War Thunder – E-100 Gameplay

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Source: Robbaz

The Award tank for the upcoming Thunder League, got the chance to try it out for 3 days.


  1. Don’t miss yesterdays/yesteryear’s Fallout 4 🙂
    War Thunder Playlist
    Slow processing today :O

  2. 😀 This is the first time I’ve been this early for a Robbaz Video :)


  4. I can’t believe your hard drive went to shit like that Robert. If it was
    made by Volvo that wouldn’t happen :)

  5. Robbaz!!! Will we ever see the Redneck Brothers ever again? Or were they
    eaten by zombies?

  6. That quality tho…

  7. just in time for 360p

  8. Happy new year my friend!

  9. Perfect start into the new year with a Robbaz vid. Happy New Year to

  10. what is it ? 360p ???? are we plebs Robbaz ?

  11. Хавоковски

    Pretty much a better Maus.

  12. ha ha my name i emil!!!

  13. O robbaz whenever I see you I think of your chin when I saw you making mead
    and i just cum everywhere

  14. drunkentrollgaming

    Robbaz, did sweden ever make a good tank? I would love to see some Swedish
    manly tank power.

  15. I’ve cum early.

  16. It’s so satisfying watching these videos before my brother! Do you have a
    brother or sister Robert?

  17. Gpu counterweights and zip tied cpu coolers

    No special new years video robert? ;)

  18. I don’t get it, why can’t anyone have this tank?

  19. Whenever I take my Maus out I get penned and disabled in like 2 hits. But
    you, you just roll out and survive.
    Much Awe

  20. Love this video as usual

  21. Glorious

  22. yes more war thunder


  24. Happy New Year, Robbaz!

  25. 1498th love u ur my phone password

  26. fist me robban ?? maby alittle bit??

  27. thank you robbaz for waking me up while i was sleeping *_*

  28. RandomUser Number:1337

    Gott nytt Robbaz!

  29. Hello m’king. Sverige är för fan bäst!

  30. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    That thing is a monster. I’m hoping to get my rental this week too.

  31. hey robbaz you should do another cooking with the kook

  32. Dude your german is Bad

  33. Testing a tank you’ll never have? You clearly dont know who Robbaz is!

  34. i was notified by my phone that a boner inducing video was in my subscriber

    excellent, phone you never fail me.

  35. Tanks for making this video robbaz.

  36. Use the kv-2″please robbaz

  37. Bakerson Entertainment

    Robbaz can go 0-100 in one conflict! L.O.L Happy New Year Robbaz been
    watching since you had 400 K subscribers.

  38. I know it’s gonna be a good year when I start it off with a Robbaz video.

  39. Robbaz’s pronounciation of death is just too good! “A TICKLE OF DEBT!!!!!!”

  40. The salt in the chat was real.

  41. Robbaz, you are the best.

  42. Last time I came this early Robert told me to get out his apartment

  43. My name is Emil XD

  44. That noise you make when Robbaz uploads a video

  45. while you’re having an awesome time playing war thunder, I’m just sitting
    here with a broken pc. great start for this year, don’t you think?

  46. Will Robbaz reply to this comment too? :D

  47. TheGoldenEagleEye

    5;56 That voice crack doe

  48. When you get mistaken a p 51 for a spitfire

  49. 2 robbaz videos in one week?? This was a good week

  50. yes that is the exact same maus turret the only issue is reload speed but
    it is faster than the maus and has less armour but better angled.

  51. Hello.

  52. what mode is it that lets you play tanks and planes together?

  53. +Robbaz when you doing more builds on fallout 4

  54. Paulius Kartavcevas

    snälla robaz mer star citizen shit

  55. FIRST!

  56. also can I add you as a friend in warthunder so we can play togeather as a
    team or nah?

  57. Senpai robbaz can u teach me the way of the Viking?

  58. Why is there still flour in your beard?

  59. All hail the Mausus Christ!

  60. Great start to the new year, I hope you can continue to make this content
    for years to come. Thankyou for making my 2015 a great year and always
    putting a smile on my face.

