War Thunder BRITISH TANKS! Centurion, Comet, Churchill Hype!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder BRITISH TANKS A34 , Churchill & Centurion
War Thunder British Tanks Hype!

About the NEW British Tanks:
The “Churchill” a legendary British infantry support tank. Thanks to its successful design and excellent armour protection, which was further enhanced as the vehicle was modernized, the “Churchill” successfully participated in various theaters of World War II, including parts of the Battle of Kursk and the Korean War. Its extremely low maximum speed on roads and cross country is made up for by very good armour protection. The Mk.III comes equipped with a 6-pounder (57mm) anti-tank cannon, which may sometimes be lacking in penetration to combat some enemy vehicles on medium to far distances. Thus, the driver of the “Churchill” has to adapt his tactics by steadily approaching the enemy and attacking from short distance. At the same the Churchill can provide cover to nearby allied vehicles using its massive hull.

This third modification of the British “Centurion” tank was equipped with the QF 20 (83.8mm) pounder cannon, which is a very unique weapon indeed: It was an extremely powerful main cannon produced in opposition to the infamous German 88mm KwK.43 cannon. It came equipped with a cannon that utilised the so-called “sabot” rounds, in which the projectile was encased in a detachable holder – the sabot. While it came too late to actively participate in World War II, it proved its effectiveness in other conflicts like the Korean War and Vietnam. In War Thunder, this vehicle will take its rightful place at rank IV, where it will be a worthy opponent for the late modifications of the Panther and T-44.

The A34 “Comet” was the further development of the “Cromwell”. An incredible vehicle, which was recognized by the British command as the best in its class. At a weight of only 33 tons, its firepower was greater than the firepower of any other Allied medium tank of its time. The only other comparable vehicle within the British Ground Forces, the Sherman Firefly, was greatly inferior to the “Comet” in all characteristics, except the cannon’s penetration.

Thanks for watching!


  1. I hope there’s a conquer

  2. 6pdr, 77HV and 17pdr guns also fired sabot rounds

  3. If the British Empire had decided to start a fully out war with America,
    America would have got recked. With Canada above and the British having the
    largest navy is the world at the time they could of had an amfibious
    landing on the east coast, while Canada invaded from the north. Then you
    had all of Britains allies Canada,India,Germany Australia and many more
    countries in its empire. And who’s America going to run to France hahaha oh
    well I guess America got lucky that Britain didn’t give two shits about

    • Is that why the IRA started killing each other in the end if we had of
      stayed for maybe a year or two at the most the IRA would be nonexistent.

    • Well, historically speaking France did play a fairly sizable role in the
      revolution. After the continental army proved it could defeat the British
      in battle at Saratoga, the French lent aid in the form of naval forces
      (which the U.S. Was in desperate need of), professional training, and war

  4. FWI Here in England we refer to a ‘badass’ as an ‘Unruly posterior’

  5. +BoZoiD57 Probably the Conqueror tank and Chieftain tank will be at tier 5.

  6. Still love my Matilda in World of Tanks, not started to play War Thunder as
    my PC isn’t quite up to it.

    • I personally would take the 1GB of extra GPU ram over a slight increase of
      GPU processing power.

    • +-T-X-M- If I wanted to I could just go and buy an whole new gaming PC!
      However if I want to pay my mortgage, heating,electricity and food on the
      other hand. . . . lol

  7. Bad arse the same 

  8. Tortoise A39 hype! 😀 The British doom tortoise

  9. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    If the Churchill AVRE then the German sturmtiger would need to be added and
    the U.S. Would need some sort of assault gun

  10. Can’t wait for the British tds beast armour with 293 at the front but with
    shit guns but still awesome 

  11. Challenger? You can only wish.

  12. Richardson Buyayo

    Premium “The Black Prince” tank

  13. Tommy Breitwieser

    the churchhill AVRE at the royal engineers museum has a 165mm howitzer
    rather then the 200mm moter you mentioned hear it fired hash shells

  14. +moutain dew keep waiting, b*tch…

  15. Cheeky Nandos if your British

  16. British for badass? hmm, Hard as nails.

  17. My two favorite british tanks are the Cromwell and the Matilda. Matilda is
    a beast with an amazing amount of armour, and then the Cromwell is fast and
    has a brilliant gun. Both i look forward to seeing

  18. tog 2 7:07-7:08

  19. The Centurion was considered superior to the IS-3 in almost any way,
    because it was a pioneer of the MBT design as a counter to the Soviet’s
    heavy tanks, in particular the IS-3. And, if we see the Sho’t variant,
    which featured the L7 main gun, that would be a deserving tier 5 tank.

