War Thunder – Doom Turtle

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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  1. DDG, time to play some more war thunder. Looks like your skills are abit

  2. Do 50 shermans vs 1 T95

  3. Corey Kirschhoffer

    hearts of iron
    and if not WAR THUNDER

  4. In real life in World War 2, the Tiger tank could only go at least 15 MPH
    without breaking the engine or damaging it because of how heavy the Tiger
    is… I think… I may be wrong.

  5. Did you know there’s a us marines sticker for 200 golden lions?

  6. What kept this tank from being produced more?

  7. Stay away from my peanut butter

    I can confirm one HE shell from the Sturmpanzer IV can kill a T95


  9. DDG>Fleetwood Mac

  10. When war thunder copies the wot nicknames

  11. Devil play the t-62 next!! ;))

  12. war thunder be like, “abrams killed by sherman”

  13. Brandon Ciambriello

    “Doom Turtle LAUGHS at you” best video ever

  14. Some more warthunder would be cool :)

  15. Dammit devil, how the hell am I supposed to kill you in game!?

  16. more hoi north korea

  17. #DevilDogSinger

  18. “Penetrate me”

  19. Why are you using the 105mm??

  20. It just looks so awesome

  21. *shoots with APHE rounds, complains about non pen while having Composite
    shells in his tank and complains about it being “a fucking joke”* figures.
    average ally player >.>

  22. Vengeance Personalifier

    The bush is just annoying


  24. From Spetznaz With Love



  26. In world of tanks when your engine or driver does this tank becomes a

  27. Being in a tank and being shot at seems very unappealing.

  28. the one thing that pisses me off about war thunder is when you fire a 76mm
    PZGR39 shell at something, and it pens the armor, but a small piece of
    glass (optics) just eats the shell like a saltine cracker. IDK how many
    times my stug has been killed by a t34 or some such, because optics in the
    second world war were made out of chobham or some shit.

  29. Cree “NEVER2THELEFT” McCallum

    Kinda would like to see more but as a Soviet plane ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. Wow this tank kinda sucks.

  31. bu nasıl bot kasma amk

  32. More and you need to upgrade those crews!

  33. “he might be able to penetrate me” that’s what she said.

  34. What’s with ur gamma? It looks off

  35. Go doom turtle go, *BOOM!*

  36. Hey Devil, Do a comatary about greenside/fmf Navy corpsman.

  37. shot using HE rounds on heavy tanks press 2 and get the AP

  38. good to see i quit playing the game because of how retarded and how
    bullshit it is. there is no skill at all involved here, it is all random
    chance. extremely random

  39. At the risk of suggesting the T95 should be even better, it really should
    be able to continue driving in some capacity on herder surfaces as long as
    the inside tracks survive. So far as I know, the outer tracks aren’t locked
    to the drive wheel when the units are bolted on, they’re just there to
    spread the weight but aren’t actually driven. Assuming that is true, on
    paved surfaces or hard packed dirt, the T95 would still be able to move in
    a limited fashion with the outer tracks damaged by dragging them around.
    With any luck, it would have enough engine power and turning authority to
    at least manage a strait line.

    Brings to mind that there are a couple tanks in the game (they have the AC
    4 Sentinel right?) that should have their multiple engines modeled. The
    Matilda 2 has twin engines, and the AC 4 has 3, and both tanks can and did
    run with one (or two) engines not running. Just very slowly. The clutch to
    connect 2 of the AC 4 engines is accessable from the turret as well,
    meaning that as long as the 3rd engine in the far back is working, it can
    be used to push start the other 2 engines in a pinch. The Matilda can’t do
    this so far as I know, I think the engine is unhitched from the engine deck.

    The Americans (I think, might have the nation wrong) had a light tank that
    could drive without the tracks entirely. It had an internal gear to connect
    the drive wheel to the rear roadwheel, and a steering system that worked by
    flexing the front road wheels or something. Wish I could remember what tank
    that was. Don’t know if it’s in the game.

  40. The 95 was built as a bunker buster, was never intended as a tank

  41. What about iron states of America?

  42. *Fucking sees and fights IS4m* POINT BLANK, STILL doesn’t use APCR lol well
    play the way you want I guess

  43. in WOT i use the SU-85 equiped with the 122 kit the thing can take hits
    like its not even funny

  44. “pffft doom turtle has no time for your shit”

  45. This is by far my favorite tank in the game

    Also, according to that ricochet kill, the HE filler in the 88 can pen a
    foot of steel :/


  47. Just a variant copy of the British Tortoise.

  48. Also shows how strong the armour on the Maus is :D

  49. ‫גיא שילמן‬‎

    why is your graphic settings so low?

  50. More. I prithee thee more

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