War Thunder – BTR-ZD “This Thing Is Chaos!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The BTR-ZD is a recently added Russian Mid Tier AA that is literally a BTR-ZD with a ZU-23 strapped to the top it. In real life, the ZU could be fired from on top of the vehicle. The ZU can also be towed by the BTR-D if necessary. As well as being removed and placed in a position if deserved. It is most definitely the way of transporting anti-air teams and their .

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  1. What is your favorite Anti-Air Vehicle in the game and why is it the Wirblewind?

  2. I saw u in a challenger tank a few mintues ago u making a vid?

  3. This Video.. of all Video’s.. Has made me a Sturmling Fan!!!!
    Sturmling You rock ! Your calls are amazing, Your optimism is…brutal..

  4. Literally a brrt tractor.

  5. I love how none of you decided to move even after that B17 dropped it’s payload.

    Was it Ham or Stick literally warning it.

    Usually you are freaking out Bo

  6. Thought it would be a walk away landing till you flipped. RIP crew

  7. Was so excited for this vid!
    One of my favorite adds of this patch

  8. i was laughing the whole way through Bo and co, great video

  9. Great video Bo!
    Thank you Sturmling, Stick, and Ham for helping with this vid!

  10. I have 4 actually
    The US M16 MGMC
    The Italian M42
    The Russian BTR 152
    The UK Crusader AA

  11. Opening scene: Sorry kids, it’s adult swim.

  12. Noah’s awesome vids

    That thing a little op for it br I have a feeling it br will be changed from 4.3 br to 5.3 or 7.7

  13. I can’t wait until they add the rest of the BMD series

  14. sturmling sounds like caboose from red v blue

  15. Loved the video, guys. Thanks for the laughs and the hard work you all put in to this!

    Also, I’d say my favorite AA is the M42, it has been a staple in my American line up from all the way into 7.0+ and has proven very reliable for me in both shooting down planes and knocking out vehicles.

  16. Yup trucks and aa are the best tanks 🙂

  17. Favorite? Wirblewind with force field and 4 AI targeted x-ray phasers. And a snack compartment.

  18. Z comrades

  19. Do you remember when the soviets strapped a 23mm AAA gun to the roof an amphibious vehicle that wouldn’t exist for 30 or more years and then crossed the Volga and fought at Stalingrad and then all the way until Berlin.


    Well Pepridge Farms remembers and apparently Gaijin does too

  20. The_Amazing_Tanker

    The new update has so many visual glitches.

  21. 10 seconds in and Ham is sunk. Lol

  22. “Chaos” is TBLF’s official motto! Perfect combination.

  23. Bro nobody talking about the zsd63, the original chad

  24. I have done better fighting jets than prop engines with the PE-8

  25. You I’m in the video zombiepro76 the Sherman Firefly killed stickboy three times

  26. 9:43 I can imagine Soviet tank crews disabling German tanks and then hopping out with wrenches and screwdrivers to take the thing apart “Peice by Peice! Bolt by Bolt!”

  27. MarshallFunk1234

    Did you happen to Plat a game on the winter factory map. I think I killed you in game near the c point

  28. Hambone turned into that crazy lizard from Rescuers Down Under lol

  29. love how they propped up the back of the gun on two pieces of wood. true Soviet style

  30. That thing is getting bumped up to at least 4.7 next patch. With two 23s firing that fast, with 6ish crew, 4.3 is insanely low for that.

  31. Play as the fire crest

  32. I love watching your videos, whenever i have a bad day I watch your videos and they cheer me up.

  33. 4:50 big mistake deploying flaps, they were unbalanced and stopped you from turning right.

  34. Please do the Pvkv 3 that just got added

  35. Captain Remington

    Little known fact, there is an amphibious variant of the ASU-57, and yes, I want them to add it.

  36. I finally unlocked this thing and used some boosters to spade it. I thought the wirblewind was nice. This thing is a beast.

  37. Why not just make a turret with the AA inside? I mean that gun sure seemed effective on multiple things but no armor for the gun crew? not even cheapo bullet plates in front to stop the first few rounds of incoming fire?!

  38. It don’t go down

  39. 5:05 poor Bo half a tail, half an elevator. It was like Willy Wonka’s office

  40. so funny you lot are , the best play

  41. brrrt.

  42. It’s basically an R3 but with Russian bias lol

  43. 20:37 Stick! Protect the child!

  44. I was enjoying it at first but after playing it it honestly seems like shit. Every time you try to shoot something the entire tank just jumps and throws your aim off and half your magazine is gone before you even get your aim back on target.

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