  20. Smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast

  21. I. LOVE. TEA.

  22. War thunder ships confirmed

    TOG II

  23. TOG 2 BECOUSE TOG !!!!!

  24. Matilda 2 ? in war thunder i cant wait…they should put a abrams in the
    game like the 1976 xm1 abrams as a premium tank xm1 was a prototype it was
    comparable to the leopard 1

  25. also what i would love to see a tier 5 for us brits: Chieftain MBT (just
    happens to have the same gun as the challenger 1) , Conqueror heavy tank
    and last but not least the centurion with the L7 gun.

  26. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    TOG II HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ungrateful colonial bastards 

  28. Teir 5 centurion with 105mm L7A1 conquer with 120mm and posibly the conway
    or even chieftain prototype also the tortoise TD or the FV215B 183

  29. My tiger 2 is waiting :D

  30. Fun fact: the British were the First Nation to use tanks in combat/war

  31. Tally-ho! XD

  32. I’m wondering of the Chieftain

  33. I beg a differ in the states some of us has tea iced sweet tea 

  34. more food for my panzer :3

  35. tortoise and matilda for super pro armor

  36. TOG 2 HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Oh great adding British tanks with sabots to tier 4….. Seriously tier 5
    is bad enough with all the heat and sabot spam. At least the is2 can easily
    knock out the British flat sloped tanks.

    • The m41a1 has sabot big deal.

    • +Ben S The 17 pounder was the first weapon to use sabot shells. Both of
      which are of British desighn. It’s only fair to give what we made. Well,
      what they made in like 1940 but you get the idea.

  38. Baron have you ever whatched Girls und Panzer?

  39. NikolaiSlapabitch

    Only reason I’m interested in British tanks is the rumor that the puma
    will come for the Germans during that time

  40. CROMWELL :3

  41. +DAT Gooner Cheiftan might pop up. Its about the same era as M60 and
    Leopard 1 I think

  42. I know bud. Just kidding. Would be great though ;D

  43. Churchill ‘s armor is craps in wot it it’s even worse in war thunder
    because it’s turret armor is crap even on the mk7 and they all don’t have a
    gun mantle, and they are slow as faq

  44. How do you change the aim reticle to the secondary guns ?

  45. Stop with the London stereotypes there is a whole area up north that is
    completely different plus I hope there is a little willy which is the first
    ever tank to be deployed 

  46. +Britons own we use badass still

  47. Tier 5 chieftain?

  48. Two favorites? TOG I and TOG II. Need I say more? Just these massive land
    behemoths. They will be a new kind of War Thunder derp, a derp all their

  49. I love that you love our tanks, Keep on making epic videos you crazy
    colonial 😉
    Much love from the uk!

  50. It would be badARSE baron!

  51. These tanks will get slaughtered but always good to see bit more choice.
    Next jap tanks lol!!

  52. +JonahDoesGames Baron is terrible at War Thunder.

  53. English please….. read before you post

  54. War Thunder BRITISH TANKS! 

  55. Those tanks are the dogs bollocks :3

  56. Churchill 1 trench crawler with a 75mm just because and a tog 2 the big
    8mph super heavy built for trench warfare too

  57. Fuck yes!! 

  58. Armando Rodriguez

    TOG !!!!! Churchill’s battleship !


