War Thunder – BOX TANK or Gulag!?

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder – Su-0Y Box w/ Naval Gun!
War Thunder series!

Thanks for watching!


  1. hi baron you hue best!

  2. second comment

  3. You played in your toilet as it sounds?

  4. Awesome

  5. Did you play this match in your bathroom??

  6. Finally, I love this tank it is awesome. If it is your top tank it can pen
    anything at almost any range. 230 pen at 100m is awesome.

  7. Do a fast plane….

  8. Gepard, that auto cannon with the top ammo is deadly at close range.

  9. Tanks are boring..

  10. Do the ferdinand!
    German kraut power!!!

  11. Apologies if your affected….

  12. More M&B pls but go on the MOV_TF Aus servers please!!!

  13. FIFTH!

  14. Сергей Васильев

    On T 26 and Po 2!

  15. Moar T8+, i dont play WoT but i like the high level games

  16. id prefer u playing in rb instead of ab

  17. play the m103 plzz

  18. “please wait for him to wake up from nap” hahaha

  19. next t28 or t95 doomturtle

  20. Baron, could u do another dual vlog together with Phly?

  21. hi baron

  22. i think u should take out the tiger E for ze fuhrer

  23. T-34-85?

  24. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    Play the is2. Get put against tiger 2 H. Cry

  25. Panther ^^

  26. Răzvan A (AssaultRazvan)

    Tiger 2

  27. I also have the Box Tank. When it works….oh man it works…..

  28. war thunder king tiger

    Tiger p

  29. leopard 1

  30. play Tiger II (H)

  31. marby do the KV 2 i play is so much and so much fun

  32. War Thunder! Uraaaaaa!!

  33. Leopard 1 or Merkel have Surprise Butts*x with you!

  34. T 95!!! I think that tank needs one more chance to show us the turtle doom.
    Give it another try, Baron. UP!

  35. Kv-2 for Gulag or the Is-3

  36. RB! Please.what a waste of talent.

  37. yo, play the SU-152….OR GULAG!!!!

  38. Britain definitely needs Sherman Firefly!

  39. This is like a mobile gulag :>

  40. panzer II

  41. kv2 power by vodka

  42. That echoing

  43. Churchill AVRE is true king of derps, early models had 290mm (11.4in)
    petard mortar later models had 165mm (6.5in) howitzer that shot pretty much
    nothing but HESH shells

  44. KV2

  45. panther II for ze Germans

  46. marder 3 with ruski gun

  47. yay 975 views

  48. Baron! How do you get that much golden eagles!? That is a lot! ?

  49. Panther 2 pls.

  50. Plz play the Hellcat

  51. God I want the Panzer 1000 Ratte!! But it’s not in the game XC

  52. the bt 5

  53. Some Pz IV/70 (A) from the Niebelungenwerke???

  54. The leopard looks so badass! Baron you should play it asap when it comes

  55. su-100 plox

  56. KV-2 combrade.

  57. take out the Porsche Tiger!

  58. They should remove Russians xD This thing is so OP

  59. Pz. IV ausf. H, with the skirts

  60. Play die maus or eat phly

  61. Jagdpanzer IV l/70

  62. t 26 4 or the hetzer

  63. Drive out the porche version of the tiger 2!! Volkswagen Tiger!!

  64. love it

  65. Lukas A. Skjoldvær

    Play the KV-85!

  66. Neubaufahrzeug plez?

  67. LOL. Box Tank Shall Kill!!!!

  68. T-34-100

  69. Zachary Godley-mcavoy

    Play the kv 1 zis

  70. Is-2/is-3

  71. leopard 1 or go to the German equivalent of gulag

  72. (Flagged as inappropriate by the fbi – reason: Russian propaganda)

  73. IS-2 havent seen one in ages

  74. T-60 peashooter needs some loving

  75. Please play the german pirate ship the Tirpitz plz
    love your vids Baron!!

  76. Leopard 1!!

  77. M4A3-105

  78. I want to see Sturmtiger.

  79. bt 7 plz

  80. TOG is not a play style. Its a life style.

  81. Tiger 1 H

  82. T-35 the land Yacht !!! :D

  83. “Do not panic…” *gets shot* “Ok start panicking.”

  84. Oh nein, ze Soviet Union has launched an attack to West Germany. GÜNTHER!
    Call ze Americans und British, tell them wir need support immediately. Now
    wo ist Hans? HANS! Call Baron jetzt Gott verdammt! Wir need ze Leopards für
    Berlin defence.

