War Thunder – Box Tank!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Patch 1 introduced a new premium tank, the SU-100Y, also known as the infamous “Box Tank”. It’s a battle rating 5.3 tank with a bigger gun than the Jagdtiger. Yeah.

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  1. Nope , not OP at all 

  2. The Bex tenk

  3. pay to win???

  4. I’m fairly sure the BR system is only +/-1 so it;d only see from BR4.3-6.3
    so it never has to worry about any German tank that could possibly do
    damage to it!

  5. This is nothing +The Mighty Jingles ! Have you seen the Calliope? Well
    thats even more Pay to Win: https://youtu.be/7a6_SzS5XK0

  6. Pikilloification

    Box tank? The only box tank I know is the Tiger.

  7. They should put in a skin that makes it look its made out of cardboard

  8. arcade game is just stupid. Worse than CoD! U dont have to be good at
    aiming, u dont need concentration and trained eyes to spot enemies. And on
    top of that, Warthunder is even worse than WoT when it comes to the
    balancing of russian tanks.
    My german tanks need 3+ shots to take out one is or su, but they WILL kill
    me in one shot at about 75% of the time

  9. So I was playing Wt realistic battle a few minutes ago, and in my hellcat I
    saw a german tank passing by a huge black block of some sort. Suddently
    that huge block shot me. It turns out is was a Su 100Y XD

  10. I must be smoking to much because i see jingles uploaded a war thunder

    EDIT: ofcourse! it has to be a replay, to bloody lazy to make his own
    gameplays for his entire war thunder community.
    slap a commentary on it and it”ll be fine.

  11. I hope I’m not the only one to realize that the last plan he shot down
    crashed less then 10 meters to the box tanks left….. 

  12. Box tank is just another overpowered Russian vehicle, this is why people
    have stopped playing War Thunder ground forces.

  13. Arcade Battles much wow – Let me just drag my mouse cursor across the
    screen until I get a green + and click. I dont understand how people are
    not getting bored of that after a couple matches.

  14. Punches through Tiger 2 armor like butter? The frontal hull armor is
    angled, which makes it 250 mm and that’s without the additional sloping

  15. why are you asking if BOXTANK is alive after flying ? Its BOXTANK

  16. Box Tank is upgraded version of KV-2

  17. “Loyal soviet workers spent hours every day working fingers to bone to
    produce ammunition for box tank one further wasted shot and you go straight
    to gulag do not pass red square do not collect 200 of rubles”

  18. Two Things.
    First – It does not see King Tigers, as BR spread is only +/- 1
    Second – It’s not just flat out OP.Yes It’s gun is amazing/OP, but the
    machine itself is crap. It’s armor and gigantic design is a massive
    downside,, and it’s beyond slow. Any other map than what was shown in the
    replay it struggles with, and it gets raped and abused by planes 24/7.

  19. Hey jingles!

    I’ve been watching your vids for a couple of years now, only subscribed
    pretty recently. I was wondering, why do I search for your channel using
    the words: Bohemianeagle. I’ve been using it all the time (pretty much on
    auto-pilot) but I forgot why your channel pops up when I search for
    Bohemianeagle. Anybody knows why this is?

  20. So the box tank CAN be even derpier than it already is in World of Tanks?

  21. I’m tired of the Russian BS in this game.

  22. Stronk Russian Engineering!

  23. you forget that it is such an easy tank to kill in the world only having
    60mm of Armour i eat them for breakfast in anything at pretty much any
    range and it is not exactly a small target

  24. volume down on intro or volume up on video please

  25. that tank proved to me that gajin and wargaming are affiliated…

    somewhere in some respect… i mean come on a game that once wanted to
    portray historical accuracy and then this abomination of a tank?

    No. Just no.

  26. That opening was EPIC!

  27. yea that was arcade. I eat those for breakfast in realistic with American
    or German tanks. you cant really say its op just by watching an arcade
    game, where you got markers, and dont have to range. Try playing this in
    realistic or sim, where you get none of that and you’re the biggest target
    with absolutely terrible armor. and the slow rof makes it hard to range in
    shells. Its an awful tank, if its not played in arcade or by a skilled

  28. Everytime i see this thing in RB it dies because of it’s horrible

  29. For the people who play world of tanks, you should know the carnage the box
    tank does

  30. Jingles, you need to check out the PzII H. I play it in Rank 3 battles and
    it is a Rank 1 premium. It has a 50mm Pak gun. I go against T-34s and KV2s
    and Shermans. It is quick, rapid fire gun with amazing penetration!

