War Thunder Brand NEW Series w PhlyDaily! IL-2 Sturmovik Slaughter!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder Patch 1.51
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. : IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М1 Super Hellcat Germany: -35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks watching!


  1. Mr. Provocative films


  2. First comment motherfuckers. I win

  3. Arcade with the P-400 please.

  4. jonathan östansjö

    Checks channel, video uploaded 4 min ago. YEAAAHHHHHH!

  5. arcade line up, JU-87 from all types and one german cl-13 for play against
    jets with STUKA :D

  6. All the migs including the monoplane

  7. f8f 1 f8f 1b b24 b29 and f82

  8. Ethan “Thecrazygamer” Presley

    Could you try the p38 plz

  9. woo planes!

  10. Hey! you should a forward slash after the double u in the title. And keep
    up the great work m8!

  11. a MIg-15bis and the 5 biplanes!!!

  12. +BaronVonGamez Spitfires line up

  13. 8th

  14. Italian lineup pls!

  15. I’ve got an idea… Take 6 planes into the battle. One of them will be
    Russian Jet (Tier V – obviously) the rest of them…. IL-2’s. *maniacal

  16. Play realistic battles, in the yak 9 u

  17. line up of freedom machines. b-24, b-29, b-17 and PBJ’s for murica

  18. JU-87’s from all types! you said you’ll like to play that..

  19. not going to lie but in arcade using attackers like the il2 like a fighter
    is so much fun, theyre so powerful with their cannons
    same with the b25 and other stuff like that

  20. 1 Japanese sabre and the rest ki-10s

  21. kingfisher, f80 peashooter f7f b17

  22. Arcade is too boring

  23. I dare you to get 2 kills in the Catalina!

  24. All he111s

  25. BL8CK_GAMING 343


  26. Good old il-2-37. Aka the plane that won’t fly. Especially in RB.

  27. F8F Bear cat, F6F hellcat, F4U Coursair, P-80 Shooting star, B-29, and B-17

  28. Play the P51 mustang set.

  29. Tiger 1 plz

  30. Fw 190 a5u2, fw190a5, Ju 87 D5, Bf 109 G2,

  31. Dominick Caimotto

    We need the Italian line up

  32. Nice! I’m looking forward to more from this series :)

  33. One sabre, then take a p-38G and an F4U-1 and then two other shit props.

    Killed a Jap jet with the p-38G, not as bad as it sounds.

    • +Joseph Stalin dammit 🙁

    • +Roy Shein Because silly Gaijin gave tank baby T-10 name. It is not
      glorious Stalin tank.

    • +Joseph Stalin why does my IS-8 armor made out of steel and not
      stalinium??? even the YAK-9T have better armor!

    • cornellius cornwall

      +Joseph Stalin You kill jet cuss stalinanuim armor was added onto your
      planes,making them stronkest tank in motherland,stronker than shrek himself
      comrade.Your planes give no fucks about these peasant weapons known
      as,”Jets”. They give not one fuck at all.

    • +Joseph Stalin you kill a jet because:you are joseph stalin

  34. Love arcade, its simply fun, fun and a bit more fun :)

  35. baron, tell phly to a remake to the “very honorable” video (me-163 rams)

  36. LadderOfTheGeese

    one Peashooter,both Kingfishers,and both Catalinas. The American noob pack.

  37. “…It’s not the best turner…” I guess Tina is the best Turner. Or
    perhaps Ted. IL2-M defo isn’t, though. :D

  38. 5 x mustangs!

