War Thunder – Conqueror Mk 2 “Tank Wrestling!?”

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The Conqueror has been a tank that I have been wanting to feature in a for a couple years and today is the day that it happens! Hope you enjoy the video.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What is your favorite British Tank?

  2. Such a nice tank I never play on account of the absurd repair cost.

  3. I can make orange ryme with banana orranana

  4. great video Bo!

  5. This thing is SCARY when you meet it in a king tiger. And then you realize it just has a carnaveron hull and that you can just shoot it in the LFP.

  6. 0:55 i love this interaction. its perfect and exactly why i love this channel lmaoo

  7. the falcon and sword? The crusader and his Maltese Falcon?

  8. new video, woop woop 😀

  9. 2:30 A Leo on a Theo works

  10. 0:49 how do you pin on the enemy like that?

  11. Leo the dorito

  12. 23:55 DGGAF You savage. Great seeing you back sir. Bo you did some fantastic shooting in this beast. Great video guys. Thank you for everything you guys do to put a smile on our faces. 07 and <3

  13. Imagine being so big and slow, you call a centurion nimble….

    Britain’s suffering.

  14. Can you guys try a simulator battle?

  15. I was high centered a Leo 1 on a tree stump. We won the game but it was infuriating that I could do nothing to help.

    More great stuff Bo and team.

  16. One of my favorite recurring bits is when somebody does something to Bo and he says “Take me out to dinner first!”

  17. My favorite British tonk? Hmm the Tetrarch does kinda slap tho

  18. Most fun to watch WT content

  19. 23:19 “….I look like an old man falling down the stairs…” No, you need be on the stairs to Air Force One in a high wind for that. 😛

  20. Ok, I feel like I went back a few years cuz I think that bo, shadow, d4gff, and bear were all in one place was that long ago.

  21. Leopard on a Shepard?

  22. 2 beasts 1 beauty

  23. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    The friendly daggers are “heavy” in this one 😀

  24. T29,I know it is not bristis but it my favor

  25. I’ve been wating for you to upload to say my friend was playing war thunder and I verified he had the ACTUAL HAMBONE in his game we were both like YOOOOOOOO

  26. can I play with you? It would be the best time of my life please.

  27. Play a Jet next vid pls

  28. “I hit you with his head. I’m sorry.” xD

  29. 17:01 if it flies, it dies baby. 😭😂

  30. You’ve heard of the Conqueror, now meet the BOnqueror!

  31. What a the best US aircraft to go for

  32. Leo on a ledge.

  33. My prayers were answered. Thank you for the Conquerer.

  34. Hey Shadow!!!

  35. Aaronsky Riego and the Panzers

    15:32 “the trees have eyes…”
    Me: *vietnam flashbacks*

  36. The fat shaming of the heavy tank lol. That’s what i used to do while playing the M60’s was call them slow old men that got in the way of the future

  37. *Bombs surround Bo*
    Bo’s last words: “I’M SPECIAL!”

  38. How is every game a downtier for you?

  39. Can you guys do the a 36 Corsair next please

  40. 10:16
    Bo is bamboozled

  41. you know, I think I’m willing to suffer down the Brit tree some more for the chance to have a really big gun.
    and a decent reverse gear!

  42. Imagine if the British would have made APFSDS rounds for this gun. This turret has best armor for 7.7.

  43. Okay, 14:34 that shot went right under him

  44. sporange, which is a part of a fern, rhymes with orange btw.

  45. Just out of curiosity, what game mode do you play in your bomber vids?

  46. a tank game where tanks cant climb a curb

  47. firstname lastname

    I would 100% buy a centurion hat

  48. I need a better computer to play warthunder..

  49. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack disabled the tanks big stick!

  50. that would be cool if Bo played a few games of war thunder with PhlyDaily

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