War Thunder Chieftain TANK GAMEPLAY (War Thunder 1.57 Tank Gameplay)

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(War Thunder 1.57 Tank Gameplay)

War Thunder Patch 1.57 OUT! – http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/303393-war-thunder-update-157-battle-march/


  1. platinum Squirrel


  2. first

  3. phly my update is takin forever

  4. under 40 club whoo!

  5. Why so many dislike?

  6. Eurofighter Typhoon

    why are there 6 thumbs down?

  7. hey phly any tips on how to get faster to tier 5 with british i have 3
    tanks in tier 3 and a premium archilles

  8. dude, I think they have too many vehicles… do you think they do?

  9. #CykaBlyat

  10. Francois Verwoerd

    what is with the dislikes??

  11. Last time I was this early, I was this early.

    Nothing else.

  12. The thumbnail is of a Chieftain… I guess I was expecting you to be
    playing a Bren Gun Carrier.

  13. Sooo when is the IS-7 coming? Lol

  14. American 1.57 Freedom pack:
    Play the M26 Super Pershing aka Tankenstien and the P-61 Black Widow with 4
    1000 lb bombs
    Make FDR proud

  15. This thing looks so badass :D

  16. Fuck yeah been waiting for you to upload the Chieftain. 😀

    20 minutes of Heaven await.

  17. Looks
    Like an abrams

  18. Love the vids ??

  19. Phly……. Your better than baron ;)

  20. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    Drive out t 26e4 SUPER PERSHING WITH P61 try get a kill with the turret

  21. The Exploding Mushrooms !?

    DRIVE OUT FAT MAX! For the restoration of German players

  22. The Heavy Is A Spai

    Very honorable.

  23. needz sunderland custom battle!!!1!!! :D

  24. pls top chieftain spam. You youtubers could atleast agree that you wouldnt
    take the same tanks at first day of new patch. It is not interesting to
    watch 3 videos of chieftain in one day and I think there are definetely
    more interesting planes in this new patch

  25. Hey Phly will you be posting gameplay of the Conway?

  26. I might have to come back to war thunder ….

  27. hi phly wut up

  28. Suuuuuupeeeer peeershiiiiiiing next plzz

  29. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Man I knew as as soon as I saw the chieftan that lower glacies was gona
    suck balls.

  30. What a beast of a machine. Now Gaijoob has an excuse to power creep us all
    in the *** with a surprise T-72 addition. Why not add ERA while they’re at

  31. screaming reptilian

    to bad I’ll never grind far enough to play this tank or as a matter of a
    fact any high tier tank, RIP

  32. lol 99.like

  33. I hate the sound of the Falcons guns

  34. hey phly. just wanted to suggest a new series, THE CULLING. don’t know if
    you’ve heard about it yet but you and baron should check it out!

  35. could you get two vids out today

  36. Panther/m10 challenge

  37. FEGELIN!!

  38. lmao the T-10M is nothing now

  39. in b4 nurf bat

  40. in b4 nurf bat

  41. I thought free golden eagles worked on iPhones :(

  42. I thought free golden eagles worked on iPhones :(

  43. the .50 cal is to aim ur 120mm at the target

  44. well i know what I’m doing today!

  45. Shit Phly now i have to grind the british tec tree

  46. I stopped playing a while ago because I only needed 7000xp more to get the
    p51d, then the p38j came out so I had research that first and got halfway,
    now I have to research the p61 before that

  47. Razyel “SmOkKe” Kain

    welp…Gaijin ruined Poland…look at that awful map size…

  48. is this Dev server?

  49. Phly what are you most hyped about in 1.57???

  50. Heverson N. Rodrigues

    Phly press T 4 5 for you know the reload.

  51. Just a question did they nerf or buff the HE rounds? I heard thats nearly
    impossible now to kill a T10m trough the roof with the 128mm from the maus
    and jagdtiger.

