War Thunder Countries Tierlist

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  1. Do a most fun countries tier list. Because the US tech tree has 6 shermans in a row with minor upgrades fixing obvious weakspots to replace them with a different one until the tank can get center of massed. And yes the Abrams is good but getting to top tier is more boring than golf. I think that is more important that how OP countries are.

  2. You can’t rate for shit user belong b tier and Britain should go A

  3. “it Will take atleast a month to get to top tier” im ať rank 5 air, rank 4 ground after a year lol

  4. doesn’t israel have the best f16 in the game since it carries python iii missiles

  5. great video,for another long one you could do a tierlist of premium tanks of all nation divided in ground air and maybe naval

  6. Lol at least a month to top tier 😅 meanwhile I’ve been suffering as an American main for the last year and a half 💀💀💀💀 still not at top tier.

  7. For italy is not copy paste like china, it’s lease mainly from America

  8. After 400 play hours and using premium time I have only reached 10.0 in both ground and air in italy

  9. When you make an huge video, calculating the RP for top tier and Gaijn release un update for the research of the techtree then change everything 😢

  10. Haha a month to get to top tier is the biggest joke he said

  11. do you have any tips for fast grinding I’ve been grinding Germany ground for the last 7 months lol

  12. “The lower French BR is very bad”, yet I always finish on the podium with my planes, very often first. If you know how to play them they are simply excellent!

  13. damn, nice bro. been a while since the last long format video lol

  14. We need a map tier list

  15. Can you tell us how long it would take to grind the tech trees with tanks and how much rp it would be for them all please.

  16. about britain 5.3: PAIN

  17. Maybe the best aircraft in each country and why

  18. Playing china(ground mostly) right now, its really fun and i do recommend.

  19. As a German I can guarantee that a good 75-80% of German players will never get to top tier simply because the grind and horrible win rate. Germany only suffers because alot of the good players are smart enough to realize that the grind isn’t worth it, thus they move on to other tech trees. Hell I’d goes as far a to say that around 10-15% of German players just quit when they get to rank 3. Germany has some of the best lineups in game but there’s no real incentive to try until the economy revisions.

  20. I have to disagree when it comes to Israel. They have great vehicles and players. You should try to play israel and u will realize how fun it is compared to USA.

  21. As A Israeli, I Can Confirm That I Have Emotional Pain 😫😫

  22. The France low tier is bad but when we are in the top tier with the Mirage planes its very easy and battle wins is not so far *I think France go in D or C tier*

  23. french tech tree stats feels like you are looking at hogwarts, full of people doing dark magic (no joke intended… unless ?) and winning matches with things that shouldn’t even be used (delta wing meta at top tier air, no armor best armor is the rule in ground battle,ect…).

    tho i would like to mention that those magicians doing weird shit in their forgotten corner of the game are given automatic rifles instead of wands (aka autoloaders… yeah i’m looking at you, EBR 1954 at BR 4.3 when released…) during entire ranks : namely IV and VII… which is illegal sometimes. but we can let them have that… i mean look at them, they are playing pokémon with their chromosomes

  24. Did Israel air in a week with the kfir

  25. Mans looking out on air

  26. Utolsó ゴジラ Kecske Lovag

    So it’s based mainly on air😢. On ground it takes way longer
    Maybe you should make a groung tech tree oriented tierlist as well, I’m curious how long it takes really

    • It took me over a month of playing 5-8 hours a day during lockdown to get to top tier US tanks. Over 1500 games with the XM-1 and with a premium account. Granted, I was new so I made bad RP in a lot of missions, but it was hell and it sucked the enjoyment out of the game for me.

  27. Yup isreali’s main and French main are not going to be happy about this which it’s funny

  28. I was surprised by the heat map of the low tier Italians, i main Italy and I had zero issues in the low tiers wonder what caused it to be so red

  29. I got a total of 220 hours in WT and rank 3

  30. Amazing. Literally every single metric was seriously flawed.

    First metric is flawed because getting to top-tier isn’t an end in itself for evaluating a nation. You can get to top tier the fastest and still have the shittiest vehicles at every BR. Furthermore, criticism of Israel’s relatively high RP cost per vehicle neglects the fact Israel begins at Rank 4. The grind would be relatively similar if you began from Rank 4 at all other nations because RP increases exponentially as you go up the tree (I am not saying that Israel is good).

    The second metric is flawed because the data was arbitrarily interpreted.