  61. Amazing

  62. Silly handsome Robert, Emil was another German tank, Sturer Emil, a tank

  63. LOL my Name is Emil :D

  64. I don’t get how you’re so good. I get one shot in frikken every tank I use.

  65. Robbaz there are new besiege maps

  66. Jag blir alltid så glad när jag ser att du laddat upp en ny video. Du är
    fan kung på riktigt Robbaz.

  67. What makes the gun bad is the lack of penetration.

  68. Anyone watching in dec 31 2015

  69. yet again there is drama in the comments section.

  70. 6:12

  71. gute arbeit sir o7

  72. i met you in a match and killed your E-100 xD you just quit straight after
    without answering my comment xDDD

  73. Hey robbaz, what happened to the p2w series?

  74. love you robbaz, I just wish you played more fallout though and uve teached
    me alot about the game thank you.

  75. Robbaz are you ever gonna do the planes in war thunder again? 

  76. KZstu MLG V.2 variation of the sixth generation


  77. @Robbaz you should bind the binoculars so you can see over cover and also
    see further

  78. Any livestreams in the near future, Robbaz?

  79. 13kills,2 op

  80. Robert play World of tanks? Please!

  81. I am so hyped to try to get this tank!

  82. Robbaz just ended World War II single handedly.
    Masturbating with that single hand.

  83. Satanist Satanist

    will you be playing bannerlord when it comes out?

  84. Emil looks like a monkfish lol.

  85. are you going to entre the tournament to get it

  86. I have already fapped its ok…

  87. you should make a ksp trilogy of short films about the cube, like in star
    wars with the death star

  88. aber eine große Kanone ist gut ?!

  89. OMG mutanted maus this is not E-100….

  90. The chat at 6:14

  91. no god,god no we all doomed Robbaz plz stop before we are all dead

  92. Get the Amx elc bis

  93. is this game pay to win with some expensive armour piercing rounds?

  94. The all mighty Corgi tank! long and short but very aggresive!

  95. stoned on new years day. watchin robbaz and soup. lol no hangover for me

  96. Jag tycker om svenska köttbullar

  97. Jón Hákon Richter

    “I never play the Germans. I don’t like their boxy design” Robbaz, you have
    displeased the Volvo gods.

  98. I dont even know how Robbaz sees any of these enemies. I suppose its a bit
    different in-game compared to watching it though.

  99. If you compare the 128mm to any other 7.7 tank, it is the worst

  100. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    ahaha 2:48 .. great Robbaz… great :D

  101. I have a maus in WOT in my xb1

  102. So what do you have to do to get one? Do i need to just buy the dog tag or
    do i have to buy the tag and do some ridiculous challenge to get it? Cause
    i really really need one. im stuck at tier 2 and this could really help. i
    already know how to drive one from WoT so combat in one isnt much different
    for me.

  103. An amazing tank, although historically inaccurate as it is…
    Bloody luck to get picked, you are!

  104. How does everyone have such a hard time killing you, yet you one-shot
    everyone like 99% of the time?

  105. Dapstart Animations

    gans shuld be ilegal an u r all hoemopopes

  106. wowowow new uproad!

  107. did you name the tank Emil after Emil fra Lønneberg?

  108. Only Robbaz is allowed to tickle me.

  109. Robbaz show do a 2016 setup tour even if it is the same as his last one it
    would still entertaining because of his amazing voice :)

  110. you should go against baronvongamez

  111. What’s with that weird skeleton tank?

  112. What gun is on the E-100?

  113. This video gave me a good giggle. That tank is brutal. Nice one Robert.

  114. DarknessInferno15

    Yeah, the shots hitting the cheeks like that is because the cheeks are
    shell traps, like the original Tiger II turret.

  115. I like how this new year is starting out. Robbaz video on new years eve AND
    new years day.

  116. You havent uploaded since last yeard what happened?

  117. Cpt. Steve Rogers

    You should definitely try out the German tanks Robert.
    Their guns are unreal in terms of velocity, accuracy and penetration.

  118. U sound like the Fish from American Dad lol. Think kraus is his name aha?

  119. robbaz aka the ultimate sniper

    OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

  121. No way maus sister OP

  122. Like Robbaz, War Thunder players wants their tanks big and hard.

  123. that shell that kill you, when in to the top of the null it has like 20 mm
    or so there

  124. Your German rivals mine and I’ve been studying it for 4 years now… not
    sure if I should be impressed by yours or disappointed with mine.