  39. Do a tier 5 plane and the rest is reserved planes

  40. do all the do’s planes plz

  41. How u hav so much Eagles?

  42. All beaufigthers and some spits!

  43. Simple; B-25, B-25-J, PBJ-1J, PBJ-1H, and then the P-80. (For match-making
    purposes :D)

  44. dwafenbrothes read

    He51’s in teir 4 😀 its the say goodbye loadout like if u want kt

  45. You want to dominate arcade? Cannon Chaika! And it’s slightly retarded
    Chaika brothers

  46. Hs.129 with the 75 the me-410s with the 50mm and the me-262 with the 50mm

  47. Am i the only 1 that liked it when they put arcade maps in RB rotation?

  48. All the Ju-87s! … and you have to both speak with arnold accents during
    the whole thing… :3

  49. A6m series pls

  50. I tough this series was gonna be on the simulator game il2 sturmovik :(

  51. I have always wanted to see you guys play the XP-55 A.K.A Derp plane

  52. Chocolate Sprinklez

    Bring out the three P-63s and two P-39s; the Cobra Squad :)

  53. All P-26s and an F-86-F2

  54. Arcade lineup- (all mustangs) P51-D5, P51-D20, Apache, Mustang Mk 1 A, twin

  55. letsdo somegames

    Me410 lineup plzzzz

  56. Lineup of American medium bombers like the b25, pbj, ect

  57. Hugo das Dschungeltier

    ju 87 g-1
    ju 87 g-2
    me410 u1
    me410 u2
    hsb129 b3
    derp guns only please

  58. Wizl The Blonde Alien

    take a short wing meteor, venom, and swordfish

  59. The 3 p-26 peashooters with 2 f-84 Sabres because ‘Murica

  60. Lieutenant_Allah

    F-86, Peashooters

  61. Take all the I-16s plz!!!!

  62. Take out all of the Yaks you possibly can (from the Yak 1 to whatever plane
    5 slots will get you to) and work through them in reverse order (so start
    with the highest tier plane, and every time you’re killed chose the next
    one down).

    The more you die, the harder it becomes…

  63. Beginer warthunder planes like p 26 and the buffola 

  64. Plez do ta 152, ho 229, me 163, he 162 and me 262 a1

    German futuristic airplanes are love. Can’t wait for the do 335 to be put
    into the game. That’s my favorite propeller plane of all time 

  65. hahaha classic eppy!

  66. Baron! Play the spitfire for her majesty’s honor!

  67. NEW SERIES HYPE!!!!!!

  68. Barron do a b25 and PBJ line up

  69. 4 Wellingtons and one meteor for higher br.

  70. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    All Huricane’s/Typhoons

  71. Hey do British


  72. Holly Mustache (MrMustaches)

    the ju-87’s!

  73. murricans bmbers

  74. You should really make more arcade videos. I make videos of arcade every
    now and then, and it is really fun. When you have played realistic in a
    long time, it is always great and relaxing to play arcade! ;)

  75. Focke-Wulf A series line up HYYYPPPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 1 jet then the rest biplanes or very low teir fighters

  77. Harry Forsyth (Minecraft God)

    First Beaufighter, Hurricane with 12 guns, Havoc and Wirraway 

  78. The dual American Fighter / Attacher lineup
    P38-G-1 Lightning
    A-20G-25 Havoc
    Either of the PBJ’s

  79. P-51

  80. One of the the most OP AB lines: Fill your slots with all the LaGGs you can
    get. Happy clubbing.

  81. Arcade lineuuuuuuuuups! WOOT!

  82. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    Baron, I’m glad to see you and Phly back to your old silly arcade ways. I
    had a few snort laughs at your expense 🙂 great vid. Next line up :
    something from each tier. Biplane – Jet

  83. F2A-1

  84. ok 5 planes. f86f2, f2h, p40, p26, and pbj with the big cannon

  85. Frenkert a regular gamer

    ahh i thought you were going to play IL-2 sturmovik with phly

  86. tb-3 nd chycsyou know the tiny pew pew pew rocet thing


  88. baron why don’t just just unequip the bombs is it possible?

  89. Captain von Kerman

    typhoon, spit, hurricane, and just for laughs, a beaufighter and a

  90. Whats an “Arcade setup”? I don’t know what that means

  91. we 35% in realistic and sim are the only ones that matter because fuck
    physics and skill in arcade

  92. do the lag series

  93. Oh YAS!

  94. full lineup of Hurricanes

  95. Do a ki-45/102/96 lineup plez!

  96. Take out both the 20 mm I-16 and I-153, and 2 other op rocket armed tier 1
    russian planes and also the mig-15bis. Watch the jet players rage they cant
    outturn you and you got dem russian heatseekers for head ons

  97. kaylon “rudeboy_jr” kristensen

    +Barronvongamez you should do more of the forest but co-op with friends
    like u did a while back.

