War Thunder COLD WAR TANKS! LEOPARD Top Tier Gameplay!

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Source: PhlyDaily

War Thunder COLD WAR TANKS! LEOPARD Tier Gameplay!


  1. Elijah Daugherty

    +TheYamato101 Russian tanks are better in this game.

  2. +Mike Hunt mad cuz bad?

  3. Never. Russia is love russia is life.

  4. +TheYamato101 fuck off you skilless russian cunt

  5. The T-62

  6. You obviously haven’t played with the leopard

  7. +Patrik Nessbo Here’s a little history lesson. When the Leopard 1 was
    conceived, its designers at the time saw armor to be useless since there
    tank shells and anti-tank missiles that could pen over 300mm of armor. So,
    they decided to put the bare minimal of armor on it and give it a good gun,
    making it a fast vehicle.

  8. +Patrik Nessbo the leo 1 had just that little armor in rl sorry

  9. +YourFwiendlyNawborhoowd DOGE Yea i can agree with that.

  10. YourFwiendlyNawborhoowd DOGE

    +DJ J0SHWA It needs to be a little faster in the turns though, the real one
    could make doughnuts in 30 kmh. This one can barely finnish number 2 turn.

  11. +LowSettingsGamer -cro_gamer Youre a fucking retard be glad you dont see
    1964 T64s in your 1965 leopard

  12. Иосиф Steelin

    +LowSettingsGamer -cro_gamer So yes T 54 must fight M60 and Leopard 1 which
    are 1961/65 tanks with stock shells for you?

  13. Иосиф Steelin

    +Ragna Rock T10M is the sexiest tank, then for me goes the T 51 1951, IS 2
    1944, Tiger…but there are so many cool looking tanks…i don’t like the
    Leopard too much but in it’s winter camouflage it’s very nice though.

  14. +RedbeardFive Baron is high 24/7

  15. Kv2 all day erryday m9

  16. +Beach Ball No, it’s a big cup holder, duh

  17. +YourFwiendlyNawborhoowd DOGE Something along the lines of ‘Hit the cupola
    on the top/side of the T95’ I think, applies to T28 aswell.

  18. YourFwiendlyNawborhoowd DOGE

    +Shark Man Can you translate?

  19. I’m honestly amazed I could understand that

  20. Иосиф Steelin

    +chris gibson the precedent sound was from the soviet 100 mm D 10 gun.

  21. Иосиф Steelin

    +Sansu the BEST in this 1v1 Leo wins but overall probably the M 60 is
    better since it has some armor and it has the possibility of bouncing
    shots, something that the Leo doesn’t have, it is more mobile though
    (that’s why in 1v1 it’s better), but the M60 isn’t too slow too.

  22. That’s really BS that they made shells cost that much money. It’s a
    terrible way to balance OP shells.

  23. Each shell costs 1100 silver lions, you’d go broke if you used them 24/7.
    Especially if you don’t have premium

  24. Same goes for the T95. There is no fucking way that this thing can compete
    with HEATFS.

  25. Intel HD 2000 Gaming


  26. Иосиф Steelin

    +Benjamin Huang well i think that anyway the more you rounds have the
    higher is the chance that the ammo rack is gonna blow up when hit, because
    it doesn’t explode so often now…it always did though

  27. agreed, every shell is not modelled in the game, instead, once the shell
    count reaches a number, fills the next rack entirely. if the second rack is
    full and you add 1, another rack will be filled. taking the entire space
    (transforming it into a vulnerability) for 1 round is not a good idea.

    best way to do this is by taking a full load into test drive, and shooting
    your particular tank and press the xray button. once you empty a rack,
    thats the perfect spot. or maybe empty 2 racks, depends on your average
    survival time.

  28. +William Cox They are all right, but you have to be sure if carrying less
    rounds actually remove the ammo rack. For the Leo and Walker for example,
    carrying even one round will result in the huge ammo rack upfront. In other
    words, there’s no point in carrying less ammo for some tanks. You gotta
    experiment with it. Good luck.

  29. +ImAzraa ty

  30. hardcoreminecrafter9

    +Geo Biery because the bullet is so high velocity

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