War Thunder – Comrade Commander Aslad

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In which Comrade Tank Commander Aslad works to further the spread of International Communism and free the oppressed classes, one potato at a time.


System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Maverick Arkguard

    But what heppend to komrade Aslad? Did our glorious hero of the more glorious revolution free more land for the Rodina? Did he confound the Capitalists into killing more of their own?

    Did he allow more of the proletariat to use their potatoes to help Mother Rossiya spread glorious and just communism?

    Fellow komrade’s we must know!

  2. Potato.

    It’s been too long since we’ve heard: “Um acshually Jingles” lol

  3. Comedy gold!!!

  4. Best commentary, comrade…

  5. Piotr Mikołajski

    Comrade Jingles!

    Potatoes are used to produce distilled high quality potato juice. It’s consumed as healthy before battle drink called стограмм, used as eco fuel in mighty Soviet engines and as anti-freeze fluid for machines and people in harsh Arctic conditions. That’s why the Soviet Army is invincible and that’s why capitalist pigs will fail – their corn juice made with use of the Moon is much weaker.

  6. The 5th column was real.

  7. Love the commentary Jingles. Keep up the awesome work.

  8. Jingles why are you so bias against Soviets as I am not sure if you know that without Soviets you would today speak my language with small difference you would start the day with Hail Hitler and not in English Good morning. Do not be stupid arse hole and arrogant Brit but be fair as usually you are. You are old enough to understand the difference. Skip that usual anti Russian propaganda and become normal. Such crap is not making you any smarter.

  9. Now I remember why I stoped playing WT. Its so full of bullshit.

  10. Too short your turn to go to the salt mines

  11. Mikael Falkenberg

    War thunder when there is World of tanks and World of warships. Makes NO sence at all. 100 times better graphics, sound and tanks in wot. Heck, even wows beats war thunder 100 times in entertainment. Just my opinion of course.

  12. The narration is amazing, keep it up .

  13. The Archaic Scroll

    Jingles…. This video is too short. However, I’ll forgive that because of the return of the shotgun sound effects.

  14. Never seen war thunder before,won’t be seeing it again.

  15. 3:37 that was perfect timing Jingles, perfect. Only you can come up with so much random crap and make it sound real 😉

    P.s. that has got to be one of the funniest and best videos ever even tho’ it was redicilously short

  16. Sees a War thunder video by Jingles, clicks on it, clicks like, leaves comment saying what a bloody superstar you are! Then watches!

  17. From some of the stories I’ve heard, that’s about how close air support went in ww2

  18. Warthunder?? Well it’s been awhile.

  19. Emmanuel Echevarria

    War Thunder is a good graphic game.
    the biggest problem this game has it’s too much freaking cheating and hacking
    and that’s why I don’t play anymore in my friends the same they got tired of it too many people cheating with software

  20. absolutely legendary!!! A+, 12/10 you should submit applications to narrate documentaries.

  21. Your first joke about the rebellion was hilarious.

  22. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    In todays world there is nothing more scary to any people in the world than the US “spreading democracy”.:)

  23. Why you heff to be med?

  24. I love the ending!!!

  25. Couldn’t stop ROFL because of the commentary.

  26. john daymond-king


  27. “i don’t know where I get this stuff” Bullshit Jingles, you got the potato powered tank from the space race episode of Ren & Stimpy and you damn well know it.

  28. Scott Reinemeyer

    If only the tog was in your war thunder

  29. Who cares where you get them from, Mr.Jingles, just as long you keep gettng them.

  30. High-Marshal_Jaeger

    It’s not difficult to make fun of communists, their ideology and track record are both so insane the jokes pretty much write themselves.

  31. Grely Moly Cremp

    The commentary makes it 200% more awesome, you did it again Jingles!

  32. That looks like a Polish white eagle on the turret… probably no spreading the communist disease.

  33. T-44-122 vs. Shermans. Yep, that’s Warthunder balance.

  34. I love the caption at the very end. 🙂

  35. Great video, commentary was fun, from the Douglas Adams reference to the quote at the end.

  36. International Jewish Communism.. ?

  37. Jingles – You have had too much vodka! Your drunk again, go home and sleep it off!

  38. Welcome to war thunder, where having any sort of decent results means resorting to camping.

  39. Though you are funny as usual, I would prefer if you loaded videos when you have ample time to make them the usual quality, please.

  40. Tankers of the world unite!

  41. Boris didnt die he fell asleep from the amount of vodka he has taken

  42. Jingles is starting to be last fier ghost reckon less then 20 min and then 7min if war thunder hahaha

  43. Can u play war thunder ships

  44. one of your best uploads in a while laughed my ass off good to see the old jingles is still in there

  45. Jingle…where in the world do you get your material!?!??! LOL! It’s genius!

  46. awesome commentary great work

  47. HawkUSMC IrishPirate

    I think you had alittle too much Vodka when you commentated this video comrade Jingles 🙂

  48. It is to be announced that we shall seize the means of production and put them all in service of our story-telling godfather Jingles Mc Jingleberry. Never had so much phun in such a short video; Rear Admiral Jingles the entire world is forever in your debt.

  49. magical pineapple

    I can never get sick of that intro, its so cool

  50. RIP comrade Boris

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