War Thunder – DF 105 “Don’t Embarrass Me!”

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War Thunder - DF 105 "Don't Embarrass Me!"">

Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The DF 105 is stupid good. Mobility, Firepower, Reload, Survivability… it just doesn’t want to stop. This thing was a blast to play and all I can say is enjoy it before it shoots up in Battle Rating.

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  1. Great to have ShadowSutekh back in a video!

  2. I saw ham in a game yesterday, somehow it never occurred to me that you guys can play war thunder without being in a squad together…

  3. So this is a German chassis with a French turret?

  4. Sad that your videos don’t show the Extremely Horrible BIAS built into the game in favor of the Russians and Germans!

  5. “Zippity do dah” a line famously known from the movie Disney tries to hide The song of the south and Bo says “what is this Mary Poppins “

  6. I love how mobile this is. It makes me think of ideas for very mobile light tanks though I don’t like oscillating turrets

  7. You got killed by dirtyoxyclean lol

  8. Other CCs: The DF105 looks dumb.

    Me, knowing how it will shred: Uh huh. 105 go bonk.

  9. I’m sry for being a horrible person but I love the nuclear siren and the bomb too they put fear in both sides don’t matter if it’s friend or foe. Bo Time Gaming you have made my day

  10. As ShadowOfHavoc wrote, WE really need to see BO bringing the H-BOMB! With probably stumling pissing in his pants when he sees his life flash in front at him! 😉

  11. Bo “no bully no bully” and that coming from the biggest bully

  12. This tank is a gem. Spaded it in 2 days and helped me alot in grinding for that winter event. Coupled with Arado C3, i haven’t had this much fun in years

  13. Everytime I hear that siren in WT…it gives me chills I tell ya

  14. The battlefield is never safe

  15. Good to see Shadow back

  16. That cork pop though sounded so good

  17. Wasn’t the first time the British has nuked the Americans. Look at operation Skyshield 1 and 2. (Was nice you and Jim holding each other)

  18. 3:30 Sturm’s computerized “Alert” voice always makes me laugh

  19. 6:10 “Max Headroom”

  20. The sound of a bottle uncorking in the video killed me 😂

  21. The american heavies commit mitosis

  22. Splash Mountain

  23. The df105 is not amphibious trust me I tested it and failed

  24. I legit got a chill and looked out my window to check the weather when I heard the nuke alarm XD

  25. Germany OP

  26. ” I am the Bringer of Death , the Destroyer of Worlds!” Great end to a TBLF game,thank you Bo, Sturms, Jim n Shadow!

  27. The game is stacked, and is nothing but a glorified homage to Russian tanks or the friends of. If given the case what are most tanks not fixed with the same repair cost it’s a grinding con forcing you to spend real money pay to play system. Wouldn’t start playing unless deep pockets add to the company not stopping the hackers shooting with aim bot or thought rocks and speed hacks all filmed and complained about yet no fixes just more bugs! Love hate game shows poor compatibility with cross platform because computer players have the hacking yes you can choose Xbox or PS but you will never find a game.

  28. You guys continually crack me up.

  29. Sturmling is like the twin brother of Sheldon.

  30. Big Swede Wulferine

    I love the airborne attempt. Made me laugh both times when i watched the video. 😀

  31. Bear sound like a big clam bear

  32. Bear sounds like a big sleepy and very clam bear

  33. need stickboy or its no fun

  34. Well done everyone. Great video Bo. 07 and <3

  35. I really want my ringtone to be Sturmling going “Alert, Alert”

  36. I think I saw Stickboy74 in my game

  37. When did they add nukes?!

  38. I never knew war thunder literally had A MATCH ENDING FUCKING NUKE

  39. That was chaos in the broken factory. Then I heard the air siren

  40. Day 14 of waiting for the poliparkov-2 (po-2).
    I think its poliparkov that made the po-2

  41. Michael Karnerfors

    11:16 To a tank, there are no such things as “friendly planes”, only planes that might not shoot your face off.

  42. The sublime game play of the Bo bunch.

  43. “You are garsh darn right, imma do it again. Man… where’s the cork?”


    If ever there was one moment to sum up Jim’s playstyle in seven seconds…

  44. Jeremy Dorfschmidt

    Love to see you guys play the amx 13 75 or 90 next, great videos

  45. Can anyone help me how to turn on safety indicator?

  46. Will there be a video on the AGS?

  47. wtf is your discord i just got ban for saying no

  48. Hey Bo, I have an idea for a custom event. You could do cops and robbers and one person runs from the rest and it ends when the person running gets trapped. No guns allowed.

  49. Hey Bo you good? Don’t see new videos, hope all is well.

  50. Nathaniel Gritzman

    jim hold me

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