War Thunder British Tanks Gameplay 1.53 – Firefly! Achilles! Black Prince & MORE!

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Tanks Gameplay 1.53 Ó Firefly! Achilles! Black Prince & MORE!

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  1. wow i’m the first one here…



  4. Phly daily i love you bro

  5. well ain’t this just lovely

  6. Shiiit i couldn’t click on this quicker! And it’s Yorkshire tea all the way
    for me buddy! 😉
    Just hoped they haven’t fucked up these tanks :/

  7. wow better than paying attention in math

  8. Whoop Whoop here from TX Phly!

  9. dani wao (daniwao707)

    hey phly :). Nice Video man! Pls fly the new japanese aircraft!!! –
    >A7M1<---- Dont forget to wear the japanese clothes you have. Keep up the work !!

  10. LlamaDontNeedNoDrama

    Love the vids PHLY!!!!!

  11. So, how is the research going to work if they are all premiums? And will
    they stay premium when more are added

  12. yo phly, I only heard it from someone but i believe the white star was
    painted onto british tanks to avoid the american pilots shooting our

  13. Man I don’t know if I want to get back into War Thunder. T4-5 tanks just
    ruined it for me with the damn Russian meta, and then just the massive
    power creep. And the ludicrous grind up there where it’d take days to get
    the ability to repair and extinguish fire, not to mention the ammo that you
    NEED in most cases. It was just a slog of nothing but vs Russians with
    fantasy armor.

  14. Is anyone here watching YT on a tablet and do they have the problem of
    videos not allowed in 720p?

  15. Fuck you gaijin British tanks all Premium good god….

  16. The thing at the end of the Achilles’ barrel before the muzzle break is a
    counterweight (to balance the gun).

  17. The white star represented the allies in general, not just the US during
    world war two, that’s the reason it is on the Achilles.

  18. I Like British tanks and planes.

  19. Woo! Im actually excited to play warthunder again now ;D As Phly said for
    the combines battles with some Wirraway/boomerang action let alone all the
    other glorious Brit air strikers. Tea HYPE!

  20. the black prince is my favorite tank in World of Tanks.

  21. Eugene? WTF?!?!

  22. 75pdr gun?

  23. Jolly good news chaps!!

  24. Fecking Earl Gray!

    Otherwise guilty as charged :)

  25. i like how you do these videos but it would be nice if you left the find of
    weak spots to the players. Otherwise we just end up with all skill levels
    of players one shotting us 😛 just a little bit of constructive criticism

  26. 7:47 the sound of million or more orgasms experienced at the same time by
    Phly (no homo)

  27. british at guns the first ones to fuck a tiger from the front

  28. Firefly with the 75 pounder? Damn, Phly, that’s a big gun ;)

  29. oh oh oh oh OmG !

  30. 5:37 British tanks had that white star on them to stop Americans shootin’
    at ’em.

  31. the 7.7 sounds exactly the same as the old 7.62 sounds on the American

  32. i think the achilles should be a bit higher br (maybe vs panzer g j h and
    stug 3 g) 4.0-4.7 something around there

  33. and WAAAA:…. premium vehicles only :/ i miss WT 1.27

  34. There was a WW2 Challenger tank. It was a lengthened and widened Cromwell
    armed with a 17pdr gun. Used after Normandy.


  36. Matt Warriner (Matt de Woza)

    I’m waiting for the Challenger 2 for British tier 1 to combat the T-34
    master race

  37. damn……grrrrr…..must play warthunder….lol

  38. Tog II anyone?

  39. Would have been good if you’d checked the ammo types for the Black Prince.
    I believe there were apds rounds for the 17 pounder which had 280mm of pen
    xD At least I’ve read that in a couple of places

  40. Is 1.53 out?

  41. +phlydaily you,slick and baron should do a tortoise VS doom turtle custom
    battle if they ever add the tortoise!

  42. hey can somebody tell me how to get access in the war thunder dev server?

