War Thunder – Easy 8, M8…Would R8 8/8, It’s No Deb8 (PAX Talk)

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M4A3E8 Easy 8 and Jumbo 76 Sherman!
War Thunder Tank Request Series M4 Easy 8 Sherman!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hay baron i first look this video hahah 

  2. second weres my cookie

  3. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    coelian los doble Germán 37 or kugel Germán 3 cm papel srherder

  4. Come to the dark side(again) Play the IS2

  5. Okay Baron you really went too far with this title………..

  6. First t34

  7. plus when I play the tiger h1 I get matchmaking were im fighting is2 1944

  8. The Russian box tank please. Sorry don’t know proper name but it’s got a
    big ass gun

  9. Always the ammo choices. Shooting at the side of a Ferdie, and still using

  10. Baron! You must take out the SU-100Y box tank for Stalin, or it is Gulag
    for you!

  11. I m recording War Thunder too :D

  12. Hello baron take out the f8f the first one thnx

  13. why do u even load APCBC if the only thing u do is spam apcr ?

  14. Baron i think the SU-100Y, and also when will the next Forest Co-Op
    Survival be out?

  15. You got Gayjin´ed. Glorious under tiered Russian shit tanks and over tiered
    US ones. Fuck those Russian assclowns. MM is retarded. Try 7.0 and you will
    only fucking face BR 8.0 Russian asshats.

  16. CarsRcool ​​​​

    Hey, Baron you might want to be careful, your masters watch your videos and
    are ready to shut your ass down, for expressing a correct opinion, I can
    understand why you don’t play with Magz and Orange mainly because they’ll
    call Gaijin out on their bullshit MM and BR system at the moment.

  17. Baron ! Take troll tank and fire with 152 mm , yes i say KV2 !!! Made in

  18. M10 wolverine next stock with no upragdes

  19. Is the Sherman Firefly in the game?

  20. In the last battle barons team used the blitzkrieg tactic in the best and
    most awesome way

  21. i can go to car shop and get Chevrolet with more armor than that sh*tty
    m4’s (not the jumbo)… even the gun sucks! (I’m talking about real life)
    the 75 needed APCR to penetrate the Tiger H’s Rear… the 76 had problems
    with the side armor of the tiger… this game is not what I wanna see…
    Tiger must kill Shermans like a fish in a barrel… silly gaijin….

  22. Nikos Zaharioudakis


  23. The ferdinand plz Ze bunker ya

  24. KV-2 the derp please

  25. KV-2 the derp please

  26. Imangine that a enemy spawns in a Maus (at the end of the second battle)

  27. This match making is crazy

  28. 8… 8 EVERYWHERE

  29. Man, you wrecked face that second game. :O

  30. The at 13:00 is when jonny is coming marching home

  31. Play the Di/ision Baron plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think your

  32. 152mm KV-2 next time!! :D

  33. box tank for the mother land

  34. yha use the su100y

  35. My boy Baron who takes all ammo on a Sherman

  36. Why do you take so many rounds in arcade? You can reload and repair or just

  37. when he says EZ-8 did anyone else think of the Gundam EZ-8? from 08th ms
    team? lol

  38. gaijin doesnt care much about its community everybody knows that no wonder
    they dont come to events like that

  39. Box Tank! or gulag!

  40. plz baron DO DA KING OF TIGERS


  42. How can you get the x-ray view in a battle?

  43. panzer 35 t dildo tanl please doit for romania

  44. I came here to rant about how woefully underpowered the American Tier 4
    tanks were, and after watching the first video was going to point out that
    this clearly illustrated my point. Then Baron goes on to utterly embarrass
    the other team with THIRTEEN kills, of which more than half were one shots.
    God dammit. lol.

    I still believe however, that more often than not I get under tiered when
    being matched, and have a hard time getting the perfect shot off with APCR
    before they casually pen the very thickest of armor I have to offer. I
    guess I feel like the American heavies are equal to the Russian and German

    Likely my issues boil down to my playing style, average level of
    experience, etc… I wonder though, if the players in the German and
    Russian tanks crack a bit of a smile when they’re dialing an American tank
    into their crosshairs, knowing they’ve got a leg up on the competition?

  45. there u go baron hahaha

  46. Plz LÖwe

  47. Use the m3 lee!!!!

  48. Play the bias 4

  49. Play the bias 4

  50. THE FOREST!!!!! Plz

  51. How are people shooting through buildings? I am new to WT tanks and I keep
    getting shot behind buildings.

  52. Hence why I don’t play anything past 4 anymore sick of bs matchmaker
    putting in 5.7 when I bring 5.3. How in the world does a is 1 have to face
    a tiger h2 like wtf :/. And a tiger H facing is 2 1944 like fuck u gigan :(

  53. Play the beast Tiger E

  54. good gameplay baron xD

  55. The song you were thinking of reminded me of “to arms in Dixie”.

  56. Song at 13:00 is “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”

  57. wat happened to “the forest” series?