  59. Cant wait for the comet and centurion as those are my fav + i making an
    hell of an hard model of the MK III

  60. I’ll greet them with my 122mm and 88mm. Perhaps, if I am feeling really
    good, I’ll meet them with my 152mm.

  61. chickenlittle1941

    The Crusader tank
    Glorious Call of Duty 2 memories revived :))

  62. +BaronVonGamez Mate, I believe you chaps across the pond still owe us for
    that tea… other than that a good hype vid.

  63. Jayden Holzhauser

    The Comet is like the F2, only better in every way, the only similarity is
    the shape really

  64. I swear to God I just saw a TOG. A TOG!!!! 7:08 right?

  65. +Bobby D yes and i almost pissed myself, caught me a little off guard!

  66. +Myles Pickering Probably premium tank.

  67. Challenger 1/2!!!!

  68. Приветствую Барон! Как же мало исторических данных в видео зарубежных
    обзорщиков, неужели вы не интересуетесь историей также как мы? У нас, в
    России, все обзощики считают своим долгом вставить историческую справку по
    всей технике, что они обозревают, but… thank you for your sense of humor

  69. I honestly hope we get the TOG II for the lols, I don’t care if it is
    premium or not

  70. Jayden Holzhauser

    Baron look up the Matilda Hedgehog, imagine a more well armored calliope

  71. Alright, i’ll go easy on you. Yes, british tanks were pretty prevelant on
    the western front, maybe not in the same amount as American tanks but still
    a sizable force.

  72. That’s like saying all Mozart did was write songs.

  73. TOG tank!!
    All hail the mighty TOG!

  74. CHURCHILL HYPE. So beastly.

  75. Tortoise Hype anyone? PLEASE. XD WE NEED ITTT. At15 or Aka Tortoise. c: The
    british turtle.

  76. Marshal Poitevint

    That joke was 10/10 adding it to my list

  77. Portugal was not invade by United Kingdoom ever i think.

  78. Barron BADASS in Britain is BAD ASS see space.

  79. All British tanks looks like tea pot.

  80. Oh and I think the t5 British medium will be the centurion 7/1 with the
    105mm gun Baron

  81. Finaly 

  82. Brother Ptolemaios

    *cough* TOG II *cough*

  83. FINALLY BRITISH FTW… hopefully the challenger mk 1 tank that will be

  84. British term – shit hot! 

  85. i am looking forward to the British TD the Tortoise

  86. SMK attempt 21

  87. My bad it’s 120 mm

  88. About time

  89. Thomas Phillips-bolton

    Badass =/= A Commendable Gentleman or A Right Royal Bastard depending on
    our mood.

  90. I know this would probably be unneeded but Imagine if we got the Churchill
    crocodile and we got to use the flame thrower

  91. Now Japanese,French and Italian tanks.

  92. Fuck the british

  93. Im still hoping for french tranks…

  94. Anyone else see the tog

  95. Didn’t Comet had exactly the same gun as Firefly? 77mm HV aka QF 17pdr

    • +Jacob Henworth-green Oh yea…right…so the Achilles TD has the same gun
      as Firefly? does the 77mm hv have lower pen. than 17pdr?

  96. at2 will be in the game?

  97. They need to have the Tog 2!! 

  98. love the British tanks they kinda look like ww1 tanks but better

  99. I am really looking forward to Centurion and possibly a Chieftain at tier

  100. Hope Matilda tank Will be in war thunder the armour is sick

  101. InB4 Americans are like “British didn’t have tanks”

  102. CHIEFTAIN! the MBT that came after the Centurion I think. Cool sloping
    armour on the turret, big gun. That would be cool.

  103. They will probably suck ingame as gaijin likes to flip reality to its exact
    opposite, where russian planes are good :’)

  104. Now we just need French tanks. Can you imagine ELC AMX spam?

  105. Im sure their going to add the FV series of British tanks like the FV202

  106. The tortoise and the Conqueror

  107. Can you make like a subscriber squadron?it will be fun to play with yah

  108. TOG! I saw it! we all want it! We must spam Gaijin forums for it! Whos with

  109. The tanks I am looking forward to is the firefly because it’s awesome and
    the Churchill because it mange to capture tiger 131 without destroying it
    (tiger 131 one is the last tiger of its type).

