War Thunder British Tanks Gameplay – The Queen of the Desert

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Source: Squire

Tally-ho! In today’s , we waltz painful speeds towards our enemies, in the Matilda !

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  10. squires angry moment when he tries to climb the sand dune XD YEESSSSSS i
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  17. I love your humor! I wish i was Brittish! :)

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  19. 0:13 bloody hell. I think it might be giving the Bugatti Veyron a run for
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  20. It doesn’t matter who was here first, what matters is who has the ships
    gunpowder and disease.

    WINSTANTON! Unload the convicts, we will start our penal colony here.
    There’s a good chap. Start clearing away the trees and building the houses
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  21. So i heard Squire scrapped his Matilda to have it on with a filthy Panzer 3

  22. This tank is too fast. I had to watch at 0.5 speed…

  23. squire you really are a glorious human being

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  27. good thing that RB battles are 1 hour long 😛 perfect for matilda :D

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  31. Watching this at 0.5 or 2 speed makes Squire sound sooooooo stoned/high
    respectively. Try it.

  32. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    What a bloody good tank!

  33. B. oamere (Boamere)

    Pity this tank sucks so bad due to the stupid br

  34. Sherman vc firefly.

  35. I love that tank really beautiful. Welp can’t wait for the the LVT
    amphibous tank to come and the Japanese tanks.

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    Finally another video no blame cause you were in a matilda that Just takes

  38. My weekly amount of comedy^^

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  40. Squire I find your lack of faith in the Matilda’s aa ability disturbing.
    Ive shot down an enemy bomber in my Matilda, maned by a crack Canadian crew
    of course

  41. That opener haha. Me every time in ground RB

  42. gavinrichard ladd

    **walks around in Sahara**
    It’s a bloody wasteland out here! Is that, is that a river I see?
    *looks at El Alamein in distance*
    Alright chaps, I found our new penal colony. Get these bloody coffee
    smugglers of the boats, get a few makeshift tents up, and start building
    those towns while I go and see if I can get a few roads built for our
    supply lines, these Matilda tanks will only be going anywhere if they’re
    being moved on grease!

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  44. Squire how do I send you a replay for a top five? I landed a biplane when
    it clipped a tree and did a barrel roll and landed safely on the ground.

  45. And a bottle of rum, laddie! And a bottle of rum!

  46. This video was a little short because the Matilda is so bloody fast.

  47. i watched this a second time at 2x speed it was a jolly good show!

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    speed is key i suppose……low speeds is key? Doenst matter really its
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    Keep up the bloody good work! <3

  50. I foresee the short Stirling next, Gaijins poor performance to ‘enhance’
    the british bomber tree

  51. Life cycle of the matilda: It drives towards the enemy at a blistering
    10mph within 5 mins and then gets 1 shot by a T-34 1942

  52. yesssssss m8 that tank has some serious speed

  53. squire did u play a match Wednesday in a German teir 1 plane

  54. Come on Squire. Your videos are really top quality but the quantity….
    Would love to see more of these.


  55. Jerzy van der Meer

    Do the Cromwell please!!!

  56. Yessss, now do the Comet the tank where they forgot the reverse gear. other
    than that it’s perfect

  57. Nikolaj “Waskus” Nielsen

    haha so funny. Loved when i couldnt climb the Hill.

  58. Are you sure that desert wasn’t a dried up ocean? There was quite a lot of
    salt there.

  59. *finally gets the matilda clicks battle in RB gets in game…… instantly
    checks team list then remembers gajin give you alternitive history unless
    your playing germany so youll be facing russians and the US instead
    ……… you know germany………. gets 1 shot by a t34…….. next game
    1 shot by a sherman take 3 actually gets in a game VS germany with the US
    and russian not in the match at all………. gets 1 shot by a tank that
    the matilda was designed not to be pened by so any thing that wasn’t the
    panzer F2………. or a marder or anything with the F2’s
    gun…………….. or better……… yep basiclly how the matilda works
    for me…….. GG gajin GG*

  60. dandy my good chap just dandy :)

  61. The Matilda might be slower than the average speed of 2 donkeys, but at
    least you can make tea in it, so there’s that

  62. I can’t help but feel like the Matilda’s speed might have been exaggerated
    just oh so slightly in this video.
    Oh, no, wait. My mistake. Had the video running at half speed. Forgot I did
    that so I could actually see the thing.

