War Thunder – Char B1 ter “A Giant Fighting Toddlers”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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We have talked about revisiting of the better low-tier premiums for a while now… yup another spin around the block in the B1 ter.

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  1. That slap-fight was so pitiful, shameful, and just silly. One day I will get good at the game lol

    • @Duke of toast m4a2 is dummy proof

    • can you play the Semovente 75/34 M43? it goes way under the radar at 3.3, has 100mm of armor on the front and 70 on the sides, impenetrable when angled basically.

    • that fight was like the fight I had with a Churchill when I played with the kv-1 L11. We we shot so many rounds at each other that both of us ran out of ammo and just started to push each other and shoot MG’s, it eventually ended with him getting bombed, but I did not even drive 5 meters when I also got bombed. A lot of screaming, crying, panicking and sounds I did not even know I could make was all you could hear from me for about 15 minutes.

  2. second hand stuka:))))))))))

  3. Jesus that matilda gigachad.

  4. Antisocial Engineering

    Fun Fact, you can cook fish on your cars engine. Just wrap in aluminium foil and place on rocker cover or top of the radiator radiator (not exhaust, that’s too much).
    With some cracked pepper and lemon juice wrapped up with it, it’s pretty good

  5. The B1 is so scary, but also not scary. It’s scary, because it’s big an angry, but also easy to kill if you know what you’re doing

  6. 1-800 get bomb.

  7. Rice cooker can make almost anything. The fish still will cook stickboy. You just need to improvise like asian.

  8. I really want this tank im starting to use the french tanks (I’m waiting for the french navy prob won’t happen since nobody really knows about the french navy) and this could help the grind

  9. I wish I could join TBLF

  10. I’m confused how the matilda was so hard to kill, every time I’ve used mine I’ve been one hit killed on opening shot regardless of where I got hit to the point I use the valentine instead. I love seeing these slug fests so much but Only tank I’ve ever had get close to that is my m3 stuart when it refused to die lol, poor thing took so many hits xD

    • B1 has pretty awful pen on both guns; usually when you’re driving the Matilda you end up fighting Panzers with either the long 50mm with APCR or the 75mm with HEAT rounds that make swiss cheese out of the Matilda’s armor.

    • @Mason Decker True, very true. But I still find it very questionable. Considering the amount of hits that the m3 stuart variants can take along with the valentine tanks just make it incredibly odd that the strongest one I have never survives past 1 hit while my light tanks take 10+ hits to kill pen or no pen. No armor, best armor as they say smh lol.

  11. 1:41 “Paint me like one of your French girls”

  12. Stickboy’s cookbook is called, The Billy Goat’s Cuisine.

  13. Best slap fight ever. Great video guys. You all are a blessing. 07 and <3

  14. 11:30 Yes, most rice cookers can cook fish. Mine can. You just need to like steamed fish.

  15. Is that river deeper than the Marinas Trench? Poor Stick

  16. Stickboi you can have Steamed Fish with Black bean sauce in a rice cooker

  17. Bo is gonna cook for stick one of these days

  18. This seems like bullying the new players


    well i skip my class because my wifi is low

  20. is using a leopard 1 then 2-5 minutes later get sniped by a JUMBO 76 from 892 meters away a bad start
    cuz the leopard i sniped might have blamed me for aimbot even tho its just range finding and sight distance control
    then few minutes later i killed a careless Ru 251 at the back and got shot by a leopard 1 but survived a shot cuz my engine block absorbed the shell and won the battle calling the leopard 1 an idiot

  21. So… I started blasting!!!

  22. 4:22 we taking u to brazil

  23. It is gut tonk
    unless u meet german panzer 4 series.

  24. More like “Chad B1 ter”

  25. Point blank bounce off a LOCUST?

  26. McMac the average Sunbro

    Where’s stick’s cook book?! I require the cook book!

  27. Great vid guys

  28. I support stick, it is hard to find food to cook if you have to watch your spending. You have to improvise

  29. laughing at the loonies

    you guys are great, love the WarThunder videos most of all. why does Sturm remind me of Sheldon from Big Bang.

  30. I’ll catch you!!!…. Oh…

  31. 0:34 long lived the king

  32. 3:56 the driver’s “cupola” of sort, that round bump on the roof, the cylinder laying on the side, is very easy to penetrate when you’re aiming down on it. And you went for the ring.

  33. Fat Frenchies falling forever.

  34. Again how do you mark te ground with the yellow mark what button

  35. I love those “I just lost a xxxx ” “You need that!” moments

  36. The key to the B1 ter is that its main weakspot is the very front (the belly gun!). Pretend you don’t have it, hide it, and do your best to keep angled at 45 degrees and “almost” nothing will ever pen you except SU-122s (which are almost immortal from the front), and random things like swedish trumpets. You have a turret neck weakspot but it’s not as weak as the B1 Bis and keeping moving (and/or a bush) is usually enough. There’s also a super rare weakspot “pro” people use in your very front drivers compartment, a square like hump that that sticks forward out from your armor–hide with bushes though the veterans know it by heart. If you hit that from the side, your driver (and maybe more) are shredded.

    Basically, hide the belly gun and only swing it inbetween when the enemy shoots then hide again, or in emergencies like the turret gun is out.

    Also in the very rear, you can get ammo-racked by even a reserve BT-5… with some rounds stored in the very back next to the engine… that “somehow” reach the entire tank. And you can’t take less ammo because it’s like the last ammo to disappear (unless you take NO belly gun ammo). So for those without squadmates, do your BEST to never get surrounded/trapped or it’s over.

    I’ve never had a chance to play the Ter with friends, but it’s a lot of fun and if I ever bump into another player with one in game we often “team up” and have a blast protecting each other’s weak spots.

  37. Chops and mash in the microwave was my student go-to

  38. French Paritrooper

  39. Great Video as always Bo, took me a while to watch this due to me having the attention span of a damn dog seeing squirrels.

  40. 100 chickens or 1 gorilla…
    depends if they’re from Sekiro or not.

  41. This is a proove that low BR is the funniest one

  42. chad B1 gangsta till sturmpanzer rolls in

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