War Thunder Chieftain Mk 3 Gameplay (War Thunder 1.57)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Main Battle Tank Gameplay!

Thanks for watching!


  1. First comment YAY BARUN

  2. u should have a men of war Monday and Friday

  3. Sorry for 360p guys. Wait till it’s processed or check it out now. I
    uploaded an hour ago and it was not showing for a lot of people.

    Titty fish.

  4. thnx for fixing the vid baron :D

  5. I can see Elizabeth in a tank. drinking tea and bitching about trump

  6. Pong lenis

  7. Ladies and gents….the Chieftain has arrived! What vehicle from 1.57 do
    you want to see played next?

  8. hi Baron

  9. So British Tier 5 is still difficult due to ADPS issues and HESH rounds.
    Has anyone else experienced problems with HESH rounds? I thought it’d do
    more damage than what it did in this video in the situations I used them.
    But then again I was in the heat of battle and could have missed things.

    What needs to be done for British Tier 5 tanks?

  10. Bloody Hell

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