War Thunder – Class 3 (P) “This Thing Ate All The Cake!”

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Source: Bo Gaming

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The Class 3 (P) is about to release for those who have been working hard or (paying) their way through operation winter. This vehicle is impressive and stature but is even more impressive on the battlefield. Hard-hitting, accurate, and fast? can also take a hit two or three… and by taking a hit I mean the shells just pass through and through because… you are the size of a barn.

All In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. I never knew I needed this thing in my life!

  2. I love this format of video, interspacing close air support and tank wrassling that really dose justice to a classic War Thunder match and the real world

  3. This class 3 has its own Postal Code

  4. TheMightyWookie351c

    Love the videos. First let me state I have not played the game. However, I have a question and I would to like to ask it if I may.
    If one of your teammates drives over a small bomb does it reduce the damage to nearby friendly tanks? Kinda like jumping on the grenade to save fellow soldiers.
    Serious question no BS. Please be kind with your answers.

  5. It’s good to be back.

  6. Battle Prius.. LOL

  7. Did anyone else realise he got a kill cause if a ricochet

  8. 9:28 Mike & the Mechanics, rigging for Silent Running

  9. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    “I am quite torn up right now” BOOM “Never mind, it’s worse” One of the best moments in this video, but let’s be honest, this whole video is the best moment 😀

  10. Bo the cake lunchbox killer. Coming in theatres march 23rd

  11. 21:18 if you’d like to see an active warzone

  12. Quick question for you Bo. Would you recommend getting a PC for WT? I have been playing on console for a number of years now, and feel at a disadvantage to PC players. If you do see this comment, would you also consider doing a video about the best affordable PC’s to run WT effectively? Thank you, have a wonderful day.

  13. Go Speed Racer

  14. That thing can just about cap two zones at the same time.

  15. pushing someone off a cliff, so your buddy could shoot him mid-air as he falls…..

    that gave me a laugh i deperately needed after being at home for 2 weeks with Covid and wondering if i can go back to work or not.

  16. bo time you can play harrier

  17. 8:58 that teamwork BMP kill is legendary

  18. Is it just me or is Bo and his friends the best tankers we’ve ever seen?

  19. Bear got it Right, Battle pious.er I mean Prius.

  20. how do they put yellow marks?

  21. I wanna join this group of friends so bad ;-;

  22. What country is that from

  23. wheres loli i miss him

  24. You just got TOWED!

  25. As someone who’s about to get into high tier tanks is it as cancerous as high tier jets

  26. So can you do a video on the ebr problem

  27. 5:58 hey hey i was in the video proteaXO22 i did not even pay attention to who shot me i was having a bad day wooo ok back to being bored

  28. 18:05 : this is cancer

  29. Lol I killed bo

  30. As solomatrix

  31. Gabriela Morcinková

    in war thunder you are play realistic battels or simulator battels?

  32. I got 3 games in a row all my tanks one shot I was pissed as f*&k i didn’t see the tanks and it was all to late
    Edit: which sort shell is that and which country are u playing

  33. You’re being rescued. Please do not resist.

  34. The Ctachphrase could be @When Business is Booming, The Shells start zooming’

  35. As I like to call it, the Morbidly Obese Brother of the Rookiat 105

  36. This this thick by the mouse will always be the thickest in my heart r.i.p mouse

  37. Every time I watch your vids, it makes me wish I had a bunch of friends that enjoyed playing WT also.

  38. Another broken vehicle.
    Gets hit center front with BR-182B and nothing. Tanks it.
    The fuck Gajobz?

  39. Memes Intensifies

    Why is it so big like its ungodly how big it is

  40. There’s just one thing that dissapoints me:
    Hambone is not driving the TAM

  41. there is an reason why this was refered to as “Bismarck” during the designs for the Rooikat project

  42. How do u mark with the yellow thing for your party?

  43. NotSoGreatRipperWT

    good vid pog

  44. Hello. How to enable showing of these achievments, like “Team work” “Eye for eye”, in Realistic battles? I have them displayed only in Arcade.
    Edit: Nevermind. I found it. Just didn’t noticed it for first time.

  45. The 3P didnt eat all the cake: that thing IS all the cake 🧐🧐

  46. thank god im not the only one having frame issues 2:36 thought gpu was dying recently

  47. 12:52 Nice Scottish Saltire on Bears turret!

  48. At 14:50 bo got scared by his own machine gun
    I have too

  49. Глеб Маслов

    g 91 thing is disgusting

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