War Thunder – Churchill Mk. VII “Very Shootable Face”

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Source: Bo Time

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After a long day at the dentist, sometimes you just need to come home, drink a Dr. Pepper, and roll around in a Churchill shooting other tanks. Sorry for the lack of uploads this week, I should be able to catch up on the missing content this weekend!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. 0:00 what is it and strumming not being able to see things that are to the right… first myself (the destroyer) and then the tank, damn

    • AGloriousPolarBear

      That would’ve been me who didn’t see the tank. Though my positioning at the time Right was towards C.

  2. Damn good protein

  3. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more, no less.

  4. Has this video been uploaded before? I swear i have seen it

  5. Samuli Lundström

    Okay TBLF, it’s time to reveal what Loli is smoking and where can we get some.

  6. Yay always wanted to so you play this tank again,how about the amx13-90 or the centurion mk1?

  7. Winter Wolf of SoCal

    Did anyone else notice the ricochet at 19:07?

  8. Goddamnit, stupid Youtube, what’s so hard about not forcing reloads when I click over to earlier in the video.

  9. Thomas Bonvoisin

    hey Bo! can you do some tiger 1 gameplay?

  10. man no one knew how to fly that game

  11. Very shootable face? Do I have to have that as a character option?

  12. I know how to 1 shot every Churchill: upper plate

  13. Legend Of Star wolf

    Bo will you ever play IL-2 Sturmovik again? If so I would love to be one of your gunners, I had just recently gotten it because it was a great deal.

  14. mah favorite tank <3

  15. Another great high quality video. Looking forward to the next vid.

  16. That was a very quick denial Bo…like the quick denial from a guilty conscience. Did Loli just stumble on the true origin story of Bear? :p

  17. So how many xbox players have you given no mercy too

  18. The flak 88 can’t touch you calm down your armour to thicc

  19. Hey bo, if you see TooPro, congratulate him on his 12 kill round 🙂 he’s very proud of it

  20. Play Fortnite

  21. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X

    personal marker: 4:49

  22. Joris Slavickas

    Please make a video with bf 110 g2 :,,,,/

  23. Great video Bo! Take no prisoners! Unless they are cute, fluffy, or cannot fight back.
    Sorry about last night. Have a great week!

  24. This thing is redicules, but in a funny way…and also a efectiv way

  25. Why does Bo describe everything that’s happening to him? Imagine the fucking mess it would be if they all did the same thing

  26. Александр Воробьёв

    British Battlewagon strikes again.

  27. Fatso in a big fat Firefly

    try out the XF5F skyrocket. if you have it i dont but it looks super cool

  28. Professional N.E.E.T

    You can save of fuel by not moving as much!

  29. Achtung Bohemia and friends!

  30. I’m always curious as to what is going through the minds of the players that get kidnapped by Bo and company.
    Are they laughing? Are they desperately calling out to their team for help? Are they resigned to their fate and just go with it?

    Great video guys.

  31. I wonder if we will ever get a video of you playing the ARL. Both the 75mm and 90mm versions!

  32. so i love playing the British tanks just the low tier bouncing u can do is nice in till u bounce a pnz 3 shell and it kills your ally, because he ammo racks u cant move and then die its nice.

  33. tahmidur rahman

    do the annoying combo asu 57 and i16

  34. Can u tell loli to change his name to nu2boy?

  35. One time at band camp…. a Churchill was shot in the face

  36. KnightOfTheLady

    Loli is my favorite just because of that Arthurian refrence XD

  37. how did bear get that cool skin?!

  38. That flak 88 couldn’t have done anything to you, apart from shooting your machine gun port or neck. You were pretty safe in that situation

  39. I wish they’d port WT over to mobile phones & devices so i could play…i would drop wot blitz in a heartbeat for this game…it’s damage is so much more realistic!

    But for now i’ll just watch these vids to learn stuff until i can afford a new pc & Wi-Fi.

  40. “Our right should be good we have guys holding it” one accidental angling later and Bo is still alive. As much as I really love playing the Churchill series and the Black Prince you can not afford to be caught off guard in any of them.

  41. Pushy pushy *lenny face*

  42. This thing is a beast till 5.3

  43. Panzerkampfwagen

    Do centurion mk 10! Finish the centurion series!

  44. Claudio Caravatti

    Hi Bo, could you kindly make a tutorial on how assign xps on tank crew? I mean… It could be useful.

  45. “churchill and churchill, it’s like a lawyer firm from hell” XDDDDDDD

  46. The video should’ve totally been titled the law firm from hell

  47. Maciej Michalec

    Pls make a film with 4 flying churchills!

  48. jeroen berkenbosch

    sorry but a churchil sandaich was full of drugs ……….. to keep him going almost all night . lol

  49. Churchill and Churchill Law Firm. For all your conquesting needs.

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