  43. soooooo is that all of the tanks or?

  44. Super excited for the firefly!!!!

  45. The ring on the barrel is to keep the muzzle brake on yes. If they ever
    wanted to change it out it could be easily done.

  46. What about the sabot she’ll on the m47? that’s got AMAZING velocity

  47. I wouldn’t be too worried about the armor on the no. just angle it and you
    should bounce alot from the front

  48. man a churchill avre !!! that would be nice.

  49. best british at firefly is a premium go home gaijin youre drunk

  50. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    when is patch 1.53

  51. love your videos phly! keep it up

  52. It’s cruiser not crusader

  53. So, pretty excited for this… can’t wait for Matilda and Cromwell :)

  54. 6:50 it is the counterweight

  55. Those 17Pdrs sounds great, Phly have you had a chance to check the Hunter’s
    new cannon sounds? They sound sway better.

  56. when is this update coming?

  57. They all look beautful can’t wait for them to add the war ships in

  58. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    omg this is amazing

  59. I notice that the 2-pounder, as is realistic, is AP shot. Soon people will
    be complaining that the British tanks are just helpless, because the
    enemies never die.

  60. bro I hope they bring the crusader out. that and the matilda. the crusader
    with the 6pdr or 57mm gun. and the matilda a beast.love that tank in
    WoT,and real life.

  61. matilta 2!!!!

  62. challenger will be added! (ww2 tank destroyer version :P)
    very dissapointed the 17pdr dont have the good ammo they should.

    Tanks i want
    FV4005 lol

    As for the Tortoise i was convinced it would be added but if the 6
    prototypes arnt enough for the BP to be in the regular tree then i doubt
    the 6 tortois will be enough :(

  63. Holy crap the Achilles is cool

  64. BP needs to be 6.0 max. It is a perfect match for the Tiger E, nothing

  65. Professional Sniper

    What abute Centurion?

  66. Professional Sniper

    What abute Centurion?

  67. Professional Sniper

    wut boute Centurion?

  68. @Phly this ugly textures in the distance is the result of enforcing AF in
    your driver.

  69. I believe they put the white star on the allied tanks or I’D purposes since
    they had U.S. British, French, Polish troops etc.

  70. Lee oh pard? wtf…

  71. Jack's bottle of rum

    If you angle properly with the black prince you can hide a lot of your
    front armor and the exposed front armor will be highly angled…

  72. I’d love to see the challenger mk 2 but it’s never gonna be added

  73. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    i from poland

  74. How to download test server?

  75. centurion, comet, Cromwell, tortoise and chieftain I want to see

  76. As long as they give me the Comet i’ll be happy

  77. I really love your intro 😀 Not sure why.

  78. BTW : The “star” = the symbol of the “Allies” … not the “Americans” !
    (americans in WWII = circle with a star in it) ;-)

  79. Matilda and valentine. i like my early tanks.

  80. I will buy the Black Prince, even if it’s terrible. I think it’s gonna be a
    lot of fun to derp around in it

    Also, are you gonna do a video on destructible environment?

  81. when and where do they announce when the dev server is open?

  82. I agree with Phly, all these post war designs with their ultra high pen
    ammo are making armour completely useless, and worse than that they destroy
    the games atmosphere. Gajin, please separate the eras!

  83. the Black Prince’s armor reminds me of the T32 frontal armor

  84. can’t wait for the centurions!

  85. The 40mm is the same as the 2 pounder, just different maths behind the
    names…..Same size, same caliber, same ammunition…

  86. Cruiser not Crusader. The crusader is the A15, cruiser Mk VI. This is the
    A13, cruiser Mk IV, a much weaker/earlier tank.

    Also the star is an allied marking, used especially at D-day to stop the
    Commonwealth and Americans bombing each others tanks.

  87. MOST FEARED SHERMAN!! at least thats what War Thunder says

  88. Will any type of centurion tank be added??

  89. Isaac Koch (219thlegion)

    hey phly do you know if war thunder will add the AT-15a?