  58. “When Johnny comes marching home again,
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    We’ll give him a hearty welcome then
    Hurrah! Hurrah!
    The men will cheer and the boys will shout
    The ladies they will all turn out
    And we’ll all feel gay when Johnny comes marching home.”

  59. IS-1 is that way. It is terrible at its rating. It was a nightmare for me
    to use

  60. 9:02 Is that you Phly?

  61. Same for ISU-122. I got it and hated it so I quit using it after a few

  62. bulldog

  63. Lets see the M46 Patton/ M46 Patton Tiger. American muscle against IS3 &

  64. I recently got this game on PS4 and I would like to know what tank line I
    should go down so I don’t waste time getting shit tanks. I’m currently
    going for the Russian T34’s and maybe even the T54 (if its any good). Is
    this a good start?

  65. Does anyone know the song they were talking about? The marching one I’ve
    heard it before just don’t know the name either

  66. Antz = 8/8 M8, thanks baron for reminding me of that film

  67. why u always take maximum load? u do know that:
    – u cant shoot all these shells in one game
    – these shells increase ur chance of blowing up when get hit

  68. Hi baron! Do the Sdkfz 140/1! This thing is so rare :D

  69. Panther !

  70. Baron take out the T 54 

  71. mhh Baron turn off your Hacks :D

  72. Did I hear a Wookie in the background? 9:01

  73. M-18!! Realistic battles like you did the m 22 locust?? please

  74. Almost. So close. You have to take out the M4 105!! American derps!

  75. M26 cause I want to know what happens after Sherman grind plx

  76. You guys shouls play Far Cry 4 Coop and do random shit around, would be
    pretty good I think :)

  77. Baron-“Im gonna play the Easy 8!”
    **Gets shrecked over and over**
    Baron-“Woops, I ACCIDENTALLY picked the Sherman Jumbo instead”
    **proceeds to lay a whoopin down**

    accident my ass, I see you Baron… I SEE YOU

  78. Baron bring on the Tiger H.

  79. you askin why your fightin’ IS-2’s ask gajin about their inability to fix
    the B.R matchmaking

  80. Baron you keep trying to do a robin hood with a gun bigger than the gun the
    enemy has

  81. Bombers are OP bullshit in tank battles. Fuck you Gaijin.

    Also, is it just me or has matchmaking been bullshit too recently? Always
    facing +1 or +0.7 enemies. I’m always at the bottom end of the BR spread.
    Fuck you Gaijin.

  82. The Ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah. The Ants go marching two
    by two, hurrah, hurrah. The Ants go marching two by two, the little one
    stops to tie his shoe and they all go marching down, to the ground, to get
    out of the rain.

    That’s how I remember it. :3

  83. the song is ‘when Johnny comes marching home”, the ants song is based on
    that lol

  84. Hey Baron my 3 years old son thinks your tank videos really cool cartoon
    please try to not to curse thank you

  85. 70 k match reward? My best was 37k or something along those lines :D

  86. I do love the matchmaking. First game you are under powered the next game
    you are over powered.

  87. I love the Sherman, my favorite tank.

  88. i hope they put the nashorn,wespe and the hummel in war thunder

  89. You now know my #Sherman pain

  90. Speaking of Tokyo… HAPPY VJ DAY!!!!

  91. Do you ever play Realistic or Simulation? Arcade is far too easy.

  92. oh wow Baron actually ran the Easy 8….nice :D

  93. use the M5A1 5th Canadian Armored division

  94. The ants are coming one by one too die, too die

  95. Aww man great video, The Sherman M4A3E8’s my favorite tank in WW2

  96. The Call Of Duty Guys



  97. I think we need more “Holy Shit” Combos! –>Plez the B-29 and the

  98. como funciona el br de los tanques amigo si eres tan amable de explicarme

  99. Hi can any the ps4 users tell my how to type and send a message during the
    game cause at the moment I can only do it at the respawn page after I die.
    thanks :)

  100. Do box tank realistic battle

  101. Baron would you upgrade your video quality, like higher definition and 60
    fps, thanks!

  102. did he use the marder III H yet?

  103. this is not my OC, its from r/warthunder, but i had to put it here

    Twas going to be a long night of fun and games.
    We wanted to play tanks instead of our planes.
    Throughout foreign lands our weak tanks drove.
    We arrived in Poland, in a big oak tree grove.
    What the hell is that the Sherman said?
    ITS A KV-2! I read in the match thread.
    We peered around the corner only to see…
    Every Russian tank in the whole country!
    Hurry let’s go! We need to go wide!
    I cant pierce him here but we can from the side!
    Around the town our two tanks traveled,
    It was from here on out that things unraveled.
    Cover me!!! Our close team mate said.
    Just as we looked our team mate was dead.
    Let’s make our stand here, it’s all we can do!
    We were in this fight, and we’ll see it through!
    Patiently, quietly our Sherman’s would wait.
    We could sit here and use B as bait!
    We lined up our shot on the first KV-2.
    He was in range now and both shots flew!
    The shots hit dead center right where we aimed
    There is NO damage War Thunder claimed.
    The enemy turret turned slow but true.
    It was hell in slow motion with nothing to do.
    It was quick and painless as the round hit.
    We burned as usual in our big piles of shit.
    The Russians blew by and won the fight.
    It was same story all through the night.
    We didn’t know if Russian bias was true?
    But after tonight I say Gaijin %!#* YOU!