  85. +BaronVonGames Dont forget about the Sturmtiger 380mm Derp gun i just wana
    have this thing 😀 Derp King

  86. They aren’t in War Thunder, but they are now in World of Tanks, but the
    Japanese theoretical heavy tanks were designed to be land battleships, some
    of the later war designs even featured a 140mm naval cannon. That’s a whole
    10mm more than the SU-100Y!

  87. Play maus plz ho With me

  88. Baron you should rate each tank that you play with the battle rating you
    think it should have.

  89. clementealbiceleste francis

    perfect russian accent. My congratulations

  90. German KV-1 please.

  91. TOG 2 prototype, PO-2 prototype. must be in game

  92. Play the german mouse

  93. 11:40 you are obi wan Kenobi!!!

  94. T-34-57 Stalin’s Smallest Gulag Escapist.

  95. do t-54

  96. do t-54

  97. hai you tank suer hall cat

  98. Play tiger !

  99. Karolis Lukosevicius


  100. or isu-152

  101. Can you please play some more realistic tank battles instead of arcade tank

  102. “It doesn’t have the best penetration”
    >225mm of penetration at a 5.3 BR.
    Are you serious? It nearly has the same penetration value of a Tiger II.

  103. Russrian land-battle ship KV-VI

  104. why on the face of the world are you dont playng whith pz 35 t
    !!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumnezeu cu mila!!!!

  105. scrap “scrapthegamer” thegamer

    my plz

  106. Ze mighty m103 with HEAT shells

  107. can you play the is-1?

  108. m48a5???

  109. Sébastien Meerschaert


  110. ISU series, take your pick they are all lovely.

    and the rapid fire event is always fun

    and not just for farming flak kills.

  111. KV-2 and TB-3 plz

  112. jagdpanther!!!!!!呵呵

  113. play the sd.kfz 140/1. the german scout tank

  114. Play the t-95 doom turtle

  115. play the m18 for uncle sam

  116. Play the M6A1 you dont have a video on it yet

  117. That echo tho

  118. i would love to see one of mother russia’s biggest derp guns of all the ISU

  119. you phly and slick Bee, all play clev. or atlantas!!!!!! tearem up and
    burnem down!

  120. ZSU 57 against tanks please! (like panther II,Leopard,Walker Bulldog etc.)

  121. 105mm king tiger

  122. Who need a main gun when you can just machine gun a tank to death? WTF is
    that all about!

  123. what about the brummbär? 155mm howitzer on the panzer IV chassis with 100mm
    front armor.

  124. T-10m aka is 8

  125. Box tank veri stronk

  126. first tiger

  127. play the Leo

  128. Stug IIIA

  129. I wish for April Fools they’d have an event that it’s 10 vs 10 in Po-2s
    with a Me-262 rocket booster on both wings and four of the F2 cannons on
    the Sabre in the nose and the wings could not rip off or they could just
    have the game mode be arcade.

  130. I vant to buy dis now

  131. Go for the Panther maybe ?

  132. M60 with Finn stabilize heat rounds!!

  133. Let’s see the puny American t95

  134. bulldog in RB

  135. Žerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Pz.II H with APCR in a Tier 5 Match

  136. Jagdpanzer IV? No one has any videos on it!

  137. Königstiger (Porsche) aka tiger Porsche asuf b

  138. baby tank episode! pz4 C and E

  139. Thanks for picking my tank, Baron :)

  140. Best Russian ascent lol

  141. what is it called the american tank with the big rocket hooked thing on top
    of it its called the gillipi or gallipi I have no idea I probably have the
    name all wrong

  142. LEOPARD I

  143. leopard

  144. leopard 1 w/ flydaily

  145. IS 7!!!!plzz!!!

  146. Team K&N Racing NFS World - ASSASSIN844

    KV85, Stalin’s Toy

  147. play the m4a3 105 i call it the Elmer Fudd tank because i hunting tigers
    with it o-o

  148. The tog 1 is about the size of the M6A1 “mini mous” or the char b1 bis

  149. this looks like a kv2 on steroid

  150. Stalin’s present to the germans ;)

  151. T-44 with frieddaily.

  152. “Top three guys on our team are soviets…” well no fucking shit

  153. kv2 m8

  154. How about the KV-4 or KV-5

  155. Hellcat !!!plz it’s so much fun

  156. What about the IS-3?

  157. if you haven’t already, do the IS 7

  158. Want moar world of warships, Baron!
    But great content as always :)

  159. play low ranked things

    maybe reserve tanks

  160. play the t32 or guantanomo bay……

  161. T-35 Baron! it has like 5 cannons

  162. How about an Ardeer Aggie? Brit prototype tank similar to Sturmtiger.

  163. IS-2 Cause i hate panzer’s and tigers!

  164. Play ze Germans “Maus”

  165. Baron 6:44 : “I doesn’t have the best penetration […]”
    Baron… 200mm at a guaranteed Tiger I/IS1 battle is extremely high. The
    Tiger I (with a higher BR), the Panther and the 85mm tanks of the USSR, all
    of them have less penetration. The next tank with this penetration is the
    IS 2