    Phly the Mg next to the cannon is meant to zeroing your shots. The mg
    shells goes the same spots as your cannon.

    sry for the english its not my first language.

  52. Except HESH is pretty much the most useful round in the game if you know
    what to do with it. Seriously, it’ll one shot pretty much everything but
    the Maus.

  53. TheHilarious GoldenChariot

    They should add self propelled guns in war thunder if they haven’t already
    anyone agree

  54. One of the best tanks ?

  55. This thing doesn’t need nerfed it’s just that players have new tank
    syndrome were they don’t know how to kill a new tank so if it does get
    nerfed then Russian bias confirmed?

  56. Rozell is a Dank Memer

    aww the centrioun ax got no love they should add it next update


  58. Upright productions


  59. This tank means T-62 or T-62A will arrive.

  60. Funky marilene cat


  61. wat is the x-ray buton

  62. looks beautiful, enjoy it because I can see the nerf hammer coming at the
    speed of sound!!

  63. Phy I’m not sure if it’s this tank but I believe the machine gun can be
    used to accurately determine where the cannon will fire. The machine gun
    should have tracers that follow the same trajectory of the main cannon.

  64. ChaoticFluufy Pyro

    what makes this a good gun?

  65. Tristan Thibodeaux

    I know the t10 was good but it was never indestructible, fuck gaigin. give
    me a t72

  66. Oh god they’ve made the maps smaller…

  67. Actually what’s the best nation to play with tanks?

  68. It has a 10 sec reload time now :(

  69. grinding out this tank is going to be practically impossible. i dont know
    if it is me but every time i get into my centurion mk.10 i die almost
    instantly and i never kill anything the only british top tier tank i can
    kill shit with is conqueror and that doesnt help me grinding out to the
    chieftain now does it. i cant just dump money into golden eagles to get rp
    boosts because i practically have no fucking money

  70. Hey phly do you happen to live in Wilmington? If so sweet home of the USS
    North Carolina

  71. seriously i was so hyped about 1.57 and now after only a couple of hours
    i’m sick of it already. the stock syndrome on some vehicles is RETARDED.
    even worse than in other patches. the Do335 for example handles like a
    wobbly piece of cake even in arcade. what the fuck. and the module RP
    needed are just through the roof. this is getting ridiculous. gaijin is so
    fucking money hungry it’s un-fucking believable.

  72. Sea Venom FAW 20 please

  73. It looks so op in wot

  74. Germans still suffering ther 128 incorrect penetration,Leopard 1 which
    can’t compete with cheftian,Your solid shot in leopard is weak and heat
    will rape your money.I think gaijin hate goes same for USA,i think gaijin
    hate capatlism because commuinism best ism. GULAG

  75. chieftain good go backwards as fast as it went forward the gear box had a
    switch for reverse which used all the gears in reverse ,i know this because
    i used to be a crewman

  76. guys, what do you think about tanks now playable with only 1 crew left?

  77. Liam the dark angel.

    Feels weird watching a American drive a British tank

  78. How big is the update like gb

  79. Hey everyone! I need some help. Does anyone know if there is any way for
    the average player to get on the dev server? Everything Insee online
    doesn’t seem to work? Thanks for the help

  80. Are all War Thunder Youtubers going to have their “Get Reward” for the
    missions thing in their hangars?

  81. phly are you sure you aren’t playing armoured warfare?? The chieftain looks
    sooo modern it’s unbelievable!

  82. So the legend is true….. It is possible to destroy teh T10M…. :0

  83. As much as i love the chieftain being added in the game, I honestly think
    its a bit OP, I mean.. 7.3 second loading 120mm gun with 400mm pen :/ Its
    just my opinion tho dont get me wrong

  84. reallt they mad this map fucking smaller fucking hat that shit

  85. i think they should ad the earliest version of ambrahms or what ever it is

  86. 18:30 I am stronk russian snowman. Weak british machineguns can’t hurt me!

