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Source: The Mighty

In which CookieBaron takes out the and gets an Arcade Battle score in a Simulator match, while I ramble on at great length about nothing important.


System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Ok Jingles, enough of the War Thunder BS. Get back into WoT. This crap sucks.

  2. did he jsut call him quickybaron?

  3. ACTUALLY JINGLES, spaa is a huge problem in War Thunder. It kills Leo’s in high tier with ease, frontally. But it’s also a huge problem in a lot of different tiers, Panzer 4’s flat armour and T 34’s weak armour are quite easy to defeat with SPAA (ap ammo).

  4. Your knowledge base is amazing! That is my favorite part of your work.

  5. so now you’re a war thunder fan? yet havent had anything nice to say about this game in years….unsubscribed.

  6. Seems like to really simulate WWII tank fighting, these tanks should form up into platoons. Platoons enable you to do small unit tactics, like armored wedges, provided that you can communicate with your platoon mates.

  7. Noah Crookshanks

    Actually Jingles, the Pershing seen in this video is equipped with the same 90 mm gun as on the super Pershing.

  8. Like the intro! Well done, oh salt baron.

  9. That looks like more fun than WOT! I only tried a couple of times not sure how it all works yet. Did you ever do a noob guide?

  10. The M26E1 was a post war version. It had the longer barreled T54 90mm gun. It wasn’t the first production model

  11. Jingles you really have to watch the video “Myths of American Armor” from the Chieftain. What you are telling about tank destroyer doctrine is not really true, Chieftain explain it quite well in the video.

  12. Dennis Wilkerson

    Jingles the M26-E1 the one we were watching have the Super Pershing they both have the same gun

  13. driveing a tank is like training a beast. big and powerful but you need a certain amount of people to make it move. how cool!

  14. I love your history lessons that you add into the slow parts of the action, Jingles. Can’t wait for some more!

  15. Jingles are you coming to Tankfest this weekend at the Bovington Tank Museum?

  16. The diversification of your channel, post the WOT debacle, has really improved your content.

  17. DO SOME AA MADNESS NEXT i find aa guns in warthunder to be stupid

  18. I’ve always wondered why the WWII era US army didn’t seem to give a shit about adequately protecting their tank crews with strong armor. Sounds like that MacNair piece of shit is responsible for a large number of needless American deaths. All because of money. What a lovely gentleman.

  19. Anyone but me realize when jingles thought he saw the “ferdinand” it was a ZSU-37

  20. Speaking of McNair, just watched a good talk by the cheiftans hatch about the whole US tank policy and facts and fiction of it. Very interesting.

  21. Cookie baron was in a previous War thunder replay sent in by The doom turtle ;O

  22. lol something funny about you saying Cookie Baron over and over.

  23. When I saw the title of this video, I was half expecting the tank to be painted blue.

  24. I think that the Mightiest Jingelos needs a new War Thunder intro

  25. @The Mighty Jingles:
    Or is it Admiral Jingles, this time? Aw well! Thank you for teaching me more about WWII than I thought I knew! I always thought it was Gen. Marshall who stalled the Tank development, and Doctrine’s that were non-adaptive to what the Wehrmacht/Heer were doing. I knew he could be a very staid, and often Hidebound sort, and I remember that he didn’t want the vehicles to go beyond 30-tonnes (short) due to bridges of Europe.
    This was of course, before the Bailey Bridge became a reality! 😀
    Good to know it was actually Gen. McNair, not Marshall.

  26. Actually jingles, the ZSU-37 was firing a mixture of HVAP-T and HEFI-T

  27. You’re little history lessons really make these videos great. I fully enjoy them and learn a lot from them. Keep on tanking !

  28. Time to drop World of Tank I guess, the recent stupidity from WoT is too much, time to install my Warthunder again.

  29. warthunder>>WoT.
     hit points <<<<

  30. The M26 Pershing was a great tank on paper, in real life it was an awful mess. They didn’t believe in it so much they only built two factories from scratch to build them during WWII; that’s code for the opposite of the first statement being true. Hell, once they got all the bugs worked out, the Pershing was still a complete mess. It replaced the Sherman Jumbo in the US Army. Until it got into combat in large numbers during the Korean War, where it proved itself so much they decided to pull all of them from Army use and return to using the Sherman Jumbos while the Korea War was still ongoing. That’s not another glowing recommendation. Basically the entire Pershing story wasn’t true. Again McNair authorized the building of two factories to build Pershings.

  31. +The Mighty Jingles, Actually Jingles, from a research report I wrote a few years ago, my info revealed that 2 Super Pershings operated in Europe. The account is available online if you search for it.

  32. *Gets home from School*
    It’s been a great day, High Excellence on my Science test, nothing can make this day better.
    *See that Jingles has uploaded*
    I have been known to be wrong from time to time.

  33. Wow you would really need to know your tanks in this Arcade Mode, I imagine tho that there is still alot of teamkills, but you definatly need some experience here.

  34. world of tanks is cancer

  35. jingles this is gonna make ur channel grow

  36. miss wot a bit

  37. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    there was in fact an occasion where atiger and a pershing might have actualy engaged each other  but it was at range and the pershings kill was never confirmed to be a tiger

  38. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    What was the big tank of korea  wasent it the m-48 patton I forget..

  39. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    the americans also valued mobility over anything else  ergo the Sherman with its gyrostabilized gun and different engine and transmission system


  41. playing tank drifting sim?

  42. Please do a ship review/preview of the High School Fleet Harekaze when it gets released. Its a Japanese destroyer with the same guns as a fletcher!

  43. this kinda reminded me after he said he was an artillery captain of when I need arty support in my heavies and mediums but their just so damn slow to help you.


  45. The M26 is the best tank in the battle. unfair

  46. i want the girls und panzer intro!

  47. Gaming with Izzy

    You hate disabled people?!?! I’ve been your Fan since 2012!!!! What other secrets are you hiding from your Fans?!?! I’m no longer subscribed to you!!!! I cannot believe what I just learned about you!!!! As for Rita, I’ve been her Fan as far as I can remember!!!! Im no longer subscribed to her either!!!! NICE BEING YOUR FAN, JINGLES!!!! GOODBYE!!!!

    *~Gaming with Izzy~*

  48. Jingles, of course the US military thought tanks should fight tanks why else would they do things like put a multi purpose gun on them that was perfectly capable of dealing with tanks that were in service while the Sherman was being developed? or introduce a version with the 76mm gun (same gun as the m18) which was bad at firing HE?

    From what i understand the Tank Destroyers in US army doctrine were a reactionary force and there to deal with armored breakthroughs .

    But still awesome to see some more war thunder on the channel especially a Pershing which is one of my favorite tanks in the game!

  49. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep


  50. istn this also a kind of spawn camping?

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