  98. Swordfish, the two fireflies, the firebrand, and the nimrod mk2 Royal Navy
    Air Force Lineup

  99. +BaronVonGamez Please do more War Thunder Arcade Mode.

  100. f4u 1d corsair 

  101. for the new series fly out the la 7B 20 plz

  102. TheDerpCraftToGo

    Fly out all the me-410 from the 4 7mm and 2 20mm, to the 50mm and 30mms

  103. the dark goblin

    Po-2’s and il-28’s

  104. TheDerpCraftToGo

    Also fly out British attack beifighter first 3 and then the 2 mosquitoes 

  105. Assassin Vampirex

    use the teir 1 planes in a tier 5 match :D

  106. all of the chaikas, and the la-15 and the mig-15

  107. 5 honreblu zero,s

  108. Just use a bunch of spitfires

  109. 4 I-15s and a mig 15

  110. B-17’s off the airfield

  111. Use ………. The ……………death star!!!! AkA the B52

  112. Krebs switching to RB, Baron, Phly, Magz switching to AB, game over man,
    game over :D

  113. Gaming With Daniel The Scot

    5 different bi-planes excuse me for not knowing names,they all have to be
    different tho!If you can’t five different biplanes then take tier one

  114. Hs 129 B-2

  115. HO-229 /me-262 and the rest are tier 1 german biplanes

  116. Arcade line up: The American war. From Pearl to Europe.P-40, P-47 (either)
    P-38, P-51 (any), B-17 (any)

  117. Dmitri Patronov

    Try on I-16 type 27

  118. Best series ever!

  119. Fokker D.21 Modelling

    Fly hurricanes only
    (Mk.I, Mk IIb, Mk IV, sea hurricane Mk.Ib and Ic)

  120. Play with Krebs :3

  121. Ju87 D-3, Ju87D5 with the 20mm gun pods, Ju87G1 & G2 go ahead ^^

  122. ilikemachieneguns

    Derp plane galore
    Hurricane with the Pom poms
    Tempest with the 47’s
    Mosquito with the 57

  123. Me 262 line-up

  124. Johnathan Griffin

    Yer2’s, all of them, the rest TU-2’s, all of em

  125. Mosquitos and the hurricane mk IV

  126. Fly the stronk T5 yaks (yak 15/17)

  127. I like this idea. Arcade is actually not that easy because most of the
    time, it’s you against everybody.You get no help from your team unless you
    have a squad mate that actually gives a damn. So much greed. I love arcade

  128. Your right wing is always the way you die for some reason 

  129. He 111 plox

  130. I-153, LA-15, mig 9 late, mig 15, and mig 15 bis…… Plz start with the

  131. SMK Attempt 2

  132. the sabres or the migs.

  133. Chandler Ruping

    All of the derp cannon planes for Germany:
    Stuka, Me-410, Hs-129, and even the Me-262 narwhal.

  134. i remember when flying planes into ground targets = kill
    i miss thos days

  135. Matthew Dietrich

    I like this idea because it takes me back to a simpler time like when Arado
    234’s almost killed an airfield

  136. One po2, and the rest late tier jets

  137. Flu 1c _ p51 _ f82 _ p63 any_ f7f please leave a like for this line up it’s
    a good one trust me. 

  138. Dimaria Dimaria


  139. Zeros 

  140. A-36, P-39Q, P-400, P-40 and F6F

  141. Arcade lineup, called: trololololol.
    F-86F-2, F-82 (gun pods), P-51 (cannon version), any Peashooter and the
    P-63 Kingcobra (any version).

