War Thunder – Derp Missile

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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  1. FIRST

  2. second

  3. almost third

  4. 6th!!!! xD

  5. 130th…

  6. aldrich espaldon

    Nice videooooooo!!!???

  7. Atgm’s are so fucking stupid… gaijin what in the fuck.

    ww2 game my fucking ass.

  8. Hi DDG

  9. Great Value Bleach Now 50% Off

    So who else felt that quake in Borrego springs?

  10. Only game play I legit enjoy as you make original content

  11. Another War Thunder vid! Love it! New update is crazy! As always fantastic
    job sir! Cheers!

  12. Gman61729 Plimmer

    I love this game

  13. homefront!!!

  14. 480th, 61st like

  15. 61st liker

  16. i think its safe to say the new anti tank missile where a une needed game
    breaking add on

  17. *Downloads for 2 hrs* Says it’s completed hits play “The download is
    corrupted please try again” trya again nearly done, internet crashes,
    internet out the window, rages

  18. Great video devil! Little to early in the AM though

  19. 1000th viewer :D

  20. Great video man keep it up :P

  21. “halloooo sumbodehhh hommm?” haha

  22. my art teacher is called Ms. Sheriden, i wonder if she shoots atgms too

  23. wtf it called ATGM but i take out planes too

  24. Why did you change your usernames?

  25. good job

  26. ATPGM :D

  27. 8:15 i was dying of laughter fuckin RIP

  28. My old man was almost killed by one of these aluminum bastards.

  29. ATGM’s…. missiles for use against tanks…

    and Devildog decides to fuck with planes instead…

  30. Seeing DDG wreck skrubs in War Thunder always makes my day. Keep it up ?

  31. Hey devil were you wire guiding some of then rockets?? and yea after last
    video i was like thats a anti tank not a air to ground but if it is then
    wtf is it doing on a tank lol

  32. 46th

  33. Devil Dog More Like Pro And Hero

  34. wait, so you control em with WASD or with mouse aim?

  35. FireBurn - MC and More

    Heloooooo Anybody homeeeee? I know someone’s here… -DDog gamer 2k16

  36. FireBurn - MC and More

    Heloooooo Anybody homeeeee? I know someone’s here… -DDog gamer 2k16

  37. Vortex Airsoft Team

    Do other players fly the planes

  38. Nice vid keep it up

  39. Nothing will beat my Hi-tek Soviet Anti Air Rockets or HSAAS at tier 1

  40. a glass cannon…
    fuck i need that tank in my life

  41. Jalaluddin Rahmat Kusairi

    Still waiting for RWBY volume 4


  42. what do u use for recording your gameplay?

  43. For people saying this is unrealistic, there were radio/wire guided ATGM’s
    in WW2.

  44. Fox racer Fox racer

    Devil do you know you can change your speed reading to Mph

  45. devil is related to dory

  46. I suggest trying “Interstellar Marines”

  47. Why do they highlight the enemy for you? Shouldn’t you have to spot them
    yourself instead of looking for a giant red name above them? Or is it that
    a teammate spotted/highlighted them already?

  48. Anthony F Vlogs/Rants

    negative, my penetration is insanity

  49. i love world of tanks but fuck war thunder is awesome

  50. devil camo the Sheridan with bushs and then take in to sim or rb battles
    and watch ghe unexpectng tanks drive by and then atgm them right up main

  51. Youtube’s buffering problems make watching most of your 1080p/60fps videos

  52. is this a premium tank?

  53. So wait did he get off vacation today?

  54. That one tank had a good de-fence against the atgm.

  55. MädchenundPanzer

    +TheDevildogGamer What would you think about Gaijin adding in effective
    smoke launchers on tanks that had them, such as the Tiger? In arcade and
    realistic, it wouldn’t do much, but with simulator battles it would make
    hitting a target much harder, both from aerial and ground attacks.

  56. So what’s your thoughts on Trump?

  57. No fuck you Devil. Ima bomb whatever I want.

  58. Anyone else thinking that the ATGMs are way too overpowered and too easy to
    use? I mean even in RB battles you just aim at the enemy and most of the
    time get a kill. There’s no learning curve to them like there is with
    everything else in War Thunder.

  59. devildoggamer vs world of warplanes 10:59

  60. The missal are going to get nerf so bad

  61. I wish war thunder had physics like red faction guerrilla, so you could
    drive through building’s

  62. CPRdude Reed (Jesus)

    I forgot about you :{ I was a sub since 200k subs something and i forgot :{
    I couldnt find your channel before now i found it :D

  63. “… hope you guys enjoy the carn-…” LOL

  64. this has fulfilled my addiction to deep guns

  65. “No penetration my ballsacks”…. you have more than one?