  110. 2:20 Baron has compared the Comet to the Sherman Firefly several times now,
    why? Both (at least technically speaking) are British tanks. The US refused
    to use the Sherman Firefly once the British adapted some of the Shermans
    they had been delivered but then the US didn’t take any Firefly’s and use
    them. So really, both are British. 😉

    Also, Baron mentions that the British have their own way of doing things.
    We made the first tanks – so really we made the way of doing things – just
    everyone else adopted their own. 😛

    Also, just a side note – British Tanks are the best tanks because every
    single one has the facilities to make tea inside them. Fire your 20 pounder
    and take out a Panther – then make a cuppa. We know how to dine and we know
    how to fight. 😀

    I also feel obliged to explain the small cannon on the Churchill for
    anybody who doesn’t know. Basically, the British at the time were divided
    on what role tanks should perform. Some said they should fulfill the role
    of modern cavalry, others said they should support infantry. The Crusader
    is an example of the modern cavalry perspective, and the Churchill was
    designed to support infantry. So, it’s slow, heavy, really tough, and has a
    cannon more that capable of knocking out the majority of threats that
    section would face (MG Emplacements, Bunkers, buildings, armoured cars
    etc.) It wasn’t particularly made to kill tanks. Though, if it gets close
    enough it will still kill just about anything. And honestly, what’s going
    to stop it?

    6:48 ‘Spiffing’ If you want to be overly British. ‘Bloody brilliant’ i
    suppose also fits. Or, to suit the term through and through – ‘British’ 🙂

    9:30 That was the worst British accent i’ve heard in a while. And i also
    haven’t heard anybody say ‘eh Govna!’.

    9:44 The ‘Flying Elephant’ and the ‘Tortoise heavy assault tank’. They’re
    both prototypes that give the Maus a run for it’s money> They were both
    cancelled before any were built but they were similar to the TOG in the
    that they would’ve been used to run trenches in case WW2 devolved into
    trench warfare. 100 Tons and 80 Tins respectively. They embody the term
    line breaker and I love it.

  111. Sam Varty (WTGoldenEagleMercenary)

    I think in terms of premium tanks for the British they should add the
    French B1 as a tier 1 bundle since you know we have the D.520 as a tier 2
    bundle. Like the French need more love in War Thunder!

  112. Yes!!!!!

  113. Smashing=Badass

  114. grahamsproductionz


  115. Stephen Williams

    Cromwell and Crusader!

  116. Comet and Centurion…they see me rollin

  117. Us Brits gave civilisation to the world…and the bloody yanks ballsed it
    all up!!! 😉 Only jesting

  118. British term for badass? Maybe a “Spiffing good chap” ?

  119. because the british have their own system for everything” now baron,
    remember this:
    the usa is one of only three countries in the world (Liberia, Myanmar and
    the US)
    that DON’T use the metric system 😉 just sayin
    oh and edit: churchill was a complete dick ( espacially to the colonies.
    when there was a big hunger crisis in bengal in 1943 and bengal’s king
    asked for help, churchill just replied with the question why gandhi didnt
    starve as well.
    he also told the secretary of state for india: “I hate Indians.They are a
    beastly people with a beastly religion“

  120. The centurian with the L7 105 mm gun and the good ole chieftan 

  121. Jake “AgentTex25” Brooks

    i wants me matilda

  122. Hell yes

  123. High Tiers – Conqueror with that 120mm !!!

  124. Great the German tanks may as well get the lube out and get ready for a
    butt fucking…..

  125. All that delicious, flat, riveted armor. No wonder the best Britain could
    bring in tanks was just an American tank with a Brit gun literally shoved
    into it.

  126. +BaronVonGamez I personally can’t wait for the Firefly and i REALLY want a
    Ram II and the MATILDA at tier I or II so it can just put an end to the
    pzIV C and PZ IV f curb stomping with there fancy dancy 75 mm drerp guns. I
    can see it now. Pz IV c sees a matilda fires a heat shell right into its
    side and the tracks eat it. (NINE!!!!) then the matilda calmly turns its
    turret and shoots them right in the bloody ammo rack.