  90. I thought you may like this
    http://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/843 ( E-100 news )

  91. Shame the cruiser don’t have the 40 mm pom pom.

  92. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    “this is the A13 crusader”
    Phly,this is the Cruiser 2,The crusader is the Cruiser 5 XD

  93. all the gold i saved up to get one of the british tanks and there all
    bundles…. ffs gaijin why you do dis to me

  94. Hopefully they add the tog 2

  95. Hey I got a new nickname for 17-pounder: 17-PWNDER!!! Who’s with me?

  96. conqueror british heavy tank=) if they add it

  97. I. Want. The. CHIEF!

  98. tiger 2 is 6.7 so the firefly will never meet it. I played a game in my
    tiger 2 p and came across 8.0 maus and leopard. its not impossible with the
    current match maker in RB

  99. ok, lets get humped!

  100. Does anyone know when this patch goes live? I havent watched the video yet
    so I apologize if phlèe already mentions it!

  101. HenryRobertErricker

    @PhlyDaily the star was painted on British tanks because the trigger happy
    yanks kept on shooting them…

  102. Are these going to be premium

  103. the 17pdr fires its shell at three times the speed of sound. The flash and
    the bang were so big that crews in firefly’s could be blinded, deafened and
    even burnt

  104. i think the Firefly is the best premium to get
    the Black Prince is just way too overprized for its performance and BR
    (which both suck)

  105. when the real British tree gonna be out?

  106. the comet!

  107. +PhlyDaily Your Maus Impression sounds …a tad bit Russian.

  108. challenger has a riffled gun… so why not war thunder :P

  109. The star was just a recognition marking on all tanks in the Normandy
    campaign, that tanks of all nations had.

  110. the US stars were used on both British and American tanks because the
    British red and white symbols weren’t visible enough for aerial

  111. have you heard about the new spotting system phly it is utter BS

  112. More things to shoot at with my 88

  113. WT really needs to implement voice for each country’s vehicle. Just imagine
    the german loader or a british commander screaming.

  114. Zachary Godley-mcavoy

    They need to add the centurion

  115. “With a 75 pounder”

  116. World of warships: Releases two full tech trees in mid October which were
    suddenly announced in September
    War thunder: After long awaited patch releases 4 tanks that are premium.

    See the difference anyone?

  117. Con5tantine | The Head Set Guy

    I do have to ask: are you saying Leopard wrong on purpose?

  118. Yeah fhly you go man and can you make a video of a jet the one that u
    whatever you like ok and thank you big fan of you

  119. I’d love to be able to play the Matilda. but I don’t think they will add it

  120. OsamaBinWeavel The3rd

    They need to add the conqueror! I think that it was the most heavily
    armoured tank of its time? Dunno it looks cool though :D

  121. Dominic John Vallee

    i hope they add the centurion

  122. id love to see the Matilda infantry tank in game. it was an awesome tank

  123. i can’t wait until they add AT2

  124. Blu EaglEye (Herwin)

    Bruh….do you think they’ll add the churchill AVRE? ? pls do a research
    on it reply if possible ?

  125. we dont all drink earl grey lol just the elite

  126. would love to watch a chieftain tank in action…..think the Leopard, was
    the best tank of that era ?

  127. Mark “Brokenbits” Acton

    Please Phly team up with squire for some British action!

  128. Well… Guess I’m getting the Achilles and Firefly first. Get the Black
    Prince later because I’m not liking high tier tank battles right now. Tier
    2-3 is every where’s it’s at.

  129. cromwell probaly it will rule the games

  130. How do you play the dev server?????

  131. Fuck u gaijin u ruined war thunder tanks.A fucking 7,6mm gun that shoots
    like a laser beam and i don’t want to get started with the Russian post war
    tanks fighting panthers ore else.

