War Thunder – BT-7 (F-32) “The Tank I Never Knew I Needed!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The first video of the Operation Heat vehicles has arrived! Meet a with a 76mm cannon attached to it. The combination of size, firepower, and speed incredibly at almost any battle rating. I hope you enjoy the video and the twitch clip I threw in at the start!

All In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)
Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. smelly crackerboxx

    How do I get this tank I don’t know how to get into the heat event

  2. 6:44, did anyone else think Bo was gonna do an A-Team themed musical about how awkward his situation was?

  3. I appriciate ur time and effort for us Bo and all ur cool friends!

  4. 4:10 Spacing! *Promptly bombed*

    Me ?????

    Watching this video feels like deja vu. Like you uploaded this one years ago.

  5. This tank right here is the only reason I participated in HEAT. So glad I got it too.

  6. Brandon Brünious

    Bismark in that Italian armoured car?

  7. Was not expecting the intro of the video to be from the most recent stream.

    Another great video as always. The gang does well, panic and all.

  8. The silence from everyone as Bear witnesses everyone in front of him get disintegrated in an instant…

  9. NarcassisticGamer

    This may be the closest I get to the power of the BT42

  10. Best War Thunder Youtuber, jumps right in the Action and the teamspeak is great, enjoy every new Video !!!!! Hope to see much more of them in future

  11. GTA V INSIDER hulkbeast5512


  12. GTA V INSIDER hulkbeast5512


  13. I needed this after the day I had! Thanks to Bo and CREW!

  14. Probably the best vehical in the event

  15. What has been with the @live usernames in WarThunder?

  16. This video was far funnier having seen first hand this man slaughter Leo/L44s with the BT-7 ?

  17. why does everyone have @live!?

  18. I heard a story of a KV2 that held off a whole german tank unit. Obviously your not a KV2 but you reminded me of it.

  19. Tankrider 12345678900 [NOR]

    can you make an SU 122 video please, im grinding the russian TDs

  20. What time do you usually play? Can your fans join you?

  21. panzerpete75[GoW]

    Comment to support Bo and Co!

  22. I wanted to grind this tank but I’m too late.

  23. Where’s cobey?

  24. I hate that tank is way to OP for that BR. WT was very unbalanced now its unplayable as Germany. You get wrecked now on every BR.

  25. I think i need to start playing RB.

  26. Your teammates may be idiots, but they’re highly entertaining idiots.

  27. Thank you TBFL for another amazing video. Oh boy did I enjoy this one. Thank you for all the laughs. 07 gents

  28. Great video!

  29. I NEED one how do I get one

  30. Merciless Thunder

    This definitely will be in 2019 recap
    ⬇️Like to agree

  31. Great vid yet again. Seems like fun little tank. Loved the jump contest at the end

  32. your tank is fast as fuck boiii

  33. I don’t have any Rank III Vehicles and I’m not willing to spend 5x 999 GE’s. Which is really getting on my nerves because I really like this tank -.- But the video somewhat makes up for that^^ Thanks Bo!

  34. I was one of bo’s enemies in the last match of the video, we were losing at first but pulled through. It was lots of fun

  35. How do you get this vehicle

  36. Sometimes I think it would be cool to play with a squad, and then other times I wonder… 4:15

  37. Fulwar_ Safox7894

    Now whe need a low br japanese/italian light tank with a big gun

  38. What kind of gun is that damn lol

  39. “You’re about to be flanked!”

    “By what?”


  40. wow, that gun is ridiculous

  41. OH MY GOD! HOW DO YOU SEE THESE GUYS!LOLman i cant see most of the targets you kill.lol

  42. Ice Wallow Come Chico

    There is another tank like this one but with a short barrel like the T-28 though.

  43. Michael Karnerfors

    05:45 Bo, you need to check your mini-map more… it took you 33 seconds to notice that stack of Panzers. 😀

  44. PUBG Mobile Gods. Not always PUBG

    Now world of tanks is gonna make BT7 tier VI

  45. That last stand at A is one of the most epic things I’ve seen TBLF do. That’s worthy of a Sabaton song

  46. Just realized this is the BT-7 Artillery from WoT

    • looks to be same or similar turret, not the gun tho
      although the F32’s gun does look to be just a longer barrel version of the Art’s gun

  47. RoundHouse TrainSpotting

    Phat LÖÖTS

  48. I HATE this tank… Sooo many battles lost already to this mofo…

  49. BT, literally a “bush tank” don’t @ me. ?

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