  142. Richard Sautner

    JU-87 series Baronvongamez

  143. Arcade lineup all japanese zeros 

  144. Do the BordKanone ground attack team Me 262 A-1a/U4, Me 410 B-2/U4, Hs
    129B-3 and Ju 87 G-2. (And use them against aircraft)

  145. +BaronVonGamez I got official information about War thunder! British tanks
    are coming! And a Europe team will be added soon! After the europe team
    will be an announcement for the release of Naval Forces. You can contact
    the Press Branch of Gaijin for comfirmation

  146. Nooo, pls no arcade :D

  147. P-39 and P-63 series

  148. Is it just me that really likes the new damage indicator in air battles?

  149. cornellius cornwall

    Do A6M series or I send you to chagi pow camp!!! You a must be honurbruuuu

  150. Christopher Bradley

    Take 5 planes one jet po2 and by planes

  151. I like Baron, but I can’t stand that PlyDaily guy.

  152. po2 and all the mig planesyou can fit into 5

  153. F4F-3, F4F-, F6F, F4U, F8F, American Naval Fighters

  154. cornellius cornwall

    Fly out the f4
    Phantom,f5 Tiger,f16 Fighting falcon,f15 Eagle,and the F22 raptor!!!

    • BaconIsLoveBaconIzL1f3

      +Lotus GoldLeaf Because when you express sarcasm you don’t say it

    • oooooooo then why your dont edit the comment? to sya it was a joke

    • cornellius cornwall

      And you forgot about the jets of the 50’s

    • cornellius cornwall

      Dude…i was fucking joking,i should have expected someone to take me
      seriously…it is thr interenet isnt it?

    • +cornellius cornwall This is just 30s and 40s theres no planes like the
      raptor eagle and tiger and falcon See the wiki its say 250 planes and its
      WWII What your thinking GO TO THE Wikia of war thunder to see the planes of
      the USSR Forces British Forces USA Forces Japanese Forces German Forces

  155. po-2 yak9k mig-15(either one) I-16 Pe-8

  156. All the American Corsairs

  157. doublenikesocks

    Lineup of all ju87s. Even the cannon ones.

  158. Idea for next arcade lineup: A-36, P-51 mustang, P-51D-30, P-51D-5, and
    F-82. P-51 cluster!

  159. sm76 suparvio all line up

  160. Or a full line up of zeroes or stukas or hurricanes 

  161. yak 9k with 45 mm cannon for the blyat cyka

  162. full line of reserve aircraft.

  163. British Tier 1-3. All Hurricane lineup. Start with the pom-poms and 4x20mm
    next. 303 versions if you get killed.. Have fun.

  164. P-51 vs P-42

  165. How do u have so many golden eagles

  166. Yak jets and high tier yak props

  167. yak jets and high tier yak props

  168. Yo baron keep doing what you do you are awesome I like when you play war
    thunder you are funny

  169. As long as your realistic and better; simbattles don’t suffer, it’s okay to
    be an occasionally peasant.

  170. Wargame Exizider

    Mig-15bis and i-153

  171. jets with bi-planes

  172. duuuuude i gotta go back to air arcade!

  173. Baron why dont you play some 7 days to die ?

  174. I only play AB while in planes because its more for keyboards but in RB you
    just about have to have a joystick. But in tanks you can play all three
    AB,RB and SB with just a keyboard no way in hell you can play planes in SB
    with a keyboard

  175. Challenge time: SBD-Dauntless or SB2C Helldiver?

  176. japanese zero

  177. Use all of the Yak’s or all of the I-16s/15s

  178. All soviet heavy bombers (including tb3)

  179. Tristen Toulouse

    Mosquito m.k. 18 then the other mosquito then the first and second secure
    and the firebrand. For Winston Churchill.

  180. could youdo the yak monoplane lineup, or the hurricane lineup please

  181. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    Nobody play war thunder anymore (even jingle rarely make war thunder video

  182. Fredrik Nielsen

    dont know if i get this, but go all hurricanes 😀 its fun specialy the 40mm

  183. P80,AD 2,F 82,B 57A, and F8F1

  184. Het baron if u try to bomb the ground targes try to bomb the a little
    infront of them {tip from bomber Squad}

  185. american reserve line up beat the hell out of people where its there first

  186. Fly the Boomerang mk1 or mk2, do it! 

  187. +PhlyDaily +BaronVonGamez This is probably the best series idea you two
    have had. To see you two in arcade battles should make for extremely funny

  188. B-17E, B-17E/L, B-17G, B-24, B-29

  189. TwiiisTz OG Plays


  190. all spitfires. start from higher tier and make you way down the research

  191. John “jacksquatch” Danstrom

    Fw-190 the butcher bird. 

  192. TwiiisTz OG Plays

    B-17E,B-17E/L,B-17G,B-24,B-29 in arcade game 

  193. A full lineup of US Navy fighters, the Corsairs mainly but there’s only

  194. Brandon Stinson

    I think more people play arcade because it guarantees more play time. You
    get one spawn in RB. Which sucks.

  195. justin gallegos


  196. Timothy Goodwin

    all stuckas

  197. +BaronVonGamez Spitfires and Typhoons!

  198. As many Fws as possible, starting from highest tiered one. Every death
    takes you down an aircraft 

  199. Yo Baron I faced you and slick when you were flying out the Skyraider! :D

  200. How about IL 28 and 4 russians biplanes of your choice +BaronVonGamez

  201. This reminds me of a game I played in a bomber. I was so high up it took my
    bombs a solid 2 minutes to hit the target

  202. P-36 or Buffaloes

  203. this reminds me of when Bob (Muyskerm) and Baron were playing arcade flight
    battles and Baron was teaching Bob the way to fly and tank 🙂 good times

  204. Davie Ferdinand

    Uhh may I ask bit why so you play AB only

  205. Line up

  206. All spitfires?

  207. Kevin “TheCrushinator” Rollins

    Yes yes yes. This gentleman, is something I am looking forward to.

  208. squirrel science

    ho 229 stuka with 37 stuka with 6 20mm he129 hs128 or derp duck as it known
    bf 109 g-6

  209. Po-2 and jets po-2 is 2-op

  210. Keep doing arcade!

  211. Run a British hurricane lineup, and start in the Hurricane Mk IV

  212. Both b25,and pbj and a20g

  213. All cats!!! Hellcats, Bearcats, Ect… :D

  214. Anthony Chappell

    zero’s please

  215. He-51, four of them, and the German Sabre. You’ll be fine.

  216. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    All the tier 2 and 3 American bombers, that’d be fun.

  217. Take all the Me 262s

  218. Take 1 or 2 top teir planes and the rest just reserves and you can only
    play the reserves

    David vs Goliath Series lel 

  219. Peashooters and Buffalos! :D

  220. Baron play the BF-109’s

  221. The Me 262 series plus random plane

  222. RemusKingOfRome5

    REALISTIC battles is far better

  223. phlydaily on arcade? where am I?

  224. Brian Weatherall

    What graphics settings do you play on?

  225. 4 4-5.0 br + planes and then a buffalo. Just use the buffalo, trust me it
    works. (Ps, use all stealth rounds on the buffalo)

  226. Mateo baquero gomez

    P-400 / P-39N-0 / P-39Q-5 / P-63A-5 / P-63A-10 / P-63C-5 ;)

  227. Baron, have you ever encountered a Focke Wulf FW 190 A-1 head on with a
    plane that’s lower tier? I mean, the FW190 has 20mm cannons and superior

  228. Is the IL-2 equipped with 20mm or 37mm?

  229. P-26,F-86,PBY,F8F, and yeah

  230. play a game called cs go

  231. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    3:20 THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!

  232. Brian Weatherall

    Po-2, and the rest top tier Russian jets.

  233. P51 mustangs or do some aa tanks vs b17

  234. 2 Boomerangs, Havoc, DB7, Wirraway


  236. Demarticus Stone

    All of the Me 262’s! (I wanna see what you can do against Post War Jets in
    a 262 Baron!) Please!

  237. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    all flak. all the flak!

  238. Mehhhh i actually forgot that the AB maps are so beautiful xDD

  239. play German ground attack, ju 87s, me 410’s, hs 129’s, shit even fighters
    with bomb loads (most 109’s and fw 190’s, basically all the mid tier

  240. b17G, p15(your chhoice) f4u with 20mm, bearcat, tigercat, and b24

  241. Christopher Matarazzo

    American p-38 line

  242. Saber, Peashooter, Buffalo, and the American Hydroplane v1 and v2

  243. ho.229 and the rest he.51’s and cr 42’s

  244. baron do b-29 vs biplane

  245. Jayden Holzhauser

    Use all T-34s or Panzer 4s of the same or similar BR

  246. Do a yak 1-7 squad and BREATH STALIN STANK BREATH ON THE ENEMY

  247. pby f6f b29 helldiver sabre

  248. Tier one new German HE prem
    Or all the DOs

  249. My line-up would have to be all the german DERP guns mixed in with jets.

    Would love to see you struggling to fend off jets in a Ju-87G :P

  250. You should tots meh goats take 6 British planes (one o them being the
    Hurricane Mk IV) and just tots destroy them 

  251. One jet, and the rest tier one. That is all.

  252. Do the combination of biplane and jet ;)

  253. Challenge: Land a B-17 (or any *heavy bomber* of your choice **cough** B-29
    **couch** (yeah it’s a typo and I left it)) on a stationary aircraft

    There are other planes that are much harder to land on an aircraft carrier,
    but I find heavy bombers to be the perfect balance between difficulty and

    This is more of a test flight, singleplayer (possibly multiplayer. I
    wouldn’t know I have no friends to do it with) challenge, but fun

    Also, they don’t have to be from the same nation. The Japanese have B-17s
    and F-86s, the Americans have Spitfires, et cetera. So, found a loophole.

  254. Do a lineup with only I16s

  255. Lucas Chouinard (TheShadowman13)

    Take the MiG-15bis, the I-153 M and P, and the I-15’s

  256. 1 jet. The rest of the line up bi-planes

  257. play IS-1 plz :D

  258. German bi-planes or german bombers

  259. All P 26s and the 20mm sabre.

  260. Hey does someone know if there is plans to take world of warships to the
    Xbox 360 and/or Xbox one? P.S. I think your an amazing youtuber Baron can’t
    wait to see u reach 500000 subs. Good luck

  261. po-2, mig-15 bis, IL-2’s

  262. take out that Russian premium biplane

  263. Rasydan AiraDerp

    MiG-15bis,3 I-15s,1 I-153,Po-2

  264. B-17E. B-17E/L. B-17G. B-24. B-29

    Dogfight bombers. Boom ‘n’ zoom craziness
    Keep up the channel and the vids love it 

  265. Antonis Theophanous

    F-4U P-51 P-38 F-7F and P-40, for ‘murica

  266. Airbrusher Games and art

    Early Spitfires and Hurricanes!

  267. Holy shit dudes, you are fun. Please don’t stop. My eyes are flooding with
    tears of laughter. :D

  268. BARON my brother wants u to play the SHERMAN FIREFLY If There is One in

  269. Po 2 v b17 

  270. Bring all the Stukas! You get a Ju-87, and you get a Ju-87!

  271. Po 2 v tb3 

  272. TheRedstoneScout

    You guys should do 5 of the tier 2 fighterattackers in the American tree


  274. Do the British typhoon with the field guns

  275. P-47 d 25 please

  276. The derp :
    Any IL

  277. You guys should phly the bf109’s

  278. MasterofDisaster495


  279. The all american: P51D,P47M-1RE,XP38,F8F BCATS

  280. imJealousOfYourPjays

    I want you guys to play the wirraway, boomerang mk 1, boomerang mk 2,
    hurricane and the pitfire

  281. F86f sabre 2 peashooter p40e p51 b57 

  282. PBJ 

  283. 殺手, 阿Ching

    Line up 4 ya balon lolz all three king cobras and the two air cobra with 37
    cannons! lolz the 37 cannons of dooooooom!!!! You’re enemies are gonna be
    so scard when they see your entire line up filled with MERCIAN Yak-9Ts

  284. Can you fly all the Corsairs?

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