War Thunder – Calliope & KV-220 still OP?

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Source: Robbaz

Rolling out pay to win, pray to the rng card gods.


  1. Dispens the Rockets more like dispens the freedom

  2. Kamiboo Dwarfmail

    Make a series of project zomboid with sprinters

  3. As an American I am proud.

  4. It was so cool to see that MikeGoesBoom donated during the stream, next to Robbaz he’s easily one of my favorite youtubers.

  5. So pay2win

  6. 7:32 He Has a score of 1337

  7. Love you Robbaz ?

  8. Dicker Max has just as much pen as a Nashorn – in fact its gun is better as it overmatches thicker armour, and with more HE filler


  10. Alexandre Dufresne

    The laugh of robbaz is amazing.

  11. Murica

  12. What is op in cal?

  13. This guy gets way to excited

  14. his name in loke. loki is marvel virson

  15. I haven’t played War Thunder since flaming arrows. Should I get back into it?

  16. the one shot machine

  17. lmao the panzer 4 still alive at 2:10

  18. Robbaz make Prison Architect videos!

  19. Für Vaterland Und Ehre!
    Deutschland forever!

  20. Listen robbaz plz plz I’m addicted to gingerburg make more before I go crazy plz olz

  21. Louis Nadeau Freerunning

    Play mount and blade 2 bannerlord when it comes out

  22. War Thunder is pay to meme.

  23. you sound like Master Yoda from star wars

  24. I fear robbaz is losing the plot is feel like he is going insane

  25. Nexterslab is subbed to you do you know what happened to him please help nó upload since 10 month

  26. Robert this great man with a channel called “Malcolm merlyn” posted a video trying to get this scammer to transfer them to you but he’s trying to be an imposter! The scammer had finally lost it he now believes he’s king of Sweden

  27. What screen capture and video editing software do you use?

  28. Please, could you play some BATTLEFIELD 1?

  29. Robbaz what do you think of hens in Sweden hens as in a “pronoun”

  30. Wow. Three Robbaz videos in one week. Robbaz needs some money to impress some puss puss

  31. The KV-220 is the King of Angles at 5.7. At 6.7, it doesn’t matter how angled you are, the Tiger II will just one-shot you.

    I had an interesting game last night where someone tried to take me on in their Pz II DAK. I just ignored him… gave the guy credit for having the balls to drive one at 5.7. 😛

  32. ROBERT!! have you left that cucked country of Sweden yet?? Its too late to save the country they have descended to ungodly amounts of gayness and cuckery. I told you this would happen robbaz!! The fembots took over now every man must be assimilated. RUN ROBBAZ. RUN BEFORE THEY CHOP OFF YOUR PENIS AND TURN YOU INTO A HEN!

  33. Robbaz, you hipster, where are them My Summer Car videos?

  34. OMG, I just came up on this channel…Romero!!!, you live…

  35. damn u fucking suck spawn camper.

  36. Dear robbaz, You’re a slacker, PS Upload more. WHERE IS FINLAND SIMULATOR, You’re uncle will give you ass fucking if you do not get on there.

  37. ┻┳|
    ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.•) Daddy, Are The Reptilians Gone? HISSSSSSSS (<_<) ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳| HISSSSSSS (<_<) /﹋ (҂`O´) - NOT YET SON!!!! HISSSSSSSS (<_<) <,︻╦╤─ ҉ -- -- -- -- -- /﹋

  38. U play dis?

  39. W H E R E A R E T H E
    V I D E O S Y O U C U N T

  40. Sickest laugh of Robbaz ever 2:14

  41. Start the video at 6:12

  42. Robert I’m so pissed YouTube unsubs me all the time from you but I love your channel and I watch everyday and I want to know when you upload.

  43. 5:03 THAT HO-RO MAN

  44. House of Hohenzollern

    4:24 cool vagina hair


  46. MURICA!!!!

  47. Its so fucking op this peace of shitt

  48. Murders everything in 2 hits with insane rate of fire. “I feel like it is still a bit OP”.

    Just a bit right ?

  49. Robbaz upload so rarely between every upload I worry he’s dead or injured. I think I love Robbaz – no homo.

  50. Robbaz you should play For honor again. I think you’d like the Legendary Walrus Raider.

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