War Thunder – Brummbär “Battle of the Big Boys!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Earlier this week somebody requested during a live stream if I could revisit Brummbar! Since I love playing this thing so much, I couldn’t resist. is so much fun to lob these shells and obliterate what you hit.

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  1. Just wanted to say I hope all of you are having a great week!

  2. great vid Bo, hope Your week is better:)

  3. and another fvckn cheater here: SgtWinterer he is a fvckn pos aimbot and instant repair cheating AH more then 30 hits with big shells and he doesnt get a scratch in a KV1 from 400 meters distance in the side and front overall in the vulnerable regions and not a single damage at all, he killed one after another

    • you really should be reporting stuff like to Gaijin directly rather than a content creator’s comments section. It’s not like Bo can do anything about it.

  4. TBLF + large caliber assault gun = a barrel of laughs!

  5. How can you not know what a thunder buddy is 🤣

  6. I have never had much luck with the Brummbar but it was a pleasure watching you play it. Thanks Bo, Retro, Stick & Ham.

  7. oh, it got accepted. yes

  8. 20:52, That’s why you don’t spawn camp, lol. The T-34 kinda brought that on himself.

  9. poor chaffee

  10. 0:25 I got that reference!

  11. you need to do another B-17 video now that ham and stick are doing this more. B-17 would be fun

  12. They finally added spawn protection?

    I couldn’t give a exact number of times i have been spawn killed.
    Course they last time i played was Sep/4/2018

  13. ah the yeet and delete with armour. yet to drive it, but it looks very fun

  14. and no log boys were hurt in the making of this

  15. Can you tell me how you aim with this? Whenever I use the rangefinder it betrays me and it’s really frustrating.

  16. How does he get so much silver lions for an ok game? I get 9 kills and 4 assists and only get 8,000 silver lions

  17. They need to upgrade the Brummbar to the 3rd model, which had a machinegun. Great video. o7 BTW, with the inspiration from this video, I wound up with an ACE with the Brummbar yesterday!

  18. explosivephoenixgaming

    He got what in research I get every round just by capturing a point 😐

  19. I suddenly want to see stick’s face when he killed the KV 85


    I just died a little.

  21. 😂👍
    I imagine your internal soundtrack was like indestructible by the disturbed 😊🤣

  22. Hey no can you play the strv 122, it’s been a while and the vehicle still probably has the best armor that will take dm53 even on the hull

  23. Dr. Bananable Lector

    Man I got the Brummbar recently and taking it into arcade battles has been the most fun I’ve had in a while, all the long range indirect fire kills I’m getting with the thing is hilarious.

  24. Stick! Don’t be so damn heroic at the corners, please!

  25. I really hope gaujin bring an update that makes it so small tanks like the ASU literally blow apart when hit by something like the brumbar or kv2

  26. Lol didnt Expekt that i killd you XD sry i was the player who kilt him here –> 16:40

  27. World Bigfoot Radio

    It’s amazing after all this time playing with your team, they still consistently suck and die. One would expect gradual advancement over time, but these guys are so bereft of any tangible improvement, it violates all presumptions of evolution and all other natural laws, except entropy.

  28. Ah yes, one of those classic War Thunder “well you technically killed him, but he still has complete control of the aircraft…” kills.

  29. If you can dodge a German he shell you can dodge a ball

  30. =MMTE=Killkiss_son

    ARL44: we’ll see about that…

  31. I just realized something while watching an old video of yours. You have missed every opportunity to say Bo-lice instead of police

  32. 8:47 “IL-2? That’s not that scary.”
    >IL-2 destroys a KV-2

  33. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video of War Thunder man!

    Bo: “My Booty is in the Air and I am completely exposed to the World….”
    Me and the Community: “Statement of the Century, I think so!”

  34. Bo: “Cannonball inbound.”

    Ham: “OOP!”

    Keep up the good work Bo. You and your buddies always make me smile.

  35. 9:01 “Wait I came inside!”

  36. Today was crappy for me. But we can start the weekend right with TBLF.

    Also that shot at 9:54 was mean. Crew turned into ash

  37. And Stickboi caught that cannonball

  38. 0:52 that was how hanz drops the bass

  39. I am having a good week

  40. Could you do a video on the tu-4?

  41. Day 17 of po2 footage quest
    I might stop at day20
    Or not idk i have nothing better to do

  42. Hey I was wondering if you could do lower teir tanks for those who are starting out and barely on teir 2 or 3

  43. “You give and I’ll take” I think Sturm just offered to bottom for Bo. What do you guys think?

  44. Had an old German dude named Rudy at a ww2 reenactment knickname me after the brummbar. Became a joke with my brothers and our inlaw goldilocks and the 3 bears (broombear, goomibear, and baby bear)

  45. Hey bo I was wondering if I could play wt with you?

  46. “I’m so sorry for the people who live here” – what more does one need to say, such care and compassion for the unwilling victims of war.

  47. How do you do the yellow tags?

  48. wolfie the T posing protogen

    i can now say that thunder buddies isnt a bad thing here is the definition. A friend or object that you keep close when you are nervous about a certain situation that frightens, or anytime there is a literal thunder storm.

  49. I just love playing the Brummbar sometimes; you barf out a huge shell and something dies. 😀

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