  104. i want some tiger love please! :D

  105. Is that the Fury or am an idiot

  106. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    I hate it when people ask for likes on their comments.
    It is so selfish.
    Like if you agree.

  107. If only he played the right tank.

  108. baron do you think they will come out with warships in war thunder?

  109. Hey Baron please play Metal Gear V The Phantom Pain!!!!!!!!!!! Please I beg
    you or go to the Gulag!!!! #Russiantanksforlife

  110. Straight Outta Gulag! Crazy mothafucka named Ivan! (SU100Y)

  111. the obvious American

    ferdi pls!

  112. Hey Baron, you should lock your framerate. Right now you get a lot of frame
    smearing because you record at a higher rate then what you render at. So
    the render program will start to combine multiple frames together so you
    get unclear frames. Just a protip for a pro!

  113. Panther D please
    For the D’s And Double D’s

  114. Play the king tiger or has baron already played it

    thick as fuck Tiger 2 mantlets out to 750m with APCR, and can one shot
    tanks with APCR by hitting ammo with it, but idk what you would use AP for.

  116. TiberiousThe Labrador

    the easy 8, otherwise known as the noodle stand with its pattented noodle

  117. For Easy 8 Users out there like me… APCR pens Tiger 2 gun mantlet under
    750m, with possibility of killing it in 1 hit by hitting ammo in back of
    turret. APCBC pens Panther Gun Mantlet but you have to hit the area thats
    level with the gun. Hit too high or too low on it and it will not be
    effective. You cannot shoot through the frontal armor of the Panther or
    Tiger 2 with and round from the 76mm M1 gun on the M4A3E8 Sherman
    tank…Which is stupid because with the battle rating it has, it gets pus
    up against shit that it can kill in anywhere in 1 hit, while E8 users have
    to snipe gun mantlets with APCR and close to within 750m.

  118. w8, no h8 m8 but gr8 b8, wuold r8 8/8

  119. Calvin Threepercenter

    SU100Y Box or like he said glaug for you

  120. M26 Pershing

  121. ‘Baron, rip!’ slickbee 2k15

  122. How often do you stream?

  123. wOw! talk about night and day.

  124. man,,, i missed it T_T i live in Seattle but the ticket was sold out T_T

  125. verdun please :)

  126. Play the Fury load out!! If you’ve already played it, play it again or off
    with ye head!!

  127. PLAY THE T-32 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. Best title ever and su-100y

  129. This video ended up being more Jumbo than Easy 8 :(

  130. T29. I have no idea if you have it or if its even in the game but…. if
    you have you should make a video with it.

  131. i agree, the matchmaking in war thunder is really unfair, its not fair for
    tier 3 tanks to have to fight Tiger 2s and Ferdinands and all the over
    powered teir 4 russian tanks.

  132. not only that, but the american tanks are stupidly underpowered, they cant
    even take a hit, the american tanks need to be equally balanced with the
    other tanks

  133. Hamish Campbell (TheDarkFire000)

    Best title

    That’s all

  134. Baron how come your E8 and E2 can get into a game that you are the top
    tier, while every game for me is to see King tiger and IS2 1944

  135. Youtube video compression is sh*t, 1080P is like 480P now.

  136. so Baron, now that you have tried playing WT on the PS4, what are your
    thoughts on that? Do you feel we are at any disadvantages? For one thing,
    except for the one setting offering “no grass” in sniper mode, we are
    locked in to full graphics mode, leaving us as sitting ducks out in the
    open against those ULQ cheaters. Also, using the PS4 controller can be a
    pain when trying to aim in tanks, against the mouse and keyboard players.
    Especially in AB mode, so time consuming trying to “hunt” for the green X
    for a good shot. So, what are your thoughts? Thanks.

  137. We have a M4A1 that has E8 suspension and 76W gun parked at a park where I
    live, they about to send it to Russia to have it restored.

  138. Take out Stronk Box tank, Best tank In The Motherland !

  139. please do custom battle of Hs. 129 B-3 75mm Vs. PBJ 75mm!!

  140. Baron take out the Maus with the Lads!!!!

  141. LOL Finally.. x3

  142. Baron, I honestly haven seen a lot of jumbos around lately, that must have
    a reason. Still, I remember the Jumbo 76 being the most overpowered tank at
    one point, easily able to pen the Tiger while the Tiger couldn’t pen the

  143. there it was, the reason why i dont like WT anymore. the panther shot mr.
    baron, but the shell goes through house first. seen that happen alot!

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