  87. It should be noted that the Chieftain’s L11 gun has equipped all of
    Britian’s main battle tanks from the Chieftain to the Challenger I. A
    modified version of the L11, designated the L30, is used on the Brit’s
    current front-line Challenger II MBT. This is like having an M60 Patton
    with the Abrams’ M256 or a Leopard 1 with the Leopard 2’s L55.

  88. Gaijin need to add a tier 6 or go back to the ofd system of 10 tiers and
    more or less scrap BR system for tanks and planes as they are adding more
    and more modern tanks, like the cheiftain was still in service in the 80’s

  89. Jack “Starlight911” Milan

    fly out the Do-335 next please

  90. in the hangar you can see the reload if you hover over the tank icon in
    your loadaout bar :D

  91. The release of 1.57 was the first boner i had in a long time.

  92. when i saw that bomb bounce at 10:49 i was totally like “OoOOOOOHHHHHH

  93. lucky ass!


  95. The ammunition stowage is not modeled correctly. HESH rounds should never
    explode unless a APHE of some kind explodes inside the ammo rack. HESH
    uses plastic explosive, it can only be detonated by another explosion not
    by fire or kenetic impact. And the propellant cartridges for the main gun,
    while they were in fabric bags, were also stowed in individual wells in a
    wet ammo rack. It is not possible to set them on fire, anything penetrating
    the water jacket to hit the charge will drown the charge instantly.

  96. Next big patch they gona add t62 LOL cant wait to fire 115mm gun 🙂 (
    m60-chieftain= t62 🙂 )

  97. Wait. How do the fuel tanks of a diesel tank explode? Diesel can be set on
    fire, but it does not blow up.

  98. “payback”

  99. Sir Stefan Channel!

    HEATFS fucking ruins top tier games.
    I wish they had never added it.
    It makes armour redundant. What’s the point in having such a heavy tank
    when you could just have the lighter, faster, leopard capable of penning
    ANYTHING in the game?

  100. T-34-100 and Yak-3 (VK-107)

  101. HESH one shots is4m from the front

  102. this just came to mind but why did the add the M60 before the M48 anyone

  103. CHIEFTAIN is my favourite tank btw the chieftain is super hard to ammo rack
    because Bagged charge concept (Bagged charge were store below the turret
    ring in water jackets if a fragment hit the jacket it would doused the
    charge making it very hard to ignite)

  104. Josh Lacroix Lacroix

    so if gaijin added the chieftain does this mean they could add the very
    first M1 Abrams with the 105mm gun?

  105. 237.000 subs :D

  106. New vehicles are generally op, so players would be motivated to unlock them
    as fast as possible, more likely to spend real money.

  107. Update 1.59, Russian Bias update, T-62 implemented into game, along with
    mig 21

  108. Road-killed the poor cute snowman, unsubbed.

  109. this tank is beyond amazing, also the looks are just freaking awesome! One
    of the best looking tanks.

  110. for the snowman: hello darkness my old friend i would like to talk with you

  111. bout fking time someone did this thing

  112. English knew what killing meant they did it better

  113. Falcon Thunder A-4

    Play the falcon next

  114. Friendly Darkwraith

    RIP High tier germany

    Will be missed :'(

  115. British monster-couple Chieftain Mk.3 and Canberra B Mk.6 !!!

  116. heatfs

  117. Just wait until Gaijin introduces T-62 with 115 mm smoothbore stabilized
    cannon with its armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot shots!

    Oh-ho-ho-ho! 1615 meter per second muzzle velocity! Almost 300 ms more
    than that of Chieftain! Plus HEAT!

    The biggest problem is that all gunsight in the game are the fucking
    BS-shame. Hope they fix them someday.