  31. hes playing Arcade dont even need to know what you are doing and hes only
    hitting them because he as aim assist so you know no wonder he is doing
    well because you dont need much skill in Arcade

  32. Wait what? People still play this crap voluntarilly?

  33. RemusKingOfRome5

    Box tank = Tog ? = KV-2 ?

  34. Umm, Jingles. What was your math number in school because BR 5.3+1 is 6.3
    and Tiger II is 6.7 so you can’t face them in box tenk :D

  35. I’m so done with War Thunder and it’s Russian bias..
    KV tanks overtaking Chaffees, La7’s being faster than Focke Wulfs, Russian
    planes outmaneuvering, outdiving and outclimbing planes from all other
    nations, Russian tanks bouncing shots that should penetrate, these things
    happen all the time. The T-50 is still faster than the Hellcat and Leopard
    1, at least at combat speed, and the Russian ShVaks are still outperforming
    German MG151’s.
    It’s almost unbelievable, but sadly it’s all done on purpose.
    Last week people found out that the explosion values of the Russian 122mm
    shells are the same as the 152mm shells by looking into the games codes.
    They also found that, in spite of having 200g less HE filler, the Russian
    122mm shells outperform German 128mm shells in explosive power, and that
    Russian 76mm shells do twice the damage American 76mm shells do.
    Then there’s also the downtiering of Russian vehicles, for instance this
    newly added SU-100Y, having a BR which allows it to fight M4A2 75mm
    Shermans and German Panzer IV’s, and you’ve got the IS-2 which has the same
    BR as the Tiger 1.
    It’s always the Russians that are getting the most kills, wether it’s in
    arcade or realistic battles. And I don’t think thats because all the
    experienced players only play Russian vehicles. When I had to grind kills
    for a special or something I would always pick the Mig-3-34, cause it had
    two 20mm ShVaks at a BR of 2.3! This meant it would frequently see low tier
    opponents, including biplanes, which didn’t stand a chance against it.
    often I would come out of a match with 25+ kills. You don’t see other
    nations getting vehicles like this. When it accidentally did happen with
    the Hurricane Mk. 1C last patch, it got instantly nerfed to a 3.0 BR. While
    the Mig-3-34 is still at a 2.7 BR since it got nerfed, which by the way,
    almost took a year for it to happen. Funny thing is, the Mig-3-34 is almost
    a 100 mph faster than the Hurricane Mk. 1C.
    And the whole Russian tech tree is filled with stuff like this, and it has
    been from the beginning. And this while, in historical context, Russian
    vehicles were shit. During World War 2 one of the worst things you could be
    was a Russian tanker or pilot, even though the poor training these Russian
    tankers and pilots got to operate their vehicles had alot to do with this,
    Russian vehicles themselves were known for being badly engineered, and
    higly unreliable. There’s a reason why the Lagg-3 was called the flying
    coffin during WW2, yet currently, in spite of Gaijin’s efforts to keep
    their game as realistic as possible, it consistently sits at the top of the
    And this ‘realism’ they are going for won’t be getting any better by adding
    Russian experimental tanks, like the SU-100Y.

  36. I think Jingles’s age is getting to him.He is not making any sense
    whatsoever when he talks about armour anymore……

  37. damn, nice intro, jingles.

  38. Jingles, you don’t have a premium account?

  39. derp question box tank vs tog who win

  40. I woke up on my birthday and got a Jingles video first thing in the
    morning. Thank you Jingles

  41. What if a medium does flank this or a fast light, can it brawl in close
    range likely not.

  42. that su 152 ! mm

  43. Great video! Please more War Thunder Ground Forces. We miss you here on the
    ground Jingles.

  44. Jingle you are firing 152 howitzers the wrong way 😛 just shoot under the
    tank you can kill is4s with kv2s no problem

  45. First?

  46. shit just got pay to win

  47. Box tank is please that you corrected your past error.

  48. Oh look another OP Russian vehicle in warthunder. Thanks Stalin

  49. It really is a shame Gaijin ate their words back in the day and started
    adding paper and prototype stuff in the game. One of the many things that
    sadly killed the game for me.