  66. This game rules

  67. GoldGloveAndTmarTnAre TheBestYoutubersEver

    did you ever see a Sheridan when you were in iraq

  68. Isn’t the Sheridan Vietnam Era? I thought this was a world war 2 game?

  69. What happened to trauma packs?

  70. Brandon Gonzalez

    I wanna see what happens with Tony Dicks.

  71. GodzOfEverything

    one of the few times a good attack is a good defense

  72. Your War Thunder videos are great. Keep it up.

  73. I love it when you switch stuff up, can’t watch the same thing again and

  74. Stefan Nijenhuis

    Today i had with a medium tank 12 kills , 6 assist and 0 deaths

  75. what’s your favorite ww2 tank?

  76. I leave WT for 6 months and see this.. Well def no installing back what is
    this pos.. Vietnam ROCKET TANKS vs WW2 tanks

  77. It would be cool to see someone put one of those through a window and take
    out a tank in one of the bombed out city maps.

  78. So everyone gets these nice mouse controlled ATGMs, EXCEPT germany gets
    WASD controlled shits? Not biased at all…

  79. how have you not hit 1 mil yet i just dont get it

  80. I got a fifty-five minute long ad…

  81. a like for that aircraft shot!!

  82. I Educate Myself Everyday, Do You?

    “no penetration my ballsacks”

    Ballsacks? Plural?

    Yknow what, I don’t even want to know.

  83. built one of these tanks way back in Operation Flash point, for the first
    goof-war mod, that folded it ended up as never released unit for the 82nd
    ABN mod, and I donated it to the Vietnam mod group with some other
    vehicles. I had recently dug it out and was mulling taking her to Arma3.
    Think it cool to see one in War Thunder

  84. TheHispanihBoy gamer

    #leafy hhhhhhiiiiiisssssss

  85. “my ballsackS”? you have more than one sack? interesting

  86. Seems to me like smoke is interfering with guidance.

  87. ever play with friends?

  88. All of a sudden this game is beginning to feel like world of tanks, I
    started playing this because it wasn’t like it but now I can feel the
    rigged engine cutting in. The profiling. It used to feel even but not any

  89. 12:59 Very honourable…

  90. Ate these even ww2 tanks anymore?? This new stuff is wreaking how i think
    of this game as.

  91. It’s easy on Arcade mode…try the ATGM on Simulator :P

  92. And I’m just here looking at this like: I’m absolutely never going to get
    these vehicles. And that’s the problem. They’re just adding high tiers
    raising up the bar so high that at one point it would take literally a year
    of playing every day as an above average player to get maybe 2 rank 5
    vehicles, without upgrades.

  93. perfect they gave nerd hill top campers a guided missile. I wont be going
    into high BR games

  94. THat THING is going to be NERFED, or removed, just to easy to kill tanks
    and planes with it 🙁

    Sad I wont be able to play it :0

  95. Wow just saw a product that I got to watch form it was hero braces had a
    friend work thare

  96. lol was that a bomb from a plane at 17:23

  97. Man, ATGM’s are literally babby-mode.

    Point and shoot. No adjustment required.

  98. Have they improved the driving in War Thunder much? It looks a lot more
    precise than the tanks on ice feeling of the last time I played

  99. BHooom HahAhaHa…

  100. They need this tank for Xbox on WOT

  101. How does it do against the maus?

  102. They made an upgraded version after Vietnam.

  103. Phuripat Choktiyakorakul

    The thing went from ATGM to a SAM, pls gib S-75 Dvina and S-125 Neva.


  105. Since when enemies has been spotted with full name and marker on HUD in RB?
    And planes having the lead marker… Is this custom battle or what?

  106. i can just hear the crying now about this being OP lol

  107. Ricardo De Castro

    I love it when he laughs at them; he reminds me of Annoying Orange.

  108. To me this kind of tanks completely ruins the feeling of the game… you
    don’t even have to calculate your gun elevation to get it on target and
    it’s almost always a one shot kill… and you can also easily kill big
    planes… c’mon

  109. This is rally stupid, War thunder was a WW2 game and when the cold war
    stuff entered the game it really ruined it for anyone who wanted some good
    1944-45 tank warfare due to 4s going agents t5s

  110. now all they need is to add this to a BT-7

  111. Jonathan Pasaribu


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