  132. they wont add E series this 😐 the reason is E75 and E50 had same
    characteristic as tiger II and panther II 😐 are you fucking serious war

  133. I want the centurion

  134. the anti tank Bren carrier and maybe german beute bren carrier with
    panzerfaust as a premium for the Germans

  135. Well……………………………………. 4 vs. 1
    Simulator Battles RIP for german Tanks

  136. The Combat Commission

    I’ve got a good question will the Grant MkI stay as a US Premium or be
    switched to the British side

    being Aussie I would say the Matillda mostly the hedgehog variant
    maybe a UC with a 2 pounder as maybe the 1st British td and are shit what’s
    that one British tank ??? never mind
    never the less great
    video Phlydaily

    god youtube stop with the bloody 1:30 add every 5 minutes

  137. Wanna hear a British Joke?
    Ah shit that’s irish ummmmmmmmm
    The M3 Bus lane.

    (Please tell me someone got that)

  138. when do we get these

  139. *sees title*

  140. Pfffft,forget the soviet steel.

  141. You guys have been saying the british are coming for ever now, seriously
    these new nations are taking forever.

  142. Forest Is Kradominos

    I’m starting to feel like you’re turned on by battle tanks and planes.

  143. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    FYI about the Firefly gents!

    Also angled BP boasts up to 340 of spaced armor so it will be all right.

  144. is it that hard for them to get the real gound sounds like really? just go
    to a gun rage. and WTF your in Russia just go out side and shot the guns no
    one gives any fucsk there

  145. +PhlyDaily the star is to id it as an allied tank

  146. Well *I’m* looking forward to the British KV-2 prototype ;3 Can’t remember
    what it was called though.

  147. yes all he’ll Britain and are mastery of land see and air are empire on the
    Internet i growing are dominates is being felt in games he’ll Britain and
    are tea

  148. i want the churchill avre :c

  149. I want Cheiftain!

  150. I can’t wait for the Churchills!

  151. I really want to drive the Cromwell tank. Hope they release it soon.

  152. dame that tiger 2 takes hits like nothing me BANG your dead :(

  153. fast moving cromwell tank

  154. This intro music is giving me cancer


  156. the British slapped the american star on to prevent friendly fire.

  157. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Nah why the fuck is the black prince 6.3?! Things will slice through it’s
    armour with ease! It should be 5.7 really, or 6.0 at max. 6.3 is retarded.

  158. Erwin van der Haar

    Phly, why hasn’t war thunder added more of the famous british bombers like
    the halifax? Do you think it should be added?

  159. British guns sound lovely :D

  160. Why are they premium?!?!? Let me have fun without spending like 50$ Plz!

  161. Can’t wait for the Matilda!

  162. +Phlydaily The White star became an Allies wide friendly mark, the Achilles
    was often mistaken for the Panther from the front

  163. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Also your ending, post war should only face post war. They need to restore
    the old BR’s of the 8.0+ tanks.

  164. The one further down is a counter weight, as on the m3, and the star is so
    it could be identified as allied

  165. Can’t sit for the actually British line because if the QF 20 Pounder cannon
    can pen upto 30cm of RHA

  166. I cannot see the start music in description.

  167. Fuck Earl Gray. It’s all about that Yorkshire Tea

  168. If they come out with the TOG you have to get it @PhlyDaily

  169. I’m fairly sure they put stars on everything during the normandy invasions

  170. I can not find the tanks

  171. at 7:50 tankgasm

  172. I hope they had a different set of voices, don’t want yanks in mah tanks :3

  173. I think they need black prince at teir 3 so it’s like teir 3 Russians ?

  174. The black prince is wonderful…

  175. P 38s please?????

  176. I am more interested in the Churchill mark 1 due to its hull mounted 75mm

  177. I checked some of the game files and saw a matilda II file. That’s the tank
    I wanted to play from the start, so that’s got me excited