  125. The player in the chat raging has a fair point. It’s the only tank in the
    German line that would stand a chance against all the BR 7.7 Soviet spam,
    and what does Gaijin go and do? Lock it behind a pay wall.

    Typical Gaijin and their typical pay to win mentality. God help them,
    WarThunder and Obsidian Entertainment when an American company designs a
    true tank simulator battle game WITHOUT a Russian company pulling the
    financial strings of the game.

    Soviet tanks will be what Soviet tanks were. Cheap, mass produced garbage
    (until the IS-2 anyway).

  126. That awkward moment when Robbaz names the tank with your IRL name.

  127. happy new year!

  128. Omnomnomnomnom

  129. So this is what it’s like to play Russian tonks?

  130. Emil Is a german Tank Destroyer play World Of Tanks for fuck sakes

  131. robbaz soloing B by himself

  132. Robbaz is the only person who gives me hope that i will unlock atleast a
    Teir 3 someday.

  133. Like: Nothing Happens
    Sub: Nothing Happens
    Ignore: Nothing Happens
    Comment: Absolutely Nothing Fucking Happens

  134. is that a mouse?

  135. Salmon Robbaz not Makerill

  136. Can u play aviation please

  137. #askrobbaz can I touch your ass?

  138. ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Surplus anti-google+ tanks for free.

  139. You should do a face reveal!!

  140. Ruben Mogaburo Kessler

    +Robbaz ! You know it is calling to you… it is too strong! You must make
    a new CUBE before its powers will consume us all!

  141. Can anyone tell me how big the new update is?

  142. I love the sound of the cannon xD

  143. robbaz please play universe sandbox 2 preety please if you play it i will
    like all your videos and subscribe you

  144. VikingzTV Official

    Think about it.. Robbaz’s love for boxy things.. the E-100.. The cube..
    Volvos… Coincidence? I think not..

  145. robbaz and his crystal balls

  146. and turn universe sandbox 2 into a sereace

  147. Play with the planes a bit

  148. My name is emil. When you Said you were the Only one who can tickle me and
    that you were inside of me, that gave me a hard on boner! Fucking amazing!

  149. RandomSpaceManInSpace

    How do I learn Swedish? Then I can speak the language OF THE GODS!

  150. 4:50 LOO K AT THAT TTANK

  151. What is this game? Where can I play it? Is it mutiplayer or single player

  152. robbaz I fucking love u like ever since I was 10 u have been the best and
    funniest youtube there was out of all of my you tubers I have u are the
    best like u make me laugh in both of ur videos even my friend loves ur
    videos keep it up viking u glorious piece of swedish flesh

  153. does anyone know if he stopped posting the dumb avengers series

  154. 5:57 Voice Crack xD

  155. Make a face reveal you are amazing and your probably a very Hansom man no

  156. you’re tank is like the dwarves from warhammer the only weakness is

  157. Watchout Robbaz is cumming in his tank. :P

  158. Robbaz, you’re kinda amazing at every game you play, huh?

  159. Robbaz the 128mm flat head Shell that is bad plus it’s really only good in
    cqb because of the armor of most cold war tanks. The german t5 is Also some
    of the hardest to play good exaple is the 105 tiger it’s just a tiger with
    a slightly bigger gun and meets cold war tanks most of the time. Also br
    6.7 is pretty Much broken if youre unlucky ww2 tanks vs cold war tanks.
    Thats Also why Pepole hate to meet t5 russian tanks because they are

  160. 1:26


  161. you have to try th…..MAUS……..

  162. Robbaz you are my 2nd favorite youtuber (Anderz is 1st). Whenever i am
    bored or i am depressed I watch your videos to laugh.

  163. Mein E100 ist kein witz

  164. Man Robaz I love your videos! feels like I’ve been watching forever now but
    still loving it as much as the first video I saw “unarmed badass”! I always
    look forward to watching your videos before I go to bed because it gives me
    good laughs and brightens up the shitty ones but anyways keep doing what
    you are doing I’m loving it ! :)

  165. You could pronounce “german” but you can’t pronounce “jet”???

  166. Got a spare one for me?

  167. Emil i lønneberget!

  168. Robbaz may i touch your ass?? :D

  169. I saw that chat message…
    how about you FEED ME YOUR CHILDREN?

  170. I remember quite awhile ago in war thunder I was in a match with robbaz and
    he was flying the pby and everyone was going for him. XD

  171. +Robbaz
    Can I touch your ass?