  63. 1.5/10 No TOG.

  64. Squire… I think this took you longer than that propaganda!

  65. I sent my like via the valentine tank :P

  66. watch in 1.5 speed if its to slow

  67. Your content always brings a smile to my face! Keep up the good work sir!
    By the way if you could make a video on the caernarvon, I think that this
    thing at its current BR is a bit too powerful and I would like the opinion
    of a british expert on the matter

  68. I’m beginning to think, to my horror, that ‘frisky’ is overtaking an
    extended ‘yes’s’ place as Squire’s favourite word.

  69. The Matilda was an infantry tank. As such it was deemed unnecessary for it
    to move much faster than a man could walk/run, since it was always going to
    be staying with the infantry it supported. It earned its name “Queen of the
    Desert” by being an extremely tough nut to crack. Indeed, hull down and
    with 75 mm of turret armor all around, you weren’t going to be knocking it
    (or its crew) very easily. Even exposed, the tank had very thick armor for
    its time in all aspects. Ironically for an infantry tank, it carried no HE
    rounds. For reasons that are unknown to this day the British military never
    procured any, though HE were designed for it and easily obtained.

  70. Waltzing Matilda

  71. #83279 random guy

    Always waiting eagerly for a new video to come out! And as usual a well

  72. Perhaps they should have installed a french engine in backwards. It would
    be as speedy as a french man in retreat

  73. Personally I think the Matilda needs to have a lower BR.

  74. wow that match was ended in blistering speeds. you better be careful with
    that matilda, it could go too fast and crash.

  75. Well I say the German police must not bother with speeding Matildas! Too
    much paperwork probably.

  76. I love your videos so much :D

  77. I say aren’t Daimler German? What in buggery was the chap in the amoured
    car doing on the British side?

  78. i never had a good game with matilda. either getting teamkilled or get my
    turret jammed and then tracks blown off, thus becoming free kill :(

  79. Matilda is still faster than Internet Explorer.

  80. I now officially have the answer to the speedquestion … The glorious
    Matilda is so fast that she goes around earth in not even a second . When
    she passes a camera it just seems like she is slow but she is going around
    earth 200times .. yees yeeees

  81. Dont Shoot Meh Plz

    Bloody hell how fast is that? Mach 3? It could over take the SR-71

  82. speed in tanks?… overrated. as long as we give the tank a random girl’s
    name, it will be fiiiiine. right matilda developers?

  83. Guilherme Velhote

    in ww2 it stopped 88’s at close range, in war thunder gets killed by a 40mm

  84. Wonder if you’d be able to do a whole video without one of your trademark
    “yes”ses …

  85. Quantum Custodian

    Daimler AC had the same 2 pounder as Matilda.

  86. Squire how about you take out your favorite British tank

  87. The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    Fucking lost it at 0:48

  88. Tram based Marder 2 op

  89. if i was not mistaken(correct me if im wrong), the matilda was powered by 2
    London double decker bus (later ones were 2 laylands) but it didn’t matter
    since it was like 25 tonnes and it was an infantry tank and those were slow
    anyway. and they did annoy the Germans who could deal with them by
    artillery, dive bombers or a anti-air 8.8cm cannon with the matilda
    pointing sideways. (i wonder if it couldn’t go through the front) any ways,
    i love playing that tank in all the games it gets featured in and i hate
    going against it because it’s a tough nut to crack.

  90. his yesss reminds me of melchett form blackadder

  91. Love your videos!

  92. 2:20
    Napoleonic field gun, or Imperial firing line? 😛 love the banter, Squire!

  93. British tanks are to op they need a br boost for late game

  94. I loved this video so much I thought I would send you some tea, but I only
    have a Matilda to send it to you in…….

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  96. Squire do you hate the french? : )

  97. XD…. I have always found the design of the British WWII. era tanks,
    ehm”””briliant?””” …. so awesome, I would rather drive a bike with a
    mounted bazooka into battle…. :D

  98. you can send a message in a matilda i mean it might dye in WW3 before it
    reaches you but o well

  99. squire this couldnt have come at a better time i can always count on you to
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  100. Napolegnome “Napolegnom” gnom

    A mathilda on top of the list pointwise… “as conspicuous as a frenchman
    next to the shower” – SquireFlyer

  101. Slow is such a negative term. The ministry of defense would prefer it if
    you henceforth refer to the Matilda as *”moving at a leisurely but
    confident pace”*.