  166. TURTLE TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Play T95 doom turtle baron

  168. Play the KV-85 next

  169. Nicolas Dussan Vasquez

    Whahahaha. baron thinks this tank is invicible. Afte a shot the is a huge
    reload time and he this sitting out in the open wont kill him XD

  170. Leopard 1

  171. Kv-2 please

  172. leopard

  173. Roosevelt’s howitzer tank!
    It’s that or Alcatraz, you dirty prawn!

  174. Do the Sherman 105.

  175. I think the tank that you were thinking about is called the KV-VI

  176. Fiat 2000 as a special event tank, its a ww1 italian tank thats the size of
    the maus with a 64 mm howitzer.

  177. Tobias Christorffersen


  178. Tiger 1h or e

  179. Maus Maus Maus Maus Maus Maus Maus!!!

  180. Leopard 1 for Merkel!

  181. TB 3 and T28. The derp squad!

  182. m103

  183. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    The SU-100Y has the same gun on the WOWS ship “Gremyaschy”

  184. Geometry Dash Electroman

    germany kv-1 premium

  185. Кирилл Федоров

    Your russian acent is beautifil

  186. Play the Panther D PLS

  187. play the T 95 plz

  188. The glorious Retardmagnet

    M18 Hellcat – the Kitten on Steroids for (enter Name) pls….

  189. play the t 54 in arcade PLS PLS PLS


  191. you need to talk more bad Russian its is very gooood then you could work
    on your Japanese ahhhh bad most dishonorable ohhh ahhhh…..can you play
    panther f I want you to die

  192. kv 4 plz

  193. t-54
    russian pure awesomeness!

  194. Please play the T 26 derp cannon.

  195. How about a classic m4 Sherman

  196. The same tanks every time lol

  197. see if you can contact #CrazyRussianHacker to do videos of Russian tanks
    with him. you would be comrades in arms!

  198. Panzer 3L

  199. hello Stalin we need new crew they exploded

  200. M4 105mm DERP sherman!

  201. baron! play tiger line up! tiger 1s and 2s

  202. Kristoffer Blomkvist

    sherman 76 mm (FURY TIME)

  203. T95 doom turtle pls :)

  204. Tiger I or Eastern Front :D

  205. valter “Valle” nordkvist

    IS 3

  206. Baby derp or adult derp

  207. Play with m60!!

  208. Play le maus

  209. Is-3 

  210. baron pls watch meanwhile in germany pls

  211. Please do an episode on the M3. Do you think WT will add in WW1 tanks?
    They could be a lot of fun.

  212. play with the t-34 1942

  213. they should do the pz 1000 for april fools :D

  214. T-35 Stalin’s favourite land battleship!

  215. M60 patton For General Patton

  216. m103plzzz i really like that tank

  217. m103 :D

  218. Any russian heavy IS-4

  219. play the king tiger please

  220. Barons Russian accent is getting better

  221. Tiger E PlZ

  222. play with the biggest most heavily armored tank

  223. German rat would balance OP russian scum!

  224. Stéphane Lavigne (PinkMaster)

    PzII H!

  225. Neubaufahrzeug German Premium 

  226. Play it plz

  227. tiger tank

  228. valek est une fille

    funny kv2 derp god

  229. where is guild wars video? ;)

  230. Can you do a comparison on the m26e1 and the m46 tiger please? i really
    wish to know your thoughts as to what is better and worth spending money

  231. Bt-5 it’s amazing

  232. plz play the walker bulldoge

  233. M60 Patton in arcade and realistic battles

  234. T-95 Doom Turtle

  235. April fools events monthly would be awesome!
    it seems a waste to put in all that effort for one day only!

  236. M2 Medium Murica!

  237. Hey Baron Do You Know The Link For The Test Server For War Thunder I Would
    Like To Try It Out Please And Thank You

  238. Play the is 2

  239. IFAZ Mancitymadjack

    tiger 2 one shot everything

  240. Su-100

  241. T34E-STZ it has way more stopping power that the t34 57 and lower BR

  242. Tiger 1E, for the cat is getting hungry for some Bolshevik blood

  243. The Tiger 1E thirsts for Bolshevik Blood

  244. Leopard 1 or Auschwitz

  245. Play as stalin’s appartement building aka t35

  246. panzer 5 a

  247. M5A1 Stuart or The M2A2

  248. The Forest videos or Gulag

  249. The Call Of Duty Guys

    is-4 or stalin gulag

  250. Generic_Potato Gaming

    Ze viger von… For baron Von gamez

  251. drive bys with the m13 gmc ap ammo

  252. T10m please

  253. t 34 85 or spend a day with stalin.