  178. R.I.P Wallet…

  179. The Conqueror and the Archer!

  180. Look at marks on crosshair Noob :D

  181. And the 88mm guns are going to go thru any british tank like butter

  182. David “madindie” Dew

    Phly i think those collars back from the muzzle brake is help stop the
    shock of the high velocity round upsetting the stability of the round and
    barrel as it leaves as well as the dispersions of gases through the muzzle
    brake. I’m may be completely wrong though

  183. I’m ready to see some
    Tog II shenanigans!!

  184. so they made the firefly a premium what a fuckin dissapointment im about
    done with warthunder and there bs

  185. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    You said that the Crusaders turret traverse was ok.. HAVE YOU EVEN PLAYED
    THE M-10 GMC >:(

  186. Hey Phly thanks for the vid! That star was used as the aerial designation
    for any allied vehicle too :)

  187. Official HUNT3R Gaming

    i want 2 british tanks 1 Churchill AVRE 2 Cheiften

  188. Who the FUCK would use any Churchill variant at BR 6.3 hahahaha please,
    never seen anything THAT overtiered in WT ever.

  189. The DAK wants Desertmaps and true enemies like the Brits. So gaijin should
    do the best they can do =_=

  190. Meatballs for life

    The star on the Achilles is a sign for American bombers to not bomb them,
    sort of like an old fashioned flare to show where your troops are to air

  191. They should just group these guys with the US if they are only making 4

  192. WoT has had these for ages

  193. not bothered about specific tanks but rather I cant wait to see what tanks
    they will add for the british generally seeing as I noe extremly little
    about british tanks however as a tier 1 maybe a Mark IV Male

  194. the star on Achilles is there so the Americans wouldn’t shoot it (like the
    Cromwell b on wot(

  195. Hyped for the Matilda and at2.

  196. Centurion mk 3 will be epic, maybe we will see a mk.5 with the L7 royal
    ordenance 105 mm gun

  197. I would like the challenger

  198. graphics on sniper mode are like that so scams get no advance by setting
    low graphics over those playing with movie graphics (before they had less
    bushes, you thought you were hidden in that nice bush but it was not
    rendered in low graphics)

  199. Phly the update hasn’t came out for me yet. How are you playing?

  200. Anyone know if they will add the FV215b 183?

  201. Aww I wanted to see you drive the Centurion :(

  202. hey phly…its rodney14 from naval frontline

  203. @phlydaily. a 75 pounder gun on the firefly;)

  204. these tanks look so bad, idk what the brits were thinking

  205. The have to add the Comet I (A34) it was designed in 1943, produced in
    September 1944, and in service by 1944. Had a 77mm HV as its first armament
    and a 2 x 7.92mm Besa MG as its second armament, it went 32mph (51km/h)
    this is one of my fav tanks…don’t see a lot of people talking about it.

  206. Leave it to Gaijin to release premiums before the actual tanks that you can
    grind. :/

  207. Omg its here yes

  208. 10:50 75 pounder gun XD

  209. Kay -Saunders Team Leader

    Phly… I felt the same when that you shot the M10 one….

  210. *Shoots 17-pounder* *cums*

  211. Now someone needs to make a fury skin.

  212. If the Achilles is at 3.7 I want the Nashorn to be at 3.0!

  213. Ahhhh~ The 17 pounder is so nice! So much better than the shitty American
    76mm guns on the Shermans.

  214. is the rain off T34 over?

  215. They have to reduce the BR of the Black Prince to at least BR 5.3 or 5.7!

  216. The first British tank u show is not a crusader is a cruiser mk. IV

  217. Never mind he corrected him self

  218. They need to add the Fv215b (183) in the game, it sure will be fun

  219. I really hope they bring in the Churchill AVRE as a premium, it’d be the

  220. the Daimler Dingo! i really want them to add that in

  221. Jeremiah “Dodger” Hellam

    I feel like dressing up as a soldier for an excuse to yell “THE BRITISH ARE
    COMING!” IS this good, ja?