  50. Nice to see Gaijin is as inept as WG when it comes to balance; or they
    simply pander to the Russian hordes just as shamelessly.

  51. The mighty Box Tank… “sigh”…

  52. If you shoot Tigers and Panthers to the turret you will oneshot them with
    SU-152 HE even frontally.

  53. I don’t understand why people fire HE in the 152 derp guns. I get much
    better results firing the other ammunition types which can still one-shot
    people and can pen a tiger’s frontal armor with ease

  54. A lone Redwood Tree

    Did the box tank have a plane crash right next to it and keep going like
    nothing ever happened ?

  55. ‘Troll armor’? Not even close. It gets that reputation from idiots
    shooting it in the gun mantel. Just shoot lower than the gun and you kill
    it. It’s just a HUGE freaking target for people who know to shoot it in
    the hull and not the gun,

  56. Oh Jingles, why you so noob?? :(

  57. Not that I didn’t say it before (and someone will for sure come here to
    remind me how I’m always saying the same stuff, but know what, turns out
    what I warn about ends up happening), but WT already is very close to it,
    it only needs french autoloaders to be “wot 2”. So, what’s next. Batchat?.

  58. loud intro is loud

  59. War Thunder is a joke. Wargaming is bad about the Russian jingoism, but
    Gaijin is far far worse.

  60. please tell me someone else noticed that the plane he shot down crashed
    onto his box tank.

  61. And who says WT ain’t P2W!?

  62. I’m gonna start calling this thing the ‘Suiooy’

  63. Russia Thunder.. I’ve kind of stopped caring about this game. It is a waste
    of time to search for any kind of realism in it in the flight models,
    armour is there to slow you down… I mean, seriously! Armour that is

    This game suffers from WoT-itis too. Tanks are min-maxed to oblivion and
    only the guns matter.

  64. Asdrjke the Bacca

    Whoops Hero’s an Generals*

  65. Russian bias as usual.

  66. It will be op up until they sell enough of them =P

  67. *Actually Jingles* ….last time i played war thunder i could kill every
    tank i came up against in the kv-2 or su-152… 😉
    Tiger 2; no problem! Shoot at the front of the turret and the blast goes
    through the top of the hull…or shoot at the ground under it…
    Of course over distance it doesnt work so well!

  68. Thomas Chingchong

    Its basically war thunder’s artillery

  69. hardcoreminecrafter9

    people saying BIAS BIAS, guess what, this thing has 60mm of flat armor,
    shoot it and it gets fucked

  70. Box tank is a God of tanks in ww2

  71. In the SU-152 when facing the front of a Tiger shoot the bottom of the gun
    Mantle and it will blow through the top of the hull and knock them out
    every time! Most heavy tanks will not survive a shot from the SU-152 when
    hit under the gun mantle.

  72. What? Recent war thunder videos? Where’s the real jingles? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  73. Hi Jingles, can we expect some uTubez about the new and shiny german ships
    in WoWs, or was WG stingy and you didn’t get them?

  74. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    This is what happens when the devs are Russian, they send all to Gulag.

  75. not op at all 🙂

    it’s like in real life. Russian tanks are the best tank…thats why nobody
    was afraid of tigers or panthers…

  76. Seemann Rammstein

    Well he almost killed his own SU-100Y when he shot down that aircraft
    because it crashed just 5 meters from it. And Ground battle arcade ? Come
    on that is boring point and click I really don’t see the appeal.

  77. Jingles, do you have the Premium Spitfire Mk.XIVc? If so, could you take it
    out for a video maybe? ;3

  78. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Box tenk is stronk tenk!

  79. everybody crying about russian tanks being overpowerd T_T weh weh, im sure
    the germans cried allot too when they were getting wrecked in real life by
    you know, 152mm guns and such. anygun in warthunder can be a oneshot kill
    now stop crying about it. its the same as with world of tanks, weh weh gold
    ammo weh weh. ITS IN THE GAME SHUT THE FUCK UP AND PLAY. jeez this is like
    playing battlefield and then getting hated because you use a shotgun,
    eventough the shotgun has been in the game since day 1 we knew from day 1
    that the russians have bigger guns on their tanks. i dont even know how
    people are surprised that a 152mm gun can pretty much penetrate any thing
    that comes in its path

  80. Kirimona Houtajou

    more then 301 watching, 1k6 like

  81. There is no hope for War Thunder

  82. burning question is: if 2 box tanks shoot each other, how many non-soviet
    tanks in the match will spontaneously combust because of such an incident?

