 months now, did they ever fix the hoppy, skippy , bouncy handling of the tanks?

  24. Is it just me or is your voice quality a bit poorer lately? Different mic?

  25. I hope that someday a proper single player tank simulator comes out and companies like WG lose their ass as people rush to play a much less toxic form of tanks.

  26. Yes jedi the tinnitus thing is so annoying especial if you have tinnitus. Was I hit? I don’t know that sound happens anyway

  27. Jedi, don’t take full ammo loads. The less rounds you have in your tanks, the less likely you are to be ammo racked. Also, fire APHE as your standard round, and switch to solid ap/apcr only if you cant pen. APHE does far more damage.

  28. Jacke e-is-silent

    Battle Rating and Matchmaking is explained on the WT Wiki here.


    As well, here’s an important thing for ground forces: Ammo Racks. On some tanks you can reduce the risk of getting ammo-racked if you don’t load max ammo in the tank.


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