  102. *sips coffee while stting on an M3 Stuart*

  103. Its like angry Squire voice and “calm and currently drinking tea” Squire
    voice are 2 different people.
    Also I saw your comment on the polearms video made by that gentleman whose
    name I can’t remmember.
    Are you trying to find a replacement for your service revolver? FANCY

  104. very fast tank this time… yeeeesssssss yeeeesssss nooo

  105. My wifi is as slow as a bloody Matilda!

  106. Does the shot dissapearing/not registering happen alot to anyone else?

  107. love this channel.

  108. I want the TOG

  109. +squire that was very good indeed…. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess! I say those
    boffins back st HQ did a bloody good job at designing that thing!

  110. You know what they say squire, slow and steady wins the war, or something
    to that effect

  111. I cringed when you fired at the germans… jeeezzzz. Have a cup of tea and
    go at it the proper way, what!

  112. Sir Stefan Channel!

    I completely glossed over the matilda. Forgive me!
    But I’m now almost the proud owner of a Centurion Mk10

  113. Gaijin buggers up their facts constantly…but that’s none of my business

  114. Loved the video Squire!
    Can you pleaasse do a video on the T17E2? I drove it out with Ash007 and we
    achieved 10 or so kills between us.

    Also, can you play Subnautica? I really want to see more gameplay from that
    amazing game that’s from familiar and brilliant voices 🙂
    I also want to hear you scream like a little girl XD

  115. Creepy Productions

    0:48 Owww my head, Squire making me laugh is not a cure for the flu…

  116. Are we just going to ignore the fact Magz was in that game?

  117. love 0:55 to 1:00

  118. Having the same engine, only times 2, as an old dubble decker bus – fast it
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  120. sorry to be that guy, but Antarctica is the largest desert not the Sahara

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    never get out of it, only with help :D

  124. Dear sir – please always add a angry rant at the end of all your videos –
    love the tea through the nose moments they offer – all power to

  125. You are seriously so much funnier than YouTubers like pewds, the problem is
    that war thunder isn’t as popular as it should be :(

  126. I hope you are planning on taking out the Caernarvon (otherwise known as
    that bloody welsh named tank) for a spin soon. It is perhaps one of the
    greatest tanks in existence and couldn’t possibly be penetrated by AA guns
    through a gap in the turret ring, as it is for all reasons, purely
    propaganda by the enemy.

  127. I’ve just sent a like via pigeon, i sincerely hope those bloody gerries do
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  129. This made for rather splendid viewing before a nice, early night. Hopefully
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    This thing as about as threatening on a battlefield as a Volkswagen Beetle

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  133. Indunil Sameera Danthanarayana

    Slow and steady… British efficiency on display… I must say with the
    Cruiser Tanks the British Army has a wonderful series of tanks.Jolly good
    show Squire. How about taking out the 3inch Gun Carrier next :)

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    what tier would the t-29 and t-30 be if war thunder put them in cause both
    of them are real vehicles

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  142. jolly lovely as always

  143. Kinda wish the girl got to use her Little John Adaptor. It’d be nice to go
    around shooting things with an uber-HV 2-pounder. And also maybe if she had
    something better than bus engines on her. I mean, I’m sure they’re bloody
    good engines *for a bus*, but a bus doesn’t have to carry around

  144. I TOOK THE 1,000TH LIKE!!!

  145. LEgend has it Squire that Matilda can still be seen moving in Herds moving
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  146. awww come on, someone unliked it so now i have the 999 like. have it your
    way, I STILL GOT THE 1,000TH LIKE!

  147. I wish the game had the Daimler Armoured Car but it only has the Tetrarch
    with the same turret and the T17E1 Staghound with the 2 50.cals and the
    turret from a small torpedo boat and the one with the two 20mm oerlikons

  148. Real: top road speed of 25kph
    War Thunder: top road speed of 12kph

    The 3.0 BR that dumps it against 1943 era vehicles doesn’t help in the

  149. So much subscribers you deserve. So many so so many!!

  150. I remember this tank being a GOD back in World of Tanks, if you were high
    tier almost nothing could punch your armor and you fired so fast you ripped
    up everything that passed in front of you

  151. I know your videos take alot of work but you dont upload as much as you
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    What a dam good bloody good dam good job

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  157. what kinda crap you talking Squire? the Matilda can do over 200… if you
    shove it off a cliff

  158. Squire, you always have a way of making videos otherwise uninteresting to
    me (not so into tanks) supremely entertaining. Keep up the great content!