  172. MOAR FUN!

  173. That guy in the first game xD “testing a tank you’ll never have”

  174. robbaz play some world of warships

  175. 2 out of 10 deaths, so 20% teamkills? What was that? Dev server with
    Russians in it?

  176. OHMYGURD, my real name is Emile :o

  177. Robbaz, how has 2016 been for you?

  178. Lol Robbaz, the tank inst OP, you just have skills. I can barely do that in
    a fuckin Tiger.

  179. There is a severe lack of german bias in this video.

  180. The e100 is German if you don’t know

  181. ThisIsCertainlyNotMyNameSoDontEvenBotherReadingThisTextItsProbablyWorkingOnYourNervesRightNow

    How does an IS-2 even penetrate an E-100? lol

  182. Do more With the planes please

  183. You must have like every tank in the game.

  184. Are there any plans to add infantry to this game?

  185. HOW THE FUCK DOES A PLAYER LIKE PHLY OR BARON only get 2-3 kills in the
    E-100 but fucking robbaz is like “aww your a war thunder pro player thats
    cute im robbaz 13kills in 1 game :D” im done ive seen everything in

  186. Robert, du borde flyga flygplan istället, pansarvagnarna börjar bli tråkiga

  187. mahahahhaha… u are beast robbaz, i would cry facing you on MP

  188. Min kuk blev smått hård av denna video

  189. XxXTheMoDsXxX MoDs

    this game is not good for you your like oooo yess agggggh chill :)

  190. Its an honor to have a tank made by Robert in my name, oh you charming
    viking brother!

  191. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Boxy designs? B-but Panther, Tiger II, Jagdpanzer 38t, Jagdpanther, E-100,
    Maus :

  192. You don’t like the german “boxxy” design? But then why do you love Volvo.

  193. sometimes he sounds like mickey mouse on crack

  194. War Thunder Pay to win?

  195. Is this video is stalling a lot ? or is that just on my side ?

  196. Man,I havn’t watched Robbaz since last year!

  197. I dont play War Thunder is Robbaz good? Or does he just pick OP tanks? Or

  198. can you do some planes next time?

  199. Finally an aryan tank!

  200. you should do a new skyrim video


  202. How to kill a maus and or E-100…Shoot that shit in the turret

  203. I think I saw u on battlefront yesterday?

  204. Robert, what is the secret to having perfect vision like you?

  205. but volvos are boxy

  206. “The tickle of debt!” 2:55

  207. e-vil 100

  208. The tickle of debt!


  210. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Robbaz, if you wanted to I could lend you my account for a bit. I have Tier
    V Germans including da Maus :p
    Also got Tier IV (almost Tier V) British

  211. you should make custom camos for your tanks

  212. Can I touch your ass?

  213. You ask for the mous you get the mous in the next war thunder video The
    system works

  214. “Take it easy”

  215. Playing this game, I got to the Tiger 1 and it went up hill and the
    addition of the Tiger 1 E it just extended that grind.

  216. They come around the bend, to molest your ringmuskel.

  217. “Das Grossen Kanonen… is das gut!”…. leck mich am Arsch.. ich hasse
    das, wenn Engländer oder Amis so nen deutschen Schwachsinn von sich geben

  218. Planes?


    Robbaz please play more fallout and minecraft there great and funny videos

  220. Robbaz please could you do some more the hunter videos they are so funny
    and great to watch as well as all of your other videos many thanks

  221. nicholas mcintire

    use a plane if you have one

  222. kan jag röra arslet Robert?

  223. JDMdrift toyota (xXJDMDRIFTXx)


  224. Robaz PLEASE play more Jerman Tanks ! The Tiger/ Kingtiger is beautiful AF

  225. can someone tell me where the weak spots are on most tanks in this game?

  226. “duck tank” PT-76?

  227. amazing as always

  228. Robbaz can i touch your ass?

  229. :D

  230. Oh look, it’s pinochio’s vetrenirarian uncle.

  231. that tank looks bad ass.

  232. I’m glad your enjoying your new toy.Now don’t break it on the first day you
    have it.

  233. Prime Technophilia

    REALLY surprised no1 just 1 shots you with HEAT. Whenever I drive 7.7
    everyone is shooting HEAT, ie bypassing armor.