  118. What happened to ww2 tanks only

  119. Phly you should do a Tiger II Sla.16 and Do.335B-2 premium Germany combined

  120. My granddad used to build the Chieftain in Leyland 50 years ago! It’s such
    a shame how that town has gone downhill since then

  121. Phly congrats on 237,027 subs

  122. Germans [*]

  123. Rachata Peerapairoj (Kingken130)

    Sunderland next please!

  124. Kills devildog at 16:02

  125. That E-100 rolling up behind you sounded like a God damn earthquake XD nice
    gameplay Phly


  127. You really make the APDS sound better than it actually is. The way APDS
    bounces off of tracks and gets eaten by tracks is such cancer. The
    Chieftain so far from my experience is mediocre at best.

  128. I’m sure that is the same model from world of tanks the real one had 120 in
    the front hull and 192 in the turret

  129. at 16:50 your commander isn’t dead. According to war thunder he’s “knocked

  130. 10:49 that bomb land right top of your tank and bounce.This was at that
    moment he knew,, he fucked up.

  131. Виктор «VarVarith» Тюрин

    12:45 that’s not a water tower, it’s a fire dept.

  132. Why didnt russia get some love. I thought Gaijin were Russian Bias.

  133. So hyped this update is awesome.

  134. Josef brink westergaard

    ohhhh.. how badly i want this tank…

  135. I’ve never been so excited about an update release

  136. love how germans are getting harder and harder to play at tier 5 with only
    one somewhat modern tank and rest ww2 relics

  137. i cant wait to see the p61

  138. +PhlyDaily I think the machine gun bound to your mouse is the sighting MG
    for the commander, says in the devblog that it should have a 50.cal coax
    that has similar ballistic properties to the main gun so should help you
    sight rounds in easier.

  139. Dislike for murdering snowman

  140. Any one else think Brit aa op.

  141. at 12:04 Phly fucking killed me, just as I was about to pull the trigger

  142. Welcome to “War Thunder M” M is for modern if you couldn’t tell.

  143. I think it’s safe to say Russians have the worst T5 tanks now…Can’t wait
    to see T62 and M60A1 XD.

  144. if they added this… why not the leo1 a3? :)

  145. I found a glitch in war thunder where I have 2 shells loaded on all the
    tanks I have.

  146. HananoJudgeHolden

    I see a nerf incoming … You destroyed too much Stalin Steel!

  147. looks like a mbt

  148. Phly, could you play the Conway next time?

  149. Mehmetcan Coşkun

    nice video dude

  150. wow it feels good seeing the t 10m getting humiliated for the first time

  151. so not only have they compressed the br rating but now they compressed some
    map sizes fml

    P.S thx phly was looking forward to seeing this in action much appreciated
    i shall now start my own long grind

  152. 1.57 is finally here, OO-fuckin-RAH!

  153. Tiger 2 sla 16 diesel please?

  154. the reload is best of any 120 mm :)) no fking rly ? … 7.7 is better than
    even meds( specialy t54) and probably many more meds in the game

  155. When the pussy too good

    god that reload isn’t broken at all

  156. Kyoninmaru Mohran


  157. how do u got so many eagles? xd (sry for my but english :P)

  158. too bad its amazing gun isnt even that special since almost every other top
    tier tank gets heatfs with same pen

  159. In the British line I got the Sherman Firefly and Comet 1 and can’t proceed
    any further because they’re garbage compared to T-34-85’s, Tiger 1’s and

  160. Tank combo
    Chieftain and Sea Fury

  161. Challenge suggestion:Kill a ground unit using the gunner on a any bomber

  162. How does he get such good graphics

  163. Rip conquer (no one played it anyway)

  164. 粥四元(圣殿騎士)

    Think the safest ammo suggestion is around 26-18

  165. this tank is the anti Russian tank , miss a shot? it dont matter just shoot
    again and dont miss for the second time!!

  166. really….. a jadgtiger vs he chieftain RIP german 7.0 and above

  167. phly cool thing about that .50 cal next to your gun, it has the same
    ballistics as your main gun meaning where your machine gun shots land your
    shell will too. I’m pretty sure they added this feature into war thunder.

