War Thunder – Centurion Mk.5 AVRE “It Can Finally Push Dirt!”

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With arrival the new patch Dozer Blades are now actually able to raise, lower, and somewhat push terrain around. Is it a gimmick or actually useful?

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  2. Why is this video the funniest thing I’ve seen in forever.


  3. “Bo-Dozer”

  4. Looking at Bo’s hole 😂😉

  5. Stick is killing me with those 1 liner construction jokes lol

  6. Bob the Bo-lder

  7. Thank you so much for the raid. I never expected anything to come from my hobby. Unfortunately I had never seen you befor tonight but I am gonna change that quick. Have a wonderful night and a amazing rest of your weekend

  8. Bo the Builder

  9. hahahah this was a great one

  10. 13:40 you are not guarding B you are Gardening at B

  11. bury stickboy so he becomes TREEMAN or GROOT for short

  12. Bo The Builder

  13. After watching this, I don’t think bo will ever get invited to someone’s house again. (for fear of losing it to a 163mm shell)

  14. Erick Drago Mortem

    I’d call you bo-dozer

  15. Why not Bozer?

  16. lets be honest…this is the most useless update ever…cool…but useless

  17. “We’re in Poland!” – Hmmmnope, Breslau (Silecia) became Poland after WW2, when Poland was shifted westards onto German State territory, because Russia did not want to give up what they invaded 1939 in eastern Poland.
    This being a WW2 Map, it is Germany. Oh well, it used to be Austria further years back… Oh this is confusing! 😀
    Fine, it is Poland, now.

  18. “This is my hole–my home . . . everybody’s dead here.”
    Sounds like the opening line to a new Tim Burton Halloween-themed musical.

  19. Bo gigging holes and kills enemy tanks that come to watch him do it! Brilliant tactics😆

  20. Too bad you didn’t get a map with a beach-y area. Then you definitely would’ve been making sand castles. 😉

  21. The bt-7 irl holds the record for the longest jump performed by a tank

  22. This is what happens when one child in a group has a new fancy toy. Please all bring dozers next time and we’re sure to see some truly epic engineering projects <3

  23. Znajomy_nie_Znajomego


  24. Now we need actual recovery and engineering vehicles added to the game

  25. I wish that they added the Sherman with a dozer honestly lol

  26. So, are we going to ignore the facts that this update was a massive ‘fuck you’ to us? No one was asking for this, they were asking for bug fixes, better low tier vehicle battles and others like that? So when are we going to revoke this now unrealistic game?

  27. Real question is, Can you bury a CV-33

  28. Gotta say the whole helicopter thing is fun and all but just like bo I too didn’t like getting missile in the side of the head. Unlike bo I stopped playing high tier but I still enjoy seeing bo play high tier

  29. Bo is digging a new basement for Joe Biden to hide in. Let’s go Brandon!

  30. Bo the Builder!

  31. 3:37 that was such a massive explosion from the shell. Really makes one appreciate how powerful HESH is.

  32. What a cool new feature

  33. We need a Killdozer April Fools now.

  34. You need to play enlisted. It has potential to be hilarious

  35. Yeah but what’s your daily login streak? 😳

  36. Bo flat out refuses to reload smoke.

  37. TBLF OSHA Violations

  38. Where’s Baghdad poop at?

  39. We all know gaijin unlocked all tanks for u 🙂 we actually play properly

  40. be in Bos game and see random holes everywhere then see bo in the hole surrounded by dead tanks

  41. Bo the builder xD

  42. Bo-ldozer. I dig that.

  43. When the new update uses over 6 more GB of precious space and you don’t even play tanks….

  44. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    wait, so… if Bo wants to be called a Dozer, does that make him Bozer?

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