  83. if you think thats OP, then you need to fly the hurricane mk4 with the 40mm
    pompoms. it has a battle rating os 1.7, which is less than the mk1
    hurricane and its T2 and its opponents (reserve biplanes) get 1 shotted.

  84. if they add the ISU with the BL-10…….
    well, than all will be forgiven Gaijin.

  85. 1:22 You are wrong… it can’t face tiger 2 because he is BR 6.7 while box
    tank is 5.3.
    Matchmaking in tanks works +-1.0 BR so he can face maximum of BR 6.3

  86. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Yeah this is why I am taking a long break from War Thunder. LMAO. So, those
    of you defending the Russian bias theory being a lie? Yeah, watch this is
    all I have to say. Which nation has the most premiums? Yeah.

  87. Jingles, arround 11:00 you ask the question of boxtank is still alive but
    the guy he kills (his dead plain) crashes into boxtank

  88. And that is why I don’t play ground forces. If Air battles full of b/s,
    then this is just some kind of wicked and immature joke.

  89. CaptainMCDerpington

    I have a feeling that now all I will see is box tanks…


    Theghhk awel meyigHHteh boox t’hank gno cyare aybowt y’oor sheels ygew
    nyazi dhawg!!!

  91. jingles your laugh makes me laugh

  92. Jingles you fool 11:05 THIS IS THE BOXTANK HES PLUMITING INTO.

  93. No Jingles. ….Sprinkles is for winners

  94. Everyone quit ur moaning British tanks r on the devblog so they should come
    next update. Hope they arent rubbish cos russian biast

  95. HAHA Jingles as ive learned just now your Ritas bitch now ;P

  96. rip headphone users

  97. Ivanoff Gorvoviche “Boris” Slavoslavavich

    @1:29 To be fair you could punch through the Tiger II P’s turret with a
    butter knife.

  98. itll get nerfed

  99. Is this box that good in Wot ?

  100. Sandro The Great

    And there are people who don’t think WarThunder is pay to win…

  101. Sanjuro Hanamizuki

    I would like ot say , let’s see how it does in RB … but the 1st time i
    saw box tank in RB , I didn’t see box tank in RB , but it saw my tan desert
    camo in Finland from 1500 to 2k no problem , pz 4/70(v) gone lol

  102. Who noticed that the last plane he shot down crashed right next to his

  103. They are gonna have to nerf it 

  104. Staling must have been high as FUCK when he thought this shit up
    “Yes you know those BIG guns we put on ships? Yes i want them in a tank…
    no no i promise im not drunk again…

  105. Been waiting for this…

  106. I googled for “pay-to-win” and first result was WarThunder page for Box
    tank :)

  107. ThePeople'sPanzer

    Box tank will never face tiger IIs, there is a +/- 1.3 battle rating MM and
    there’s a 1.4 difference. This thing is 100% OP

  108. Its tea time!

  109. Welcome to the party, +The Mighty Jingles But I understand, you and War
    Thunder haven’t been getting along lately. Kidding aside, I am glad to see
    you do more War Thunder.

  110. You are so funny and can you do a video on a aircraft carrier please

  111. Andrzej Strzyżewski

    You are hilariously exaggerating its effectiveness. It can punch through
    anything it faces, but it has 60mm of armour. It’s sloped at the front, at
    around 45 degrees… but it’s still 60mm.

    It’s performance in this particular game was less down to opness, and more
    to the opposing team literally ignoring the biggest gun on the field while
    getting absolutely slaughtered by it, one after another.

  112. Jingles, you should try the Sherman Calliope Missile Tank. It really is
    kicking puppies.

  113. Jingles Japanese heavy are coming to WOT

  114. The SU-100Y is an awful TD in WoT. I have played 43% of all my WoT games in
    TDs. The SU-122-44 is like one of my favorite TDs in the game so I do like
    Soviet TDs. This one is just awful though. Typical though that WTGF brings
    this in with OP capabilities when it didn’t even see any practical combat
    in WWII. It would have been pretty bad vs. ISU-152 which was a proven TD.

