War Thunder – Brummbär “Adventures In Bewm!”

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Source: Bo Time

A of Brummbärs was released in ground forces. Its going to create panic for the Brummbärs the enemy. We also tried to climb a mountain.

Bo Time!


  1. I really enjoyed it 😀 so funny and exciting !

  2. Bo, I want to thank you. Your comedy and early posting has made my shitty
    day much better. Thank you.

  3. you guys should totally play as artillery on mozdok or a similar map
    (similar in how open and large the map is)

  4. I had a dream it was possible to consistently ammo rack a T34

  5. kv2 video

  6. Bo, how long did it take for you to climb up the mountain, only to realize
    that you couldn’t?

  7. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    Bo, you dirty mofo, do you read the comments? Get in touch, man!?

  8. Alan Wu (SirMrGuyHuman)

    Hah, there are four i-Robot Brummbars on the back

  9. 8:39 Bad News Brummbär

  10. Funfact: If you call some a “Brummbär” in german, it means he/she is
    someone that is always grumpy.

    Paint some grumpy faces on those Brummbärs, people. :3

  11. Kaboombar!

  12. “Wiggle wiggle wiggle that brummbar butt

  13. xxNoobTubezz (xxNoobTubezz)

    Who needs a Tiger when you can have the immense satisfaction of derping
    your opponents point blank with a 150mm shell!

  14. i got shot in a brumbär to Show a sherman i was cool

  15. Brummbär is pronounced “Brumm-bear” and means blackberry :)

  16. look its a brumba line

  17. Brummbö!

  18. Funny video. Thanks!

  19. Brunmbär sounds like swedish

  20. looks like a fun tank

  21. 275 subs for 75 k !!! keep up the good work hoss!!

  22. russian bias…. again

  23. Vincent “Echo” Purple

    I wanna see someone use the Brummbär as an artillery piece, and lob a 150mm
    shell INTO a Hellcat.

  24. Bo is now the Ice King?

  25. you wouldnt got to jail. you would go to the Strafbattalion

  26. Brumbär lives matter!!!!!!!!

  27. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    Brummbär train choo choo!

  28. Wow, that Sherman was really good at catch.

  29. Александр Воробьёв

    So, Germans now have troll cannon too.

  30. Nice vid keep it up

  31. See they shoulda mas produced this and put Bo time on command

  32. A storm panzer? I thought those were supposed to be, well, surprising…

  33. Bo can you link me the story and picture of the f9f that landed on the
    wrong ship and got graffitied? Please

  34. I flew at an scale rc warbirds event today. I got to see a b-17 flat spin
    till it crashed. Quite spectacular. But sad bc it cost about $2000 & I got
    to bring it back

  35. the muzzle velocity on that damn thing is comedy gold. it’s like it’s
    launched with a spring. Wooomf, BOOM!!!

  36. So, is the Brumbär worth the money?

  37. Hahahhhahah that convoy on desert xD

  38. fuck the 7 sad dickheads

  39. If you say; Gunther move! You should say it like this; GUNTAH MOVE DEIN

  40. If you say; Gunther move! You should say it like this; GUNTAH MOVE DEIN

  41. Towarisch Partisan

    why Günter? Friedrich-Otto von Strachwitz drive the tank!

  42. Survivors Includes us

    Does anyone have tips for a new kv-1 player

  43. “Brummbär lives matter” Best quote of this episode.

  44. #BrummbarLivesMatter

  45. why is it called brummbar it was called brummbaer

  46. 3:51 human centipede

  47. Just for the effing sound is the Brummbär absolutely worth the GEs it

  48. He should do a line of three kv2 and they are towing eachother

  49. #Brummbarlivesmatter #dicksoutforbrummbar

  50. 5:00 y’all trying to go to Franz Hill™? hahahaha

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