  222. 23:35 PLEASE!

  223. Get better please. fucking infuriating when you presume something
    confidently yet you are wrong

  224. AcePilot The Gamer


  225. I am waiting for all the British tanks, especially the Cromwells :)

  226. Lol I was watching Baron when I scrolled down and saw this video and
    literally said to myself “F*** u Baron! Phly got Brit tanks” and left his

  227. Nice test, so all the Brit tanks comes with unit markings? or this is just
    the dev server setup? The reload is fast, wonder will it be the same comes
    live. Just four tanks plus some premium units, a small but ok start.

  228. Centurion and comet

  229. Admrial of the sea

    Hope they add the Tog 2. HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. I love the look of Black Prince

  231. I was really expecting the 20 pounder on the Black Prince….

  232. Anyway would be a daydream to see WW2s vs WW2s and post war vs post war.
    Can’t wait to get the Chieftain and go wreck Sovs.

  233. 7:46—-Orgasm…

  234. Chieftan looks good! can’t wait for that.

  235. Those can’t be British tanks. The engines are nowhere near loud enough. I
    hope they update the sounds by the time they add tanks like the Cromwell
    with the Rolls-Royce Meteor engine. There’s a reason that the Germans knew
    that it was British tanks heading towards them well before they could see
    them hahaha.

  236. F.3 meteor still at 8.0… Got that plane the day they changed the br and
    still waiting for them to change it back

  237. No sabot for the 17 pounder?

  238. the 2nd tank wasnt british. that was an American wolverine tank destroyer

  239. The tank battles in War Thunder are such a big copy of World of Tanks. All
    of the tanks in this video are in World of Tanks already and are FREE!!!!
    In this you have to pay for tanks in a broken game.

  240. did the British just slap a new gun on there and call it theirs

  241. Cyberhayes22 Gaming

    The music is fitting for you.

  242. As an interesting aside the machine gun wouldn’t be a .303 but a 7.92 BEZA
    in the Crusader.

  243. Ground strike with realistic british tanks is going to be rad. Don’t really
    care about the tanks even just the dank ground strike airplanes

  244. i love the centurion with the royal 105 main gun i have it on wot and its a
    game changer

  245. I wonder if they are going to add in the German td RHM. or the American
    heavy m103

  246. Hey Phly I was wondering war thunder mentioned something about graphics
    change? Can you tell if it looks better?

  247. Phly, the thing on tank barrels just behind the muzzle break is the fume
    extractor so the crew don’t choke on the cordite fumes inside the tank when
    the breach is opened. 🙂 The more you know.

  248. phly haw did u get the stalingrad map, panzerwerfer, katushka rocket tank,
    and the British tanks?

  249. Every time you say “leo-pard”, a part of me dies. It’s pronounced
    “lep-erd”, like the large cat. Panther, Tiger, Leopard.

  250. They surely took so long to put the British Tanks lol

  251. Churchill crocodile OP

  252. would love to see the cromwell in action

  253. it might be able to have pen at closer range than what you were on that
    tiger not sure though .. good video

  254. Where is your British accent ?!

  255. hype hype hype. I want a churchill.

  256. conqueror and chieftain

  257. Why do I have a fealling that the first tank RB video he makes after the
    patch is going to be the firephly and firephly

  258. Can’t wait for british desert camo

    :(((((( I KEEP MISSING IT

  260. They need to Add The Matilida Mk II-IV, Stronk Armor

  261. I only wait for a single british tank: MATILDA <3 I love it :)

  262. cromwell

  263. Hey phly could you do some videos in sim battle with tanks? really enjoy
    the last one ! 07

  264. The Matilda

  265. The Cruiser ll

  266. Flemming Vandersteen

    the freakin matilda 4.
    thats gonna be low tier maus with reload rate of 0,5 seconds. :P:P:P:P:P:P

  267. Cromwell and the cents

  268. the desert rats achilles 😀 they even had the desert rats uniform

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