  168. Looks really modern

  169. Do the Conway I need to see is3 players faces when they die from the front

  170. Chieftain Series of MBTs, British Engineering at its finest :D

  171. Another series of updates where German high tier tanks become more useless

  172. Conway and sea venom combined arms?

  173. Phly use the mg to see where your round is going to go

  174. +PhlyDaily Savage phly XD 0:04

  175. This thing was introduced in 1966. What the actual fuck. It has the same
    gun as the Challenger 1. What tank is this thing’s equivalent in game?

  176. Argh I know this isn’t some kind of competition but god phly i prefer you
    soooo much more than Baron overall xD He made this tank look really meh (as
    I pessimistically expected it to be because ‘Gaijin’ ^^) but you made it
    look way better and played it intelligently. It’s just a shame high calibre
    APDS rounds aren’t as deadly as they are in reality. Plus you seem way more
    grounded than Baron and you don’t do fucking accents more than speak in
    your normal voice 😉 You get the award for MYFavouriteAmerican2016 ;-:7

  177. hey phly did u kill devildog

  178. Oi, where’s my Sheridan?

  179. SgtJack BR (xXSgtJackXx)

    now we can do custom model for m1 abrams because it use the same 120 mm but
    another mode , that would be sick

  180. Complain about Russian biased,… Gets a 1960s tank…

  181. they really need to upgrade the german tanks… every nation gets awesome
    tanks right now, with incredible guns and armor… R.I.P german tanks…

  182. Phly! you can fly the H8K if you go to Dynamic Campaign > Battle of Midway,
    Set the vehicles to 1940s then select the bommbing mission
    Hope you make a vid on it!

  183. So 1.57 is out

  184. Omfg hesh can pen the front of like every tank in to game why do people
    think hesh only pens 145mm of pen

  185. omg its so ugly from behind

  186. Charming Wellington Bombadier

    Sunderland Spam is Real though

  187. The Leopard is a contest, I’ll show those Chieftains hehe

  188. serbian artillery shell my uncle pls donate to my child fund


  189. combinated arms: T26E4 & AD-2

  190. I saw a t34 85 up there on that intro once and ammo racked him in my tiger

  191. I can’t wait for more main battle tanks. This thing looks so sweet. Would
    look awesome in a desert camo too.

  192. this tank is a fuckin monster

  193. Phly, This may sound stupid but I do need your help. Whenever I click play
    it just crashes. Any clues? I’m sure you’ve had this problem before?

  194. We need the t62 and t64 NOW

  195. rip the germans

  196. #T10MisNoLongerMasterRace

  197. If Phly replies to this I will eat the week old sandwich in my fridge.

  198. that tank is fucking sexy holy shit

  199. brittish tanks look so modern

  200. Everytime my WT is updating, I lose internet connection. :/

  201. Phly! roll out the Chieftain with the Sea Venom and rip ass

  202. Tyler Blu Gunderson

    The reload rates on British tanks are ridiculous. It’s like every Brit was
    raised to be the best tank loader ever lol

  203. Modern looking tank ?

  204. Wooo another Post WWII tank to spank some german ass, love it…

  205. P-61 do a freaking gameplay whit the p-61!!!! 1like=1vote

  206. 0:30 – 0:38 That sure was a mouthful.

  207. What a sexy tank high BR british tanks look so awesome

  208. The Russians must HATE this tank

  209. cupof “cupofacid” acid

    This tank looks like a modern tank today!

  210. Phly for the tank series do the new tiger idk the name no judge.??

  211. Does Gaijin has some prejudice against the Germans? This is absurd.

  212. +PhlyDaily What button do you press to lock your turret rotation? Thanks.

  213. Why was there an m16 .-.

  214. I earned a PBY today. I just started the game.

  215. 16:02 I haven’t seen his vids in a while, but is that Devildog?

