War Thunder CEO Interview & 1.71 New Tanks Showcase (War Thunder Gamescom 2017)

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Live from Gamescom 2017. I sit down with 's CEO chief developer War Thunder, Anton Yudintsev to talk about the future of War Thunder and the new goodies coming in


  1. T-14 Armata confirmed

  2. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Since warthunder is ocassionally using maps with fictional and alternate history. Why not throw in a crazy map. Like say. German attack on New York or something or Japanese invasion of Russia from the south. (Which was actualy part of the planned operation barbarossa

  3. 88,88 flak trololol

    I have a question for him… when is he going to add the Sturmtiger

  4. Modern tanks, that’s all I care about. Tired of WW2 and early cold war garbage

  5. haven’t played WT since 1.63 i think

  6. This was painful to watch. Next time you might want to come with some questions yourself to ask, instead of asking twitch mods to skim the chat, then send them to you. It looks very unprofessional and lazy. Furthermore, when you’re asking the questions, focus on asking questions – not playing the game, it seemed very uncoordinated. Then showcase the new vehicles with Anton and show the gameplay. Also, memorizing some of those bullet points for each vehicle, put them on a Q card or something instead of reading from a MSWord file, onscreen. I’m not sure if all this was last minute (like how they told you about further streaming), but I think these would go a long way of making your streams nicer to watch.

  7. Hope phly looks below where the real questions are

  8. Phly got some interview skills. Nice!

  9. Wait what if we did something like passive radar missiles

  10. Phly 4 words “kill tanks with torpedoes” ???

  11. he keeps mentioning things that they wont introduce tf

  12. I love the progress of War Thunder, the constant improvements and more content feels great for the game. its just that sometimes the wrong people off the wrong feedback and it hurts the dev’s progress

  13. Hey Anton where is my Me 262 HG II?

  14. Wait, where is gamescom?

  15. Just imagen a B-52 in this game XD

  16. A question for you PhlyDaily, and maybe you can pass the word along. Is their a possibility of some tanks ( Not all ) getting Battle ready rounds ? ( Meaning that the tanks with this ability have a small number of munitions more readily available, and can quickly engage targets ) But once their gone, it takes longer ( or the usual game reload time designated for their respective vehicle.
    To balance this ( if its even viable ) I would just limit the vehicle to just 2, or 3 rounds at the most that are Battle Ready.

    This would be historically accurate too. XD

    Another question I had was, what do you think about the mechanic where no round is loaded in the breach until we hit a number a round is matched too, allowing us to select which is loaded depending on what opponent we first come up against on the battlefield. ( I think the loading timer could be adjusted to where it loads half way, or a little over half way, and once you select the round the loading timer finishes the rest of the way. XD
    Also, the ability to reload a round without firing would be nice too. ( Keeps you from potentially revealing your position )


  18. come meet me oussidee in Air RB ?

  19. there is factor who all forgot, its gunpowder gas and crew tiredness

  20. Hey phly or any of the fans on this page, what are the best videos to watch for dogfighting, I’m not to bad at it now, just wanna see how the legend does it, so yea which videos of his did y’all like for his acrobatics and tactics?? Thanks all, warthunder fan base and phly fan base

  21. Thank you phly. Just from watching you videos I know where to hit certain tanks. You are the best

  22. try to kill a high tier tank by shot 50cal into the tank barrel

  23. What about a German VK Series ? 30.01 and 36.01H ??

  24. Can you play with P80 c tomorow please

  25. Phly can you do kv2 zis6 and Pe 8

  26. This comment section had 666 comments but I destroyed the Satan so pray for me!

  27. I played crossout and it’s very fun and I’m level 10 or 11 pls play more

  28. My PS4 username is kalama_

  29. If u see me in war thunder pls friend if it’s possible

  30. You should have pressed harder for a proper navy Phly, I’m very disappointed. I’m not saying you should have pestered and made a tantrum but “well yeah the community is gonna say they want them [without thinking]” or “you know I actually didn’T want this”… Really? Very disappointed.

    Anton is as usual spouting out the speed nonsense when most of the current boats are very close to BBs in speed.

    And please let the community decide what will be fun and what will be not Anton. You say BBs will be boring and introduce fishing boats with guns as supposedly fun. Guess what? It was not fun. Maybe your sense of fun and community’s sense of fun just doesn’t match hmm?

  31. FRENCH TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I still want Warthunder Uboats

  33. HOLY FUCK MIG21 CONFIRMED???? Shit gotta start grinding again now

  34. When war thunder on xbox one?

  35. So the Italian planes are staying right? If my pizza launchers leave me I will die inside.

  36. gaijin has the worst devs i have ever seen, they never listen to their community. their forum is full with critics, still people playing this game cause no other game has this kind of realstic battle mode.

  37. Why would you interview someone and play a game at the same time? xD Talk about multitasking.

  38. I say we make Phly take out the F2H2 once again…

  39. tell him to put infantry too, plz

  40. what about heat-seeker missile (HM) they would be easy to fire and remover-er around if we had flares? the game play would be easy but hard to master and most 60-70 aircraft could only hold up to 4-6 HM? right?

  41. awww, so this is who i am paying everytime i buy golden eagles.

  42. You should be able to test drive ALL VEHICLES that is “red marked”

  43. “We want to make the game playable” still allows the 5000kg bomb, and the Type 65…. good job

  44. i just have one request for now…erradicate ***** norway map from WT…i’m sick of it to death!
    i’ve been playing more combined battles, and the few times i go to planes, i just get ***** norway!!!!!!

  45. I want this M3 lee added add-on for protection

  46. How do you get that many golden eagles

  47. love the unloved t20

  48. I haven’t played WT since flaming arrows. Should I get back into it?

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