  115. If this isn’t OP enough to prompt a nerfing, nothing is.

  116. Well… Clearly I feel like new meme is coming… “Give that man a TO… Oh
    wait, SU-100Y”

  117. Good legit tank kills, hate the fucking camping though, also hopping into a
    bomber and getting another 6+ kills (not this game of course), does not
    make u a tanker. They should limit the number of bomber kills to 2, then
    get back in ur fucking tank and show some skill. Just sayin.

  118. I was test driving the box tank and it was German tank i one shot every
    tank including the Maus

  119. These War Thunder replays suck as they don’t show the impact and damage to
    the other vehicle … Gajin should fix that.

  120. PeckerFace FacePecker

    That 2nd fighter kill at 11:18, the shot down fighter crashed into the Box
    tank lol

  121. Once again paytowin and you get stronk russian tonks . Russian tanks in
    this game are op as fuck and this game has become a joke

  122. Answer to your question my dear jingles, its penetration at 2km with AP is
    142mm! XD

  123. Poor Germans. Somebody give them a better tank.

  124. and in which universe is such a fuckin russian bias OP piece of shit NOT

  125. Oh and by the way guys, the War Thunder devs just officially announced
    British tanks, which is pretty damn nice.

  126. its actually a SU-100U, since the russian Y is latin U

    FACE. These things no affect Box Tank.

  128. The Blind Leader

    The 152 can go through the front of tigers and panthers, you just have to
    use oh idk, the armor piercing ammunition to do it

  129. just another reason not to play this awful game,

  130. None of this is funny to me.


  132. Did anyone else notice that the player shot down his last air-to-air kill
    and caused the wreckage to CRASH DIRECTLY AT BOX TANK? Box Tank does not
    understand this…kamikaze move, only understand derp.

  133. Difference between WoT and WT if you get one shot by a Box Tank in WoT in
    your KV-85 odds are you were ammo racked or were at low health

  134. Shokaku The Waifu

    Jingles, you are correct it is the same gun that is on the Gremyashchy, Now
    I just need to buy Box Tank in World of Tanks.

  135. This tank doesn’t face Tiger II tanks…

  136. Jingles…are oyu drunk by any chance? You are comparing the SU 152’s HE
    shell to the Box tank’s AP shel….that makes no bloody sense.

    Also the box tank CANT penetrate the King tiger’s hull…its sloped.

    As for the replay iself…Arcade battles big deal. you jsut “scan the
    target til the “shoot here” reticule goes green. And those idiots deserve
    to die if they cant be arsed to shoot back. The thing only has 60 mm of
    armor….. I killed them with frigin AA guns.

  137. Jonathan Dartnell

    jingles everbody knew box tank was alive the burning corpse of the plane
    crashed inches away from it thats why theres flames nextdoor

  138. Box tank in War Thunder is WAY more OP than in wot

  139. What are the similarities between Wargaming and Gaijin? The gun on
    the Gremyashchiy is also on the SU-100Y.

  140. Mark “steve” Mendoza Hernandez

    you: is that a box tank?
    me;no its a tankbox

  141. Wait 5.3 fights 6.7??????

  142. that replay though. why would you play tanks if every chance you get you’re
    just going to fly aircraft?

  143. Must buy right now before the nruf bat hits it !!!!!

  144. Jingles is guy from Fake Taxi

  145. Wow what a shit looking game

  146. How to start a youtube war:

    1) State your opinion.

    2) Wait.

  147. This thing seems underpowered compared to the monstrosity that it the
    Sherman calliope rocket tank. 

  148. WT pay to win OP premiums as always. CalliOPe, t-34-57, su-100y

  149. gotta love those P2W gaijin vehicles

  150. so far i have been subscribed a pretty good time to this channel since i
    was 13 which is the minimum age (i was actually 12 at the time) i just
    never said anything because my account gave my real name out

  151. it was when i just got a account i was actually playing it at age 7 with my

  152. MrTapier withmoustache

    These are some of the reasons I stopped playing gound forces. Almost pay to
    win, the only thing you have to do is to aim. Good job Gaijin for making
    that needed for victory! :P

  153. TheHepster production

    I don’t have any problems with BOX tank in my Tiger 1

  154. Can some one tell me what is this gulag or gulack business?

  155. The Crazy Pineapple

    Honwstly, fuck Gaijin for making nearly all the new tanks premium. I’m
    pretty sure it’s come to the point at which half of the existing tanks are
    premium. I like whining about how WarGaming’s game design decisions are
    bad, but Gaijin starts being even worse.