  216. phly, when wil you be streaming next b/c i wanna subscribe to you on

  217. a T-54 should never in a million years be able to pen the turret front of
    the Chieftan, she was made to be a hull down fortress to stop the Russians,
    nothing could get through it until the modern ammo of the T-72 (that’s when
    the Brits chuckled slightly and added the Stillbrew armour pack to the
    front of the Chieftan turret, once again making it inpenetrable to
    everything it would face)

  218. hey phly you’ve helped me so much with my life I got back from military
    deployment 2 months ago and I wanted to phone my girlfriend to tell her I’m
    back but her parents picked up and said she died by lung cancer 4 months
    before I got back and ive been paying her phone bill for 1 and a half
    months now just to hear her voice on her voice mail your YouTube channel
    has made me laugh so much and help me feel better thank you

  219. lol just wait for the nerf “bug”

  220. RanchDipped HotWings

    Omg the Sunderland spam I had like 6 or 8 sunderlands man they turn fight
    got 2 air kills

  221. what is the reasoning for such a high rate of fire? it’s not an auto loader
    is it?

  222. Your amount of eagles ,Jesus

  223. Benjibacca Gaming

    Play with the Fury Mark 1.

  224. Is the new patch out yet for the full version or is it still in dev?

  225. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Leopard 2A0 maybe?

  226. Phly… You’ve recorded a tank performing too well against Russian
    vehicles, you’ve doomed us all. Tactical Nerf Inbound!

  227. so brits pretty much op now, although flanking is more common and armour
    piercing to actually pen the brits

  228. can’t wait for War thunder to release British AVRE tree with L9 demolition
    gun and 30kg HESH round wrecks any Stalinium and German steel

  229. can you play in the fv 4004 conway

  230. This looks OP as sh!t

  231. Daaaaamn Phly, at it again with the 30 mm 10:55

  232. Just got back from the War Museum in Ottawa, saw this piece of art.

  233. dose german top tier ever win right now

  234. 17:48 da fak E 100 with Maus Turret ???

  235. Reece Murray (Tropicthunder12)


    Lets keep roling with the 1.57 update. Get Hanz to take out the good ol
    “Tiger H1” and the new, the improved the most usles dog fighting but
    amazing plane. The Do.335 B-2 with its 3x30mm using HVAP-T to steam role
    over the enemy.

    Good luck Phly as that plane cant turn for nothing but has a surprisingly
    accurate gun.

  236. British Bias

  237. What’s next, an Abram tank taking on a Maus? Come on War Thunder, this BR
    bs needs to stop.

  238. Tank 1961 grml:-)

  239. Do 335 A0 New fastest prop in the game

  240. phlydailyfan yeah

    Nicee so cool

  241. 15:29
    Rofl that tank was mimicking your actions

  242. HESH one shots the IS tank series and T54s give it a go… It’s only
    downside is its lower velocity and inability to penetrate cover (trees,
    fences etc)

  243. Izzuddin MohdRozlan

    how do u use binoculars

  244. Phly- please play any tank you want, with any plane you want.


    E 100 plz?

  246. 400mm?That’s some deep penetration

  247. Wait 5 days and they will nerf this tank…

  248. Lawrence Sullivan

    Phly or anyone else.

    I’m 160k from getting the Conqueror should I get that or should I swap to
    Centurion Mk.10 and then Chieftan?

    They seem similar but Conqueror has 2x the reload rate.

  249. Welcome to WOT 2.0 I will be your guide.

  250. I like the new 1.57 update, the launcher looks nice.

  251. Phly, Stalin recommends the T44-100, you better take his advice

  252. Nikola “HW” Rakic

    fk u phly, you killed snowman :(

  253. ‫עידן הרוש‬‎

    phly take the do 335 now when it good


    Land a plane in an RB battle to capture a point!!

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