  254. I have one of these.

  255. Please make one Episode about the different Panther Versions!

  256. TIGER ll!!!!!!

  257. tiger h1

  258. Hetzer or Mordor

  259. Tiger 2 please

  260. ew arcade battle unsub

    lol jk

  261. Panzer series please?!

  262. Play with the King Tiger Tank, please
    Greetings from México!

  263. Stalin we need new crew they are exploded

  264. Just to be funny use the flack panzer

  265. The Pershing deadly sniper

  266. play the t-44 plzz

  267. T-34-85 please.

  268. Play the box tank or gulag!!!

  269. the Ferdinand!
    ze panzerjager jagers ze panzers. zu verstehen?

    (sorry if you’ve already done this tank

  270. hetzer or kv2

  271. I honestly wonder what tank would be born if a KV-2 and SU-100Y mated. Also
    Baron! T95 doom turtle is hungry.

  272. M6A1 mini MAUS

  273. next time plz play with the maus

  274. play me a song on the Calliope

  275. Su-122-54 or Gulag!

  276. Play the Cobra King, or get meemed on the forums m8.

  277. t28 plz

  278. Νικηφορος Κατάκης

    Hey guys check out the 2j games chanel the two least videos is English

  279. gulag or M3LEE!

  280. T-10m pls

  281. hey baron I’m a good fan of u and ur the best wt player in history of
    historys :3

  282. ISU-122s or GULAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  283. use the rusian tier 2 AA gun and try to kill some tanks with it

  284. can u do MAUS plz :3

  285. panther g or hertz

  286. hetz`

  287. Pzkpfw 38 (t) !!!

  288. Baron please dont do of russian accent again

  289. Should I start playing war thunder?

  290. Tiger I and Bf-109, FOR THE FARTHERLAND

    LES DO P51D

  292. Tiger 1

  293. Play the Leopard!!!!!

  294. Do the tiger H 2 or t44!

  295. Srinivasan Mahabhashyam

    Pony’s are most bad ass.

  296. Baron are you ever going to play with Squire again in a YouTube video

  297. M103 America’s true sniper tank

  298. Tiger 1 for deuschland

  299. do a squad game with the AUFKLAHRUNGSPFANZER!! herp

  300. m103, because why not, or give the T95 another GO!

  301. play isu152

  302. BaronVonBathroom

  303. Ze Baby Derp Turtle! Ze Hetza!


  305. Leopard or m103

  306. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    Hello people I have a question about my fps on war thunder, I currently
    play on a Mac and on ultra low setting I get about 20 fps, then I tried
    doing custom setting and I’ve played around with some settings and I’ve
    been averaging about 10 fps. Any suggestion on what I should do to fix this


  308. Derp video tier 2 or 3

  309. They should put in the French Char FCM 2C if they add the British TOG!!

  310. You need to review your munition load out choices, its bad enough your
    carrying HE but your taking every shell you can into battle, you’re just
    asking for an ammo detonation

  311. Baron, it only takes one good hit on a tank from a FW.190 to kill it

  312. IL-28 & T-80

  313. M3 lee

  314. The Ratte is the Big Derp. No questions asked.

  315. Ze tiger with spaced leather!

  316. Play the t34-57 :)

  317. sd.kfz. 140/1 please

  318. Why did you stop playing realistic battles?

  319. hey plz play the KV-1 ZIS-5

  320. Break out the ISU-122. Just because I’ve never seen you use it. I’ve been
    here awhile and you’ve used ALOT of tanks.

  321. hey if u r doing give aways baron id like to say good luck to all

  322. play the Kv-1b

  323. yo Baron, how do you get the Po-2? I see people play it and it looks like a
    herpeh derpy thing to fly

  324. T-34

  325. m10 or tiger 2 next maybe ?

  326. T95 doom turtle pls

  327. Of playings the M4A3 HVSS Sherman?

  328. Edoardo Fioretto (Degu)


  329. Play the M15 AA, it will be a terrible experience.

  330. Tiger II (P)

  331. hey +BaronVonGamez please play the Tiger II H. let’s give some classic
    german 88 surprise buttsex to enemy :P

  332. at the very end, KV1 survived KV2’s shot because of Stalinwood armor,
    everybody knows about that ;)

  333. Maus plz

  334. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    play the KV2 in realistic…

  335. coolest tank ever ze tiger

  336. coolest tank ever ze tiger

  337. Do the crusader pls

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