War Thunder – Easter Eggs

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Source: Lizard

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  1. I always hear everything is fine when I play US aircraft test flights

  2. The walker tank in the hangar wasnt in the regular game; if you go into Custom Battles you’ll almost always see lobbies up in these modded maps with new stuff placed in them (this done using the CDK) and Sicily (called Exploring The Sicily in live.warthunder) was one of the most popular, and one of the first maps people did this with way back in the day before update 1.77
    I played on that map specifically alot, and I remember seeing the Walker Tanks and alot of other rare to see stuff in there (such as the E-100). this was placed by whoever made the custom map in the CDK, which any user can do if they download it.

    Sadly, Exploring The Sicily doesnt ever go up anymore- atleast not that version of it. something about it using an older version of the CDK.

    • I found a lot of people on forum and reddit reffering to that as an “easter egg”, so i decided to include it in, thanks for explaining tho 😀

  3. A Certain person

    Also on a certain map there’s a sign that says
    Achtung Panzer

    Danger tank

  4. I will give ya this, even though I play and have played so much in this game I did not know this things. Well done my friend.

  5. I just find out that on a japanese tank there is like a fighing scene of a video game that i dont remember

  6. For the last one i heard that like 20 times when doing practice plane runs

  7. 0:54 how do you do that in hangar?

  8. O time for bomber cockpits but plenty for eater eggs

  9. i see youre a man if culture and enjoy Mustard’s videos 😉

  10. WAIT how did you do that free camera view thing in the hangar???

  11. i still hear that everything’s fine, how are you? when i test fly some planes

  12. You are able to literally shoot and kill human beings in this and it’s rated TEEN?

    • thats why they dont include them in normal battles, or at least when they are there they are invincible, found them on a low tier map but they werent moving

  13. Leonardo Lejarde

    Maybe 1:12 or number 3 is a reference to doors of Pharos in ds2

  14. The every things fine line plays whenever I take out a french aircraft

  15. Honestly, I never would have thought War Thunder even had easter eggs to begin with

  16. you forgot the shot glasses and books on either the Chapayev or Sverdlov bridge I can’t remember which one but it’s one of them

  17. The Noble German

    The third Easter egg, is that supposed to be a reference to PT-109?

  18. Hey the last easter egg I hear it’s so many time….when I test German planes…..

  19. Co to vidí očko mé? Že by to byla čeština? 🤔🤣

  20. 0:53 how do you go into that camera view?

  21. 5:29
    I here that same line a million times when I fly. Its annoying as hell

  22. Yeees, I love those voices in test flight. They are cool in other languages too, if you have the national voices turned on!

  23. I always hear Han Solo, how are you?

  24. Why not have a picture of glorious leader

  25. the first one. thats one that model in particular cause its on that frozen trainyard map too

  26. Yo, how did you turn on free menu look

  27. I never knew war thunder had Easter eggs

  28. very nice video 😀

  29. In the french version I think we can still hear the star wars reference.

  30. I don’t like videos or channels like this it gets boring but I like how you do it: you don’t care what the viewer thinks, don’t have to try t on make it seem like it’s not a video and no words or text at all

    • if you dont like the video, dont watch it, if you dont like the channel, dont watch it too. Why would you waste your precious time on hatimg someone who according to you, dont give a shit about your opinion 🙂

    • As the old saying goes: If you don’t like it, then -sub2discoScrew- don’t watch it lmao

    • @Lizard Incase you didn’t know or maybe I read it wrong in that comment I said I don’t like these type of vids however I like yours because of the way you do it

    • @The RandomGamer oh, me and few other guys misunderstood it *facepalm*. Im sorry then and thank you.

    • @Lizard I would’ve thought that just with the first sentence because it’s literally the video, also have a good day

  31. “I don’t like videos or channels like this it gets boring but I like how you do it: you don’t care what the viewer thinks, don’t have to try t on make it seem like it’s not a video and no words or text at all”
    -The RandomGamer

  32. Infantry’s still there though

  33. you are cz?

  34. i shot an infantry man test flying a b-17 2 years ago and felt so bad i reset the mission to revive him

  35. “A Walker tank” that made me thing a m41. Not a mech.

  36. TheReal Simulacrum

    The “Everything’s fine, how are you” always comes after a string of radio chatter during a test flight, when you have local radio disabled, or if enabled, on the US team. It’s usually something like, “Come in, are you approaching the target?” Or something. It usually is a pretty long radio conversation you can hear on almost all languages and nations. It’s between the Air control and a squadron of fighter bombers you can see flying away when going into the test flight. You can shoot them down before they fly out of the map. On the Russian nation it is 2 Yak-1’s and 2 Il-2’s. On the German team there are 2 Bf-110’s and 2 Bf-109’s. Fun fact: if you only shoot down the bombers the escorts will return, land at the airfield and respawn. This only happens sometimes but I’ve tried it on the German test flight shooting down the Bf110’s. note: i am referring to the early war, propeller plane test drives. Not the jet ones. The jet ones are way different and only contain hostile aircraft.

  37. you can heae that when you want to landing in aircraft carrier maybe

  38. Grand Master Yoda

    War thunder has easter eggs?

  39. TherealJanczareq

    No one:
    War Robots:

  40. I miss the walkers.

  41. I always get the everything’s fine how are you all the time when I take out an american plane

  42. Gopnik_Slav Comrade

    lol Papa Stalin

  43. Infantry can’t be killed, just knocked unconscious

  44. On American desert there is church on C and it has old bell that ring when hited

  45. I think that burning boat in a cave is a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Devil’s Triangle!

  46. I learnt that infantry could shoot back when I landed in a field next to them and proceeded to get executed by infantry. Also lagg3-66 still has the cockpit of the other lagg3s, despite having armoured glass

  47. I want more on the burning boat in the cave.

  48. Muhammad Indra Sanjaya

    how do you do this 0:53?

  49. Wait a minute… You are Czech?

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