War Thunder Clutch or Kick! Japanese STB-1 = Best Tier 5 Tank – War Thunder Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    Ki-45 otsu has AP,y’know what to do

  2. i was at that stream!!

  3. I been grinding for 2 days now almost entered tier 3!

  4. Japanese tanks only been out a couple of days and people already are
    already at tier 5!!!!!

  5. OBS was clearly not working well this time… The image compression looks
    bad and on the plane the frames just chopped.

  6. LULFWAFFLES115 Luftwaffles115

    damn i feel bad that baron has lower fps than me, i have a bloody gtx 1080
    lol with 150-200fps.

  7. really use something else for today in stead of using your live stream for
    the video so this don’t count

  8. honestly baron, your not very good at this game, just very lucky

  9. Daniel The Big Beast!

    Ur dead mate. Phly is better and smarter also. No offence, but work on your

  10. this vid quality at 1080 is so bad with wtf do you record a

  11. dude you suck at shooting

  12. Baron is so bad

  13. should I go for the Japanese tanks?

  14. Play the chi-he

  15. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    Im nervous but on the surface I look , spaghetti.

  16. the livestream quality is very noticeable :/

  17. Few years later not even 10 years Leopard 2 and M1 Abram came out …..

  18. Baron how do you feel Japanese tanks were implemented with the Over and
    under pen on a lot of tanks?

  19. Best noobs of 2016 right here

  20. Dunno, the Type 74 has a waaaaaaay superior turret (talking about like x3
    the armor in the front). The Type 74 hull first half is really hard to
    penetrate, the top half is probably overmatched by everything but still
    angled at 74°, the LFP is better than the STB’s. The Type 74 has better
    mobility. Problem is, the Type has -5° gun depression, which is a bad joke,
    since both should have the same gun depression (and should be higher for

  21. 50 kal is amerikane right not japens

  22. and japs tanks cant win from my big love jozef stalin mess you up or called
    the is 4m

  23. You should say the Russians have crippling depression.

  24. Christian Campbell-Carrigg

    i really wish i could play a wt game with you but you always play high teir
    vehicles and im only teir 3.

  25. theres no way youre playing in 1080p

  26. why you always faking german accent ?

  27. When you get “The Old Guard” feelsbadman

  28. Baron can you give me tips on how to do good

  29. I miss mount and blade that was funny shit

  30. but can it commit sudoku?

  31. Wow, baron listens to eminem- lose yourself?

  32. The language option only does German and American, I need my British with
    are British voices!!!

    A AWESOME IDEA! PLEASE READ TIL THE END!)(o7) May i Suggest a idea in your
    next video, I’d like to see A modern day version of the battle of
    Singapore, When Singapore is defending against china, Why china you ask?
    Well In this day, When The Chinese Minister of defense was going on his
    private boat to India, the Singapore Military’s radar showed a enemy threat
    to there little nation, And they’re radar sensed that it was coming from a
    ship(They had a glitch on there radar) So they Launched a anti Counter
    missile At the source (The private ship) And it was DESTROYED! Then the
    Singapore Government found out hours later that It was a Private Chinese
    Government ship, So they tried sweeping it under the carpet until Chinese
    intelligence figured Who sunk the Private Government ship, And it was
    Singapore, The Chinese Government Was Furious! Singapore Apolagized and
    Offerd To Pay for the messes, China Declined the apology. Then a week
    later, The Chinese Government Approved To Declare war on Singapore.
    Volenteers From the U.S, Canada, Japan, the U.K, Australia, Indoniesa,
    Malaysia, And France To Volenteer for the Singapore Military. To be
    continued…(You make the scene Happend)If there is no Mod about it, Then
    make one. (Comment by cringe face)(Men of war, Or maybe HOI4, or men of

  34. Baron , always take the sabots in city maps . This shame aint work trough

  35. i wish i had a personal coach like slick! great vid!

  36. Is there spaced armor upgrades for any Japanese tank?

  37. lol i was the one in the me-262 in this video and the leapord a1a1

  38. RESISTANCE HYPE!!!!!!!!!

  39. up on the roof top click click click down the chimney is old saint slick
    (and barron with a shot gun in the closet thinking broke into his house )

  40. But is it better than m60a1?

  41. they have a spotting system its called shooting the enemy

  42. https://www.change.org/p/gaijin-entertainment-war-thunder-for-xbox-one

    Help bring War Thunder to Xbox One and defeat the reign of WoT.

  43. that’s what happens when you don’t PTFO

  44. Fly ze german bf-109 G-10

  45. What is the problem between you and phlydaily?

  46. Play the ta 154 plz.

  47. baron is super lucky…l dont like it :/

  48. Please click on the link and sign up : http://eepurl.com/ct-Tz9

  49. Hey BaronVonGames!! Ima big fan of you, and I want to let you know that
    there are brand new ships available in World of Warships since 2 weeks, and
    off this week also German Destroyers and Adm Graf Spee has arrived too on
    the premium store!! And Happy Xmas in advance…. I hope to see a vid or
    two or three with the new ships in WoWs!! And maybe we can play it together
    too >> AeroMechatron is my name in wows

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