    The third metric is flawed because, again, the metric is so arbitrary that the outcome is meaningless, the most obvious example of this being your evaluation of France. This metric is just an excuse to insert your personal preference, that being “these are vehicles that personally interest me.”

  31. nice to have a none bias teir list

  32. For legendary vehicles id say isreal has 3. Kfir, super sherman and the last merkava.

  33. Sweden getting a B is just not right.
    But overall a pretty fair rating system.

  34. A Month to top tier damn i am playing 3 years and still way to go

  35. bros calculating the RP thinking everyone gets 10 kills per game

  36. israel is a good try once you have a maxed tree. cuz you already starts at 6.0 in ground and 3.3 at air so you can skib the early game stage

  37. I think general winrate is a bad way to conduct any sort of analysis because it is often offset by sales of premium vehicles. The Soviet winrate tanked after the Turms came out.

    Another thing of note, is that if you look at Japan, 10.0 for ground RB simply doesn’t exist. (there is a black hole of 9.3 to 11.0) The winrates are more indicative of what nations Japan gets placed alongside with. Similarly, it is important to think about what lineups you can get for what battle ratings. Japan has 4 vehicles higher than 10.0, all of them being MBTs. Russia, has at least 16.

  38. Should I start playing this game (f2p). And would Japan be a good first pick?

  39. note that the USSR has no gun depression and that is very bad so i would recommend to either play US, Germany, Sweden or great britain

  40. Soviet Tech might seem bad because most of the players are p2w but its really op

  41. How is the kfir a “native vehicle” when its Just a mirage 3 ?!

  42. Bruh whats this stupid Thumbnail

  43. Bro this long term video was great! Keep it up!

  44. Israel may seem like a skip tier but its really good for people that want to play a combination of US UK and France with better weapons but don’t want to go through all 3 countries just to get to higher tiers.

  45. It took me seven months to get to rank 5 jets on sweden

  46. A. Gabriel Archibald


  47. tl;dr: Heatmaps are an awful way of measuring each nation’s performance. For new players US, USSR, Germany, China and maybe UK are the best choices. Especially Germany and Soviets have plenty of great vehicles sitting at a way lower battle rating than they should be…

    Someone probably mentioned this but basing an analysis like this on Winrates is really not the best way of going about this…
    Certain nations have fantastic vehicles that are way undertiered but still suffer low winrates bc they draw in people who play like idiots.
    Germany has some of the best vehicles in the game and they’re still cursed with low winrates bc a lot of Germany players rush forward like lemings thinking their “Invincible Kruppstahl Tiger 1” will bounce everything and kill everything in the game with a single shot, and then Pikachu face when they get flanked by a Sherman driven by someone with a working brain who penns them in the side straight into their ammorack…

    Germany isn’t alone in this, but it is the most stark example and it got so bad that Gaijin seriously considered putting German M48 Patton (a tank with fully stabilised 90mm firing HEAT-FS with 320mm of penetration) at BR 6.7, a full three BR steps lower than the same tank in the US tree, where it would regularly face 76 Jumbo, IS-2 and even T-34s and the Commet in a full downtier. Not to mention that before the most recent round of BR changes you could get uptiered in the 1944 IS-2 and fight that Patton (even Leopard 1 for some time untill it got moved one BR step higher to 7.7).

    Some nations suffer from the reverse. France has a lot more veteran players than most other nations bc of how garbage their low tier vehicles are. Players that pushed through the low tier trash and reached the actually playable, fun and quirky tanks France has in Tier 4 with a strong 7.7 lineup.
    France has high winrates not bc its vehicles are ridiculously OP (they have some really good ones but nothing game breaking), but bc it has more players with game sense and experience. France isn’t so strong in ground on its own. It’s playerbase makes it so strong.
    Same reason Japan is doing so well in Ground even though none of their vehicles are spectacular- they’re good, but they’re not “60% winrate from 3.0 all the way to top tier” good. Japan attracts experienced players with more game sense and mechanical skill.

    Heatmaps could be a good indicator, under the condition that they were based on at the very least only the top 1/4 of the best performing players (maybe with the exclusion of the absolute best performing ones), so the people who actually play the game well enough to be a solid indicator.
    As they are now they’re basically useless bc they treat win rates as if each nation has players with the exact same skill level, which isn’t true.

  48. Not putting Sweden at S tier is a mistake, best tank, very good ground top tier lineup, decent top tier plane, and most important of all, Sweden bias

  49. MRSH gaming (Hindi)

    It took me 9 year to come in V teir from teir I only in Ussr

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