War Thunder – Centurion Mk 5 AVRE “I love This Thing!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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I have been waiting for ages for something like this to be added to War Thunder. We have a dozer blade, a big freaking gun, and accessories! The blade may not move but it does add some additional armor and the ability to push your enemy around like you once did with Tonka trucks as a kid. The 165mm Hesh Rounds bring a smile as they blow the turret straight off your enemy. Simply put, I had a lot of fun.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/

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  1. Only 3000xp for 8 kills… Jesus.

  2. “I’m not very accurate dive bombing with this plane.”

    Proceeds to drop 1000 lb bomb directly into commander’s hatch.

  3. Andrew Armstrong

    Wow hull break on Object 120… now that’s impressive.

  4. why is it that if your loader dies you must completely reload the shell even when fully loaded already

  5. 6:05 just the tip of the track

  6. PPs biggest fan kingtiger kriegsmarine

    5:34 why didn’t you say “kill”? We find a target range the target and kill the target. Lol

  7. Interesting Facts

    nice update, isnt it bo?

  8. With that big drop I have some trouble on the big maps, but in town or mountainous it is DARTH

  9. Stirling listens to the best of the Basset Hounds

  10. 10:32 that’s good bomb

  11. 13:34 *laughs in french*

  12. Gaming Saba Saba

    That’s a lot of Damage

  13. Awesome rampage!

  14. Fatso in a big fat Firefly

    Bo do you like the new plane gun sounds?? 😀

  15. Benjamin Downing

    Can you do a video on the IAR-81C?

  16. whats with the bulldozer plough? if it was truly british the engine wouldnt start

  17. You gotta love the shit-barn man

  18. I love this tank too, but I’ve been having some bugs with it. Then again, I get a lot of bugs with War Thunder in general, as has been documented by TBLF in abundance, but sometimes I’d be driving down a road with this thing only to have one of my tracks go out for no reason whatsoever. Unless the Centurion Mk. V AVRE naturally has bad tracks for some unearthly reason.

  19. Funny, the 1st add that ran was an add for World of Tanks 🙂

  20. Gwyn's Last Knight

    >actually killed someone with the blade

    Meme thunder

  21. 7.3 Russia is a joke now


    i don’t understand why you speak like kids ?

  23. zombiekiller2point9

    9:40 props to the guy for making a actually effective surprise attack.

  24. The FV4005 is basically a tank chassis and a shed from home depot just had a baby and it was a boy

  25. The first death they has is so funny

  26. Looking forward to your vids!! 🙂

  27. Gone With The Wind

    I need this AVRE to complete my Centurion line 😀

  28. Gone With The Wind

    Oh BTW did they fix HESH?

  29. they attack from the side not the front lol

  30. “I’m not very accurate with dive bombing in this plane!”
    *puts the 1000 pounder directly through the T-44’s turret roof*

    I think you’re selling yourself under value there Bo. With that kind of hit, the bomb wouldn’t even need to explode, it would have simply crushed through the turret and turned the commander and gunner into red mush. Literally the last thing to go through their heads… ^^

  31. flying panzer VII

    Do anothwr vid with this tank. Its good.

  32. Oh god it’s so effective.
    With the 165mm derp, Stupid ass one-shoot gameplay is alive.

  33. Sturmling used his pocket sand


  35. 6:09 did I see a turret roll down the hill ?

  36. Gee, you could fire small children on tricycles out of that tube.

  37. okay please if you rangefind and then use your mouse wheel to use zeroing keep in mind that the round wont go at the marker but WHERE THE CIRCLE IS. i dont know how you’ve never figured that out because i’ve seen you miss shots because of it. but please keep it in mind

  38. I know that chemdog guy lol

  39. RandomWarThunder

    18:10 gotta love the “oh” that sturmling and loli both say at the same time. I love the apparent obliviousness of the squad, makes everything so fun to watch

  40. Whats British for jail you ask? Australia is the answer.

  41. deadn xd

  42. How do you use the range finder?

  43. Is it just me or does Sturmling sound Sheldon?

  44. i realize that his whole platoon including himself doesnt know how to ping based off of comms lol

  45. 9:35 if i didnt know any better, i would call foreshadowing

  46. cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  47. What country is tank

  48. How you look around without your turret turn? It’s annoying that I look around when my turret turn

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