  156. I’d be more impressed if it was in Realistic or Simulator because there’s
    no little indicator that turns green when you can pen a target.

  157. What is a good wot tutorial youtuber?

  158. Just googled it and yes the Gremyashchy has the same gun as the SU 100y

  159. Su100y doesn’t see tiger 2 lol. BR spread is 1.0, so the su100y only see’s
    max 6.3. I get that u get things wrong Jingles but at least show some
    professionalism and get the simple stuff right. As a warthunder player that
    bit was painful.

  160. The War Thunder Noob Tube lol

  161. UnDaijoubu Nii-chan

    good good…the russian bias will soon be Gaijin’s own demise then when
    players have had enough of them Wargaming will take them all and make most
    russian stuff better for “balancing reasons” for an HP game and people will
    be convinced,and who ever said Warthunder tanks was the coffin for wot when
    most players in wot can’t even run their game on their computers,this is
    all going to well into plan hahahahamuwahahaha!

    …………did I say that out loud?

  162. Didn’t really like this jingles video. Lots if misinformation and the
    gameplay was rather lackluster. This was kinda a let down.

  163. First Order Stormtrooper

    The vehicle that by itself justifies calling this game strait Pay 2 win,
    the almighty nuclear rocket ejaculating calliope and now this under tiered
    shoe box.

    For fucks sake Gaijoob.

  164. WHATS IN THE BOX?!?!

  165. yea had to buy this 1 soon as 1 saw it

  166. ammo rack magnet

  167. So it’s a KV2 with more armour?

  168. I wanted to send in a 20 kill game in my SU-85 but I can’t find out how to
    get the replay after I exit the game ._.

  169. There you go claiming russian bias again jingles without any proof

    Is balanced comrade and its working as intended.

    Completely balanced.

  170. Partyy Zavadiell

    jesus.. what kind of smiling is this.. for Holliwood C production?

  171. There are so many bitch hurt panty-knotted scrubs in the comments for the
    video that it’s fucking disgusting.

    I’m not that good at all, I play American tanks mostly, but if I see I
    weapon system in a game that kicks my ass I try to beat ti the best I can.
    I often fail but they almost always have some sort of weakness that can be
    used to beat them, but no everyone wants everything to be easy mode to make
    up for how much they suck and they think they are owed everything.

    SPOILER BOXTENK has only 60 mm of armor. I could pen that in the front with
    ANY of my Shermans.


  172. One shot kills on armor in War Thunder, you don’t say?

  173. ——- SU-152 TIPS FOR ALL ——-
    1. Load HE
    2. Aim for:
    a. Turret Sides or Rear
    b. Lower Side of Gun Mantle
    c. Lower Side of Gun Barrel
    d. Side of Weak Tanks
    3. Engage:
    a. Tigers (1 or 2)
    b. Panthers
    c. T-34’s
    d. Pz. IV’s
    e. IS’s (1 or 2)
    f. Shermans
    g. Maus (lower gun mantle only)
    4. Enjoy the profits!

    Like to get this around and maybe even persuade Jingles to do a video on
    this tank…One that it rightly deserves!

  174. Jingles you forget some things with the two tanks deference. One being that
    the SU-152 does have AP rounds and will pen 133 from 100 mm with
    the BR-540B which will aloud for “One Shots”. The SU-100Y has an advantage
    with its armor. Also the games where played in arcade battles and not
    realistic or simulator battles. I would like to see a re-review of the two
    tanks or just the SU-100Y on realistic or simulator battles.

  175. dragonkingofthestars

    OP or not, the enemy team was not making it difficult for him

  176. Is the su100y any good on world of tanks blitz?

  177. You know, I was about to be pissed about another FTPMMO tanking game
    including prototype tanks, then I realized that box tank was actually used
    in combat.

  178. Something Russian is OP in War Thunder? You don’t say…

  179. In the SU-152 Aim at the turret of almost any tank you come across, the
    shrapnel from the HE will penetrate the top of the hull and hit either ammo
    racks, fuel tanks,kill everyone or cripple it

  180. Russian game company making russian tanks/planes much better then they
    where in RL. Nothing new here.

  181. Jingles, if you want to kill a front on tiger with the troll cannon, just
    try and hit the ground under it, the HE round going off under his floor is
    like running over an anti tank mine.