  234. FutureSoccerPlayer

    Wow all of that one guy’s missiles missed

  235. Benjamin Christensen

    +Robbaz its called a tuna sweedis man

  236. 128mm main gun and 75mm coxial gun

  237. GustavsMiscellany

    your so. Fucking. GOOD

  238. My name is Emil…

  239. So Robbaz it’s been awhile since you’ve uploaded a new redneck brothers
    episode, is the series dead or are you intending to still work on it?

  240. The people who complain most likely can’t play the game well.

  241. I miss your bf3 sniper shotgun

  242. TheLegoCraftGuy999

    Do the PE-8 bomber

  243. Can i touch your ass?

  244. who else clenches their butt when robert kills someone

  245. Ur first recorded death? Also can we expect Plane gameplay?

  246. I love how excited he gets when he claims each victim

  247. du spelar som en bög

  248. 5:56 Dat Voice Crack doe

  249. Robbaz vart in Sverige do du live

  250. Kan du börja spela The Forest igen?

  251. I want to see more fallout 4 gameplay!!

  252. Robbaz i love it when you try to speak german you are a legend. :D

  253. “I don’t like their boxy design”. Builds a giant cube in every game. GG

  254. Seek and Destroy, my childhood game. Now it’s son

  255. I come from petardia to raid your cube fantasies with rugs lots of rugs

    If you don’t get what youtuber I’m referencing I’ll say in the comments
    when asked

  256. TheBlackdragonnight

    If you want OP just drive the cough T-10M cough cough cough T-10M.

  257. Robert get your Viking ass over to TheHunter: Primal and check out the new
    Titaniumsaurus Rex

  258. Was that a tank zipping past at 4:50?

  259. omnibus propter deus

    Robbaz Play a shit game that’s like really bad.

  260. Is robbaz really good or is the game super easy?

  261. the e-100… boxier than a volvo

  262. Who else saw that thing at 4:50 :3

  263. When will you stop the terror Robbaz, WHEN WILL YOU STOP THE TERROR.

  264. wow what a difficulty playing with children who don”t even know that they
    will not destroy tank shooting in the front, what a bad ass you are ,
    screaming like a fucking sissy makes mu wanna punch in your faggot face ,
    fuckin another useless gamer whore , even on a fuckin tv this would be so
    fu annoying to watch you moron

  265. welcome to war tunder hahaha love how y say it

  266. you shuld play tanki online

  267. 11:39 Robbaz are you trying to tell us something?

  268. i don’t understand this game do you build tanks and planes or do you buy it

  269. i want more “from the depths” :)

  270. “Don’t break my butt!” ~Abraham Robbaz

  271. Is it the video that’s a bit juttery when he’s turning, or is it just my
    browser deciding to screw up?

  272. not Op but gaijin does not balance how many of what tanks end of on ethier
    side so they set a max of 3 E-100`s per on any given side in one match i
    would dread to see 16 E-100 on a german team in R.B and it`s more of mobile

  273. Moar of dis shit Robert.

  274. i
    love Robbaz

  275. hardcoreminecrafter9

    I enjoyed the video, but Germany is really lacking in top tier tanks, and
    they make a cool one and make it a really fucking hard to get premium. i
    really hope they will add more competitive top tier German tanks and make
    them accessible to the whole community.

  276. Shoots 128mm AP shell at Zis-5 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  277. That tank is a BEAST!!

  278. dont support these douchebag developers pls

  279. Wer is Sims 3

  280. Please tell me I’m not the only one that chuckled at the glitchy tank at
    about 2:00

  281. I died at quack quack quack

  282. CharlotteChevelle

    Robert did you just say you don’t like their boxy design!? What about the
    volvos! You have betrayed our leader the cube.

  283. 13 kills and you still lost? What is this, World of tanks?

  284. Robbaz how are you so good at every single game you play <.<

  285. yay more war thunder

  286. Robert, you have fucking Eagle Eyes.

  287. 6:29 has Robbaz saying “FEED ME YOUR CHILDREN” in chat xD

  288. synd att man aldrig byggde stridsvagn 2000… Boforskanonen på 140 mm
    skulle ha haft en penetrationsörmåga på 800mm

  289. Today i saw a video of robbaz ass being penetrated. It was a good day.

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