War Thunder – Can You Kill Yourself With An ATGM? (War Thunder Gameplay)

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War Thunder – Can You Kill Yourself With An ATGM? (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. you could do a trick shot with this technique

  2. De ja vu

  3. Use this method to kill a tank behind hard cover in tank RB.

  4. I wish there an Petition needed for ani-ATGM and Guided missles! its
    ruining the game! unbalanced as hell! and u dont need to been skilled to
    use it as a pro.

  5. Phly “Not the planes. I’m like why. It’s just like why can’t you drop bombs
    on planes you know.”

    Me “You haven’t tried bombs try to bomb other planes, please.” ;)

  6. pedro pietrowski

    you can’t harm yourself, is the same as if you shoot with the kv-2 in an
    wall right next to you. it’ll do no damage at all

  7. What is your gaming name?

  8. ATGM vs mig 15 bis idk v

  9. Phly, you don’t even get hit by the splash dmg so probably it’s a no go.

  10. DaDonut paradise

    wow this is a dark story about someone attempting and attempting too kill
    himself but can’t manage to do so

  11. You clearly cant kill urself with atgm. So many rockets landed under ur
    tank but those HE rockets didnt even do a single bit of splash damage to u

  12. hey dude can u duing an vidio how to due an good hallfax crow ??? thx

  13. I hate the intro music I always mute it

  14. Wouldn’t it have been easier to shoot the rocket straight up then bring it
    back down?

  15. Bomber mission, get your friends and get a really big bomber for one
    person, fighter escorts for the others

  16. Phlydaily play as the SU-100!plssssss!!!!!!!!!I play WarThunder!!!!

  17. I play WarThunder!!!

  18. The Pe8 thing worked because they were still separate vehicles. I don’t
    think a vehicle can destroy itself with it’s own weapons. Probably a coding
    thing they did so HE shells wouldn’t explode inside their own barrels.

  19. Hey Phly you should do a War Thunder Mythbusters video series, i think it
    would be awesome.
    And btw your channel has became a part of my daily life, also when i get
    depressed or some shit like that your videos always help me get over it, so
    keep up the amazing work man i really appreciate it.

  20. Try it in realistic

  21. Phly, try to shoot an atgm with another atgm

  22. what does he mean by “burning retrograde”, and how does he slow the missile

  23. The BloodRedDragon

    Doesn’t using an ATGM kinda stupid if you can’t move while firing? If you
    can have an option to move while firing, that would be sweet. Still, how
    would you move it if you use Mouse to see, WASD to aim, and… Arrow keys
    to maneuver?

  24. MultiverseGaming

    Phly, try to get a kill at the beginning of the round by shooting an ATGM
    and guiding it into the enemies spawn to get the first kill of the game,
    I’ve done it on Poland!

  25. plz play the lvt a 1 or the flakpanzer 1

  26. TechnologyLilMessage

    Do I hate Mars bars please

  27. *mythbusters music plays*

  28. phly i got my frist jet today

  29. dat paint scheme is genius, lol

  30. You can kill your self on the test drive get in a lightly armoured fast
    tank and ram the Maus or any of the tanks maybe not the PZ 2 c or the t-26

  31. I think they made it so that you can’t hit yourself with the rockets
    because, just when you launch it, the rocket would often collide with your
    own tank, detonate and damage/kill yourself. Seems like an obvious issue,
    and an easy, well decided way to fix it.

  32. Park next to a tank, that way if it did go through, it would hit the other
    and confirm it hit you. Good job. You got way more patience than I do.

  33. Joe die you Change your Hangar Cane you Make a Video pls

  34. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    The tihng code-wise is tat if you “always” have it so yo ucan hit yourself,
    it may hit yorself upon launch if it spawns from within the damage model of
    your vehicle or how quake 3’s rocket launcher would hit your head from
    inside your boundry box the moment you click the fire button.. Some game
    fix this by putting a timer (e.g. 0.15 seconds) before it becomes “active”
    to yourself

  35. why not trying on the vertical +PhlyDaily? or is it worst?

  36. You can’t kill yourself with ATGM’s, I wasted 14 minutes and 57 seconds of
    my life watching this, don’t watch this.

  37. Blazemartin Play'z

    first rocket hit u , in tanks u can’t kill yourself

  38. Ply try shooting the tank in front of you

  39. When the cringe so bad but you ain’t got no bleach to drink

  40. Peace Army (박준효)

    can you do that in strv?

  41. One more thing you could try, making the missile leveled to the ground so
    it won’t hit the ground and it will pass thru you.

  42. this reminds me of me trying to see if you can ricochet a bullet off a
    man’s skull in sniper elite 3

  43. Slovenian Home Guard

    Brexit saved UK from EU’s tyranny.


  45. Phly I’ve heard that you can shoot down aircraft launched rockets. SHOOT
    ONE DOWN! Probably a Wirbelwind might be best, with its 4 20mms (blaze it)
    and the 6 inch rockets on the FW 190 might be the easiest to shoot down.

  46. Pleaz velentine and Wellington

  47. What does he mean by burning retrograde?

  48. Can you hit flying ATGM with other ATGM ? 😀 Let’s try this out.

  49. Ok its posible to kill yourself in test drive i drove with the T 34 85 to
    the river and drowned

  50. to kill yourself in the test drive (as long as you don’t use the Pt-76 or
    LVT) just go into the water

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