  182. Someone needs to throw a Box Tank into a lineup with some Tier 5’s, and see
    how many puppies it can kick while those puppies hide inside Maus’s,
    Pattons, and M103’s….

  183. And just to make it even more ridiculous, a BR of 5.3 means that the worst
    it can face is 6.3. Worst it’ll face is an IS-2 , M36s, Sherman 76s and
    the like. King Tigers aren’t on the menu.

  184. Gerrie Getverderrie

    Jingles can you please help me with a question??
    On world of tanks how can you earn a star a the gunbarrel of a soviet

  185. Deinstalled WoT finally – and switched over to WT..

  186. Some tanks are more balanced than others. :P

  187. War thunder just anonced British ground vehicles. And showed some pictures
    of the Cromwell, Churchill vii and others. Your thoughts jingles?

  188. Jingles how many people would be stupid enough to go and ram it

  189. I am really bored by these OP shit-vehicles of which there has been only
    one PROTOTYPE!!
    of course gaijin only tries to glorify those soviet “what-if”-vehicles.

    Fuck this shit….this is exactly why i will NEVER EVER pay money for war
    thunder as long as they keep up this soviet bias with their OP
    “wondermachines” which have never seen real combat.

  190. Anyone else here see War Thunder’s DERP Advertisement?? It says “Chaffee
    Versus Tiger” with a picture of a Chaffee under the word Chaffee – then
    under the word TIGER – there is CLEARLY a PZIV H. of some make, skirts,
    shirts, and all! The Chaffee then shoots the “Tiger” in the side, and blows
    it up, it then says something like “Tiger Destroyed!”

    There is the obvious DERP where a PzIV H looks NOTHING like a Tiger! Then
    there is the DERP in that a Chaffee, while it MAY be able to penetrate a
    Tiger’s side armor at the right angle and distance using HVAP ammo (Or flat
    on from about 100m with standard AP) – it CERTAINLY would not cause said
    Tiger to then explode! Even if the shot hit an ammo rack and a fuel tank on
    the Tiger after penetrating, the chance of fire would be extremely low –
    and the chance of explosion (especially IIRC about where it was hit) is
    basically nil!

    Ahh Gaijin, you DERP everything in your power somehow. If you aren’t
    pissing off/killing your own community and helpers – you are adding in
    changes without fixing the broken parts of your game first! Prioritize
    already! How much cash did you waste on that banner ad on YouTube that is
    SURE to scare away any real tank enthusiast?

    There is still so much that needs fixed but patch after patch, just new
    stuff that causes more issues!

  191. War Thunder disappeared from my PC (probably my dad deleted it, because why
    not) and I was going to install it again. But now Im not. Another Russian
    OP tank, just what this game needed. Thank you Gaijin


  193. Man… Tanks like these are the reason I’ve completely given up on ground
    forces in WT. Armor litterally doesn’t matter at all… My poor poor tiger.

  194. A game made by Russians, for and only for the Russian tech tree.

  195. But jingles! He DID ram kill him! The guy ran into his AFK box tenk when he
    crashed! ?

  196. Do you think this thing does so well at range because it benefits from
    plunging fire? :D

  197. Rush gaming channel

    RIP Jagidtigers hopes and dreams. Was crushed by superior Russian Box Tank!

  198. Jingles rocks 🙂 greetings from Kosova 

  199. Could we ever do a plat together in world of warships

  200. so… russian bias

  201. Masashiro Knight of Cookieland

    My hyena sounds exactly like jingles when he laughs :O

  202. I’ve made better shots (2.2km) in my King Tiger, 1-shotting anything Soviet
    left and right in that thing

  203. Your laugh makes me want to punch you in the face

  204. arcade is a load of BS if you play it your in no way getting the most out
    of the game

  205. The SU-100Y cant even face any Tiger IIs nor even touch their upper hull at
    point blank.

  206. I don’t know why would this be funny anymore….

  207. This shit isn’t even funny anymore… What’s next? Russians get a T90?

  208. you dont have to worry about buying it, its an investment…

  209. Note to self: Avoid box Tanks

  210. Box Tank. Made of Stalinanium and firing rounds with Hand Of Stalin
    guidance system

  211. Jingles! KV-2 Stronkest Tenk! KV-2 kill Maus from front! Can box tenk do

  212. You can kill a maus by shooting it through its frontal turret armour

  213. strong soviet armor

  214. At about 11 minutes. When the guy goes into a air battle, one of the planes
    he shot down crashed less than 5 metres from his own tank.