  127. badass = u fuckin wot m8

  128. Eat your heart out m41 drivers you won’t be the only ones firing sabot in

  129. FabsterProductions

    What’s absolutely hilarious is in England calling someone a tank is the
    same as calling them a badass

  130. SidDarthVaderStream

    Boston Tea Party FTW

  131. Tyler 'Eclipse Gaming Network'

    Just yes… how do you beat a kv2? A more armored tank with a gun 2x the
    size XD

  132. Not really, the AVRE was solely to bust open bunkers by cracking the
    concrete with its Mortar

  133. I think there needs to be an Ardeer Aggie derp gun.

  134. how do you switch the 75 to the main battle gun

  135. For Tier V heavy tanks, probably, Conqueror and Chieftain…

  136. TOGGGGGGG!!!

  137. Korpen - Tank & Strategy Games

    The problem with the early Churchill models will be that they don’t have a
    gun mantlet… yeah, that is going to be annoying in the game. 🙂 Also the
    Churchills had great climbing capabilities and could climb up steeper
    graded slopes than most tanks, not sure how that will play out in WT

  138. Tea is FUCKIN stupid!

  139. Where’s the Matilda!!!
    Where’s the FV214 Conqueror!!!!!
    Where’s the FV101 scorpion!!

  140. The british term is “bloody impressib

  141. Churchil & black prince

  142. Baron. Silly silly Baron. The Slugger is a Briish variant. That makes two
    Briish tanks.

  143. sebastian burgess

    tea in the harbour you say. Snifff… snifff, can you guys smell that… oh
    sorry i couldn’t smell that over y’know…… burning Whitehouse 1812

  144. T34 57

  145. why is every British tank except for the centurion and challenger 2 ugly?

  146. For the heavy tank line, the british could have in this order: Matilda II,
    some variants of the Valentine, the Churchill Mk I, the Churchill Mk III,
    the Churchill Mk VII, the Black Prince, the Caernarvon and the Conqueror.
    The TOG II as premium, of course.
    For the SPG line, like the americans, they dont have many, but they could
    have the Archer, the Churchill Gun Carriage, the Aquilles and the Tortoise.
    For mediums they have A LOT of cruisers, mainly the Covenanter, the
    Cavalier, the Cromwell, the Comet, the Centurion Mk III, the Centurion Mk
    VII and the the Chieftain.

  147. My Hellcat will enjoy having them as an ally, something to shoot at thats
    not me 

  148. my fav british tanks are the matilda and the centurion mk3 cuz well there
    just bad ass

  149. All modern British tanks can make tea

  150. Tier V British tank= Challenger 1

  151. Looking forward to some hard hitting British tanks, the Churchill’s will be
    a drag as they max out at like 20mph, but the Sherman Fireflies and M10
    Achilles with 17pdr’s, which should be able to knock out a Tiger through
    its frontal armour but still be mobile will be interesting…

  152. Tier 5 British Tanks will most likely be The Tortoise and Chieftain MBT. I
    suspect there will be a few Anti Air Tanks because some Crusaders were
    Refitted to the Anti Aircraft role so we may see them. I am also guessing
    that The Cromwell will Appear before the Comet on the Tech tree (at tier 3
    of course) I am Looking Forward to the Centurion and the Firefly as they
    were the best tanks we had during and after the war. Seriously they were

  153. The Doge Channel

    They will start nerfed….

  154. You say “its Bad Ass” .. we say “Its The Dogs Bollocks”.. hope that helps

  155. Centurion!! or No Tea!!!!
    Churchill demands his MBT of the mid century to be played!!!
    hope next patch is soon

  156. i wonder if for the SPAA the bofors 2-pdr will be in the game

  157. William Conway-Hyde

    Thank you for liking the British I am British man my self.the reason
    English tanks are ‘different’/’weird’ it because we were far behind in tank
    development, the reason is we kept the mark 1 style tank in service for way
    too long and they were seriously out classed and the British being British
    were independent and made tanks with what knowledge we had and I one word
    that were crap. Very Crap. And very very far behind the time.