  159. the largest desert is antartica

  160. Hope you show us the GC in the near future.

  161. Smashing ol Chap. I believe Air command was looking to reassign your for a
    secret mission next in their new front line bomber, the Stirling. A flying
    fortess bristling with british 7s absolutely impenetrable from those hyena
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  162. Matilda is not slow sah, it is patient.

  163. no squire you could of called this video “waltzing matillda”.

  164. I really like the piano rag that you play at the end of your videos.

  165. Matilda is OP, should be BR 7.0 at least

  166. 00:31 “But fear not, the Matilda is what our American friends would call a
    ‘Speed Demon’. Myes.”.
    Heheh, it’s especially funny to me, because if you think about it, not even
    that long before this, America is a country where a pair of bicycle
    repair/salesmen were so upset with how slow bikes were, they invented
    bloody airplanes. :P

  167. You should do a video on the Stirling!!!

  168. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    “It looks like a LADA with a big gun stapled to the roof” im so dead

  169. Schrödinger's cat

    As a fellow Aussie i would like to know what ping Mags gets? or what server
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    Squire… I don’t know if you have experienced anything near to dialup, but
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    quite clearly see for yourselfs. If you think im lying i’ll just say that i
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  188. It’s badly over-tiered. Shame, good in reality, but crap in game.

  189. 23WalkDcool RBLX The Emperor of Horseland

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    actually squire antartica is the largest desert

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    :). Thanks Squire

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    Hope we can get the Little John barrel extension soon!

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    Leave the army to their own devices as it were!

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  211. Squire ol’ chap, my brethren and I would appreciate more Chivalry gameplay!

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  213. Squire, not sure if you know about this or not, but here it is, check it
    out: https://warthunder.com/en/media/partnership

  214. 2:21 its funny because you aimed at nothing and complained about its

  215. You gotta do the Daimler Armored Caar now

  216. The Matilda is absolute garbage in WT right now, because of its much too
    high BR. It’s probably be OK at 2.3.

  217. I love your commentary, man. It slayed me. And I’m of a rather discerning
    taste when it comes to blather, so you should be quite proud!

    Have subscrizzle

  218. Here is what I don’t get, why couldn’t the Brits design good tanks? Their
    planes were “bloody brilliant”, the Spitfire and Hurricane were iconic for
    a reason and the Mosquito was soo damned good even old Herman the German
    talked it up!

    But you look at the tanks and its just…yuck. Flat bolted on panels
    everywhere, undergunned, often as slow as a heavy without the armor to
    justify the speed, I just don’t get it. Was it like the Japanese in that
    they spent their resources elsewhere and the ground vehicles just weren’t
    getting any love? Were they just figuring they’d use Lend/Lease?

    I’m afraid I don’t know the history of British tanking, all I know was
    going from the scary good British planes to British tanks? Was a hell of a

  219. Watch this at 2x speed!

  220. Game request: Sir your being hunted

  221. Great Show !!

    P.s. I still think most Bittish Tanks are a bit too much uptiered, as in
    having a bit high BR.

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    … Is that the sound of you eating your keyboard?

  224. Took your advice and downloaded “Action” so far so good They didn’t seem to
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  229. la armadura del matilda era impentrable para otros tanques, solo los 88
    alemanes o los 90 italiandos podian pararlos, a principio de la guerra los
    panzer muy poco podian hacer para penetrar su casco

  230. matilda is sht in warthunder. bought her, cause i need a heavy tank for the
    Nevre got kills, got killed first. Worst tank in wt. tier 1 tanks kill it.

  231. Speed was not an issue when Matilda was designed.

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  243. Upright productions

    Nyeas, It appears to be rather nimble.

  244. Quick question did you get your name from a real f14 us navy pilot call
    sign squire

  245. what’s the ragtime song used in the intro and outro?

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