  215. A British Tier 5 Should Be The Heavy Assault Tortoise

  216. If you look the plane that he shoots down at about 11 minutes in causes the
    explosion that takes out his own track

  217. I think its the KV 2’s TD brother..

  218. Sam Packinpah was a classical composer

    In the outskirts of ruined city special armored unit armed with one
    prototype of SU-100Y is masked in the middle of few collapsed buildings.
    Camo net on top, war paint all over it and clear field of view. Five
    hundred meters forward is NKVD infantry battalion in 3 lines of trenches
    (800 men). German panzer grenadier battalion (1000 men) attacks in 4:00 AM
    without artillery preparation and supported by company of Panther tanks, 12
    in total. From about 2000 meters SU opens direct fire on the first German
    tank and obliterates it’s frontal armor burning the crew to death. NKVD
    battalion tries with machine gun and mortar fire to separate enemy infantry
    from tanks but Panthers lay precise fire destroying machine gun nests and
    engaging battery of 4 Soviet light anti tank guns. At 1800 meters SU opens
    fire again and disables another Panther by piercing frontal armor and
    hitting the engine. When another Panther is destroyed at 1600 meters German
    commander commands retreat. he had lost about 200 men in this probing
    attack and 3 tanks. Also Soviet anti tank battery is neutralized and line
    of defense checked. Only enigma is the position of powerful anti tank
    weapon hidden in the midst of buildings. Divisional regiment of 9 batteries
    of 105 howitzers (36 artillery pieces) and 3 batteries of 150 howitzers (12
    artillery pieces) opens concentrated fire on Soviet positions. Such a
    concentration of artillery fire on pretty narrow front of one battalion is
    overpowering. NKVD battalion is effectively destroyed by losing 60%
    personnel after 20 minute barrage which was structured around 3×2 mins of
    rapid artillery fire followed by 2×2 mins of intermissions with aimed slow
    fire for correcting and following each shell visually during which the
    barrels were cooling down, and few pauses with simulated German attacks
    aimed for luring the Soviets out of deeply covered bunkers. At 4:40 am
    German panzer grenadier battalion launches another attack followed by
    remaining 9 Panthers. Survived NKVD officer issues command to divisional
    artillery to open fire on their positions in moments preceding German rush
    of the Soviet trenches. Meanwhile SU manages to destroy 1 Panther and
    disable another 2 and under command of Major Kovalyenko, special armor
    inspector for new Soviet combat tested prototypes, starts retreating by
    going reverse and leaving NKVD battalion to it’s fate, until reserves
    respond to this sudden German attack aimed at straightening the German line
    by capturing the Soviet bulge positioned on the isolated and urbanized

  219. arcade noob

  220. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    People try to tell me WT:GF is pay to win.

  221. Best 3850 Golden Eagles I’ve ever spent

  222. wot je postao tesko sranje od igre dozvolili su gomilu modova od tacne
    pozicije tenka u kom smeru ti je top okrenut u koga nisanis vreme punjenja
    granate do artiljerije koja ne promasuje jer ima mod da vidi kao snajper
    samo mnogo dalje .

  223. i stopped playing arcarde game cause of the Aircraft rape :d
    Hb seems way better for tanks now

  224. Jingles, cannot penetrate the Tiger II’s and cannot see them.

  225. Russian bias anyone?

  226. Boxtank sucks in WOT!

  227. “Do not pass Red Square, do not collect 200 rubles!”

    I can’t stop laughing. <3 Jingles.

  228. Guys this tank was designed, built, and used in combat in 1941 during the
    battle of Moscow. Be happy it isn’t 3.3 with the 1941 T-34.

  229. In the last air battle the last plane he shoots down almost’s hits his box
    tank lol

  230. itis russian game. russian tanks and planes are OP

  231. Whenever jingles laughs I get an overwhelming sense of joy he has the best
    laugh ever

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