  158. William Conway-Hyde

    Sorry. In not I.


  160. The Chieftain MBT will be their top tier medium tank and I think that it’s
    going to be even better than the M60, with its 120mm gun and good frontal
    armour (but paper thin side armour). And then the Conqueror will be their
    top tier heavy tank and will have the same gun as the Chieftain. 

  161. chieftain and conqueror always have been my faves and if they are in war
    thunder would be awesome would certainly put the T54 under pressure

  162. I think one of the tier 5 tanks will be the Challenger one as it still has
    a rifled gun and not a smooth bore so yeah

  163. I think a chieftain or the challenger 1 will be a t5 tank

  164. TOG!!

  165. A British badass would be a richous master of awesomeosity

  166. #DerpChurchill

  167. I am most exited for the Tog II and the Cromwell. Do I need really need to
    Explane this Barron.

  168. We need a holiday event called the American Revolution. ?

    And Chieftain to let us go troll those stalintanks :-D

  170. So anything about the Sherman firefly? 

  171. theae tanks are already on world of tanks blitz so its pretty much not new

  172. Matthew Bridgman

    tog 2 because of tog fun and tortus because of the size and gun

  173. 7:08 i see what you did there baron

  174. TOG VS KV 2 TOG victories TOG vs germany japan and Italy TOG victories TOG
    is the best TOG vs the YAMATO TOG victories

  175. the black prince

  176. +BaronVonGamez Do the stronk Russian land-battleship, the T-28 plez!

  177. Jerry Gh0ztBr0cK

    BaronVonGames I want to see you play this game if you want to ( War Of
    Thank Blizt ) most like War Thunder

  178. I’m British and I am very excited for British tanks and even I don’t know
    why we use pounders instead of mm

  179. Cool, my Granddad help make the Churchill Tanks during WWII

  180. The Challenger 1 will probably be the modern tank in war thunder.

  181. Matilda, Valentine, Churchill, Comet, Centurion (even with the L7 gun),
    Conqueror, Cheiftain,… The Brits are gonna kick asses left and right,
    more tanks to go and spank the damn Soviets!!

  182. Im eating tit cream >.<

  183. There’s a fuck load of chieftains to choose from, and the top tier might be
    the chieftain maybe!? But thinking about it, that might be too OP lol

  184. The british called the M3 Grant the Lee

  185. T 20 or t 49 dag namit 

  186. Won’t the British Tanks find it realy hard since armor is basicly useless
    in the game because of all the high pen ammo and the fact most guns are
    good at range shots?. If the British ones are only good in closer ranges I
    think players won’t play them

  187. The conqueror and the centurion 5
    120 mm was made to kill the is-3 so ya it could be a rank 4-5

  188. Fun Fact – Prime Minister Winston Churchill Loved Smoking Cigars, and Drink

  189. If the add the TOG 2…jizz

  190. Centurion and the Churchill, need I say more

  191. favorite british tanks ? conqueror and tortosie

  192. Dylan SilverStone

    Tortoise please!!!!

  193. Gaijin don’t forget to include the AC3 Sentinel “Thunderbolt” tank or the
    IJA Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank both look like heavy hitters. Baron keep up
    the great game play.

  194. For the tier 5 I think it should be the chieftain

  195. Great vid ooh ahm lovin’ it! Could you give a link to the music?

  196. Wondering if TogII or Sherman Firedly will be added because im so exited
    for british tanks 

  197. Black Prince, I hope that is in there.

  198. HYPE!!!

  199. the matilda is an amazing tank its my favorite it WOTs if it was to come on
    to here it would be my tank. t34 drivers you better watch because im coming
    for you lol.

  200. I has 1 quistion, how can you aim with that 75 mm from the m3 lee grant/m3
    grant, I always aim with the 37 mm but I dont know how to aim with 75 mm
    without use the aim from the 37 mm

  201. i am hoping for the conquoror

  202. gotta be the cromwell for me, poor armour, average gun but boy that thing
    can shift!

  203. Do you know if and when the hawker hunter is coming

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