War Thunder BRITISH TANKS! British Tanks DEVBLOG Showcase

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Source: PhlyDaily

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WAR THUNDER BRITISH TANKS ARE NEAR! Get that earl grey ready! In today’s video we take a look at 3 new tanks on the DevBlog!
The UK Comet, UK and the United Kingdom .

British Tanks Devblog Link – http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/803

Vote To Help War Thunder A Better PLACE! – http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/232765-lower-the-br-mm-spread-from-10-to-07/


  1. christopher vierthaler

    British Tank hype

  2. More tanks = more fun

    So why not 


  4. No wayyyyyy

  5. British HYYYYYPPPEEEE!!!!!!

  6. the hype is real lads

  7. Luke Bainbridges

    Dev blog title translation = stop making a cup of tea old chap, there a
    bloody Jerry in front, gunner target front 

  8. If you aint talking TOG II i dont wanna talk!

  9. Im guessing ‘Stow the boiling vessel’ is referring to to the boiling vessel
    that all British tanks had in them starting with the Chieftain :D

  10. Thiên Phú Hồ

    Ad Block =)) Beside you rock bro!!!!

  11. HYYYYYYPEEE!!!!!!

  12. Awesome 

  13. Yheaaaaaaaaa hype

  14. Nice One

  15. Chieftain tier 5 hopefully! 

    • +Jake Rogers There are 1969 tanks at tier 5 already so a nice 1966
      Chieftain wouldn’t be stretching the boundaries lol. 120mm L115 says hi. I
      expect to see L7 105mm Centurions as well.

  16. The reaction time of the crew goi g to be bad cuz there all drink tea and
    eat fish and chips 

  17. When the update come out?

  18. 3:37 apparently you can buy one on eBay

  19. What would be a tier 5? Chieftain hype!

  20. Windows 10 bottom right :p

  21. holy mama yo yo bo bo

  22. I highly doubt it, but it would be interesting if they included the
    Churchill AVRE, which fires a huge 280 (correct me if I’m wrong) spigot! 

  23. I think the tier 5’s would be the Conqueror and the Centurion with the L7

  24. Chinese tanks are better like the type 59 and stuff

  25. Yeah… More broken tanks

  26. French and Italian Tank(and planes) are more important than Japanese I
    think, it will be grate but later

  27. Every British armoured vehicle has a boiling vessel for tea and meals etc.
    57mm was for anti-sub role

  28. Hi phly

  29. Grof od Banoštor

    Japanese tanks shoul be added, they can get to the tier 5 with maybe an STB
    Also maybe to add French tanks like AMX 50 B, AMX 30 B, AMX 50 Foch for
    higher tiers

  30. Love it

  31. QF means Quick Firing

  32. Bets on the Boiling vessel having a hitbox inside the tank x)

  33. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    Anyone ever heard of the tune British grenadiers, I have and I learnt of it
    from the oh so famous anime girl und panzer. I swear their names are based
    off something to do with each country

  34. The Japanese are gonna be garbage up until maybe tier 4/5, they’ll
    possibly add the Type 61 and (probably not gonna happen due to its
    introduction year but one can dream) Type 74 as their top mediums, and
    they’ll probably bring in paper Super Heavies (O-1 varients) but there’s
    gonna be immense problems at tiers 2 and 3. Some tiers 1s and 2s might be
    decent, dat Ha Go spam m8!

  35. Japanese tanks? you mean paper-maché tanks?

  36. Japs tanks addeddddd

  37. Nguyên Architaku

    Dem! Imagine War Thunder with M18s running around, raping the asses of
    Tigers and Panthers. Now they add the Briton’s Comet! Not as fast as M18,
    but still fast as fuck! More armor and better gun… Well… Fuck!

  38. Иосиф Steelin

    Btw tier V there will be Centurion Mk 10/12 (with L7 Royal Ordinance
    cannon) and Chieftain. (as medium tanks)

  39. Hey i have a question maybe any of the people watching (or phly) know what
    his twitch name is because i would like to join in on a stream sometimes i
    couldnt find it in the desc so yeah (btw ur vids are focking awesome).

  40. Enemy in sight! Fire!
    (Nothing happens)
    I said fire!!
    Sorry Sir. Its Tea Time now.
    Oh shit you are right! Lets have a cup of Tea first.
    Hey you germans! Can you wait until Tea Time is over?

    Sure! Comrades. Lets drink some good beer.

  41. Atlast British Groundforces ! Im so hype !

  42. Japanese tanks don’t need tier IV, but they definitely have their spot at
    tier V with the type 61 and the type 74, two very sexy home made tanks that
    fit in the timezone!

  43. Perryperrychicken99

    Good to know that the sabot round was not used in WW1. But it was used in
    the Korean war.

  44. Cheiftan tier 5? So excited for this!

  45. clerkmaxwell does warthunder

    As a proud brit I find the tea jokes highly offensive and I shall fire upon
    you with my service revolver

  46. QF = Quick Firing. ROF was a high priority with many British tank guns.

  47. OF means quick fireing


    QF= quick firing

  49. Tier 5 Jap tanks should just be American tanks stationed in Japan after the
    war and early JGSDF stuff.

  50. there is a version of the centurion called the centurian mk 5 which had the
    same gun as the leopard 1. did you also know that. If that version of the
    centurion is placed in the game it would be in tier 5 with a br of 7.7-8

  51. HYPE LVL 99 😀 😀 :D

  52. TOG

  53. Solid Shepard (ScareCrow9)

    Ha Imagine the Churchill Avre with its 290mm Cannon. Lol Derp derp.

  54. Oh. I’m here early.

  55. So British tanks are finally going to be added to war thunder?



  56. Japanes tanks, meat cooker

  57. Now we can replay Girls and Panzer in War Thunder

  58. DeceptiveEntertainment

    most of the jap tanks would most likely be Captured US/UK tanks with some
    German ones and maybe some Italian ones Thrown in maybe some of there
    Pre-war Tanks from the China-japan war or may be Type 5 Ho-Ri tank
    destroyer or the O-I superheavy tank that was built but was